The Cosmic Fire – AGNI in Rig Veda I.1


















Rig Veda I.1 Intuitive translation by V. Susan Ferguson 2012
The Cosmic Fire we praise, 
the effulgence jewel precious, 
placed within all life 
everywhere as consciousness permeating pervading, 
by invoking directing holding effort-energy intensely 
focused on that Igniter of Wisdom-Intelligence-Lights.
The Fires of Wisdom dwell silently 
within all things as the Pervading One, 
ever adored, praised, revered 
loved by great Seers 
in ancient times, now even and future,
that internal flame of wisdom-consciousness 
eternal penetrates, vivifies, and guides our senses, 
the mind in discerning intelligence 
toward Home, the Real, our Source.
Breathless Inner Fire is day by day 
absorbing ingesting consuming 
the wealth of creation manifestation, 
thus is Wisdom-Knowledge nourished, advanced, 
power filled, increased agreeably.
Sacrifice is the sacred exchange 
of consciousness and energy 
among between the formless and form, 
the Self as the One eternal and  
Self as many, currents of temporal multiplicity. 
The One is all-pervading pulsating Fire 
moving into through the senses, reaching 
everywhere, always, in ether, 
across the Sky of the Mind, 
spinning wild all around space-time.
The ancient sages, enlightened poets, skillful,
Seers whose spirits now surround the Sun, 
invoking the plan, the intentions 
of the all-pervading indwelling flame, 
fires of consciousness directing light-drops, 
pulsating through our senses, mind Heart, 
bright strange wonderful — Sounding, 
onward from inert darkness 
to the Real, the True.
The Fires of Consciousness shine, sting, 
stirring up, creating auspicious Grace, 
Heat, moving as the primeval sparks, 
The Real,
mind-born flames of the One.
The indwelling all-pervading Fire, 
God consciousness, bending moderating, 
nourishing strengthening, guiding silent thoughts, 
onward directing, moving 
close near back to the One, 
away from all delusion’s solitary sin separation, 
By our own will 
illumine the sky of our mind, 
ever expanding increasing consciousness, 
awareness of Truth, perfection
dynamic sacred sanctifying, 
the Home hidden, shining within.
The Cosmic Fire is here inside, near, 
accessible to all, 
easy and good for our wellbeing, 
in love and friendship, 
the kind father to the gentle child.

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