WAKE-UP EARTH: The Reality Now! / A Disturbing Message To All Americans From Ex Defense Minister Of Canada: The ET PRESENCE IS REAL and “chemtrails” are diabolical! / Fukushima: The Pacific Ocean is Dying!

California: Monterey Bay, etc. (above)/ May 11, 2017      https://go.nasa.gov/2r6qGRs

VSF: What Paul Hellyer has to say is a part of what I have been trying to communicate to you for so many years now, only I connect the poisoning of our planet by the elite, the empire of the military industrial corporatocracy, with the ET presence, and ultimately with your own spiritual life, because our only Refuge is a higher consciousness. We are nearing the end of a Cycle of Time. This happens frequently in polarity based realms. Planet Earth is under siege, her oceans are dying, the food supply is horribly corrupted, UV rates are increasing, and the biosphere is collapsing. Our leaders are insane, obsessed with greed and power, engaged in nothing more than a vicious battle for the scraps of a dying empire. Their pathetic undergrounds await them. The current political circus is a farce staged to distract. 

Seek God-within you.




“Chemtrails and HAARP are Satan’s illegitimate twins of death and destruction, and should be terminated!”  The ET presence is REAL and the back-engineered technology is the source of the wealth and dominance of the elite, the military industrial complex [in other words the Empire as Corporatocracy!]


WAKE-UP EARTH: The Reality Now!

Posted on May 1, 2016 by Susan Ferguson

WAKE-UP EARTH: The Reality Now!


Fukushima news;5-18-2017 More Emergency closed Salmon fishing epic Collapse



French Southern & Antarctic Lands, Port-Aux-Francais (above) / May 10, 2017


Detail of above.  More electrically conductive plasma in “coil” shapes…


Posted on July 15, 2016 by Susan Ferguson

Turning the atmosphere into a giant electrical system, conductor/resonator/generator/capacitor

Turning the atmosphere into a giant electrical system, conductor/resonator/generator/capacitor

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