LITHIUM, Aluminum, Barium, etc. under my bedside table: What we are breathing! / May 4, 2017

May 4, 2017 / The light above is from the camera flash. Note the copper and black filaments below.


VSF: The images above are close-ups I took this morning of “dust” I found underneath my beside table. Does anyone really believe this is dust? I hope to have this sample analyzed. This is evil. They are inundating the skies with toxic chemicals. All these metal oxides will enhance their electronic warfare, increase the electrical conductivity of clouds, and sedate the general population. Does anyone still believe that our government and the military gives a damn about our well-being? This is criminal and insane.

The toxic particulate “dust” we now breathe / and EOSDIS Worldview: Wicked rf/microwaved clouds west of Washington State in August 2016

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