Electronic Warfare on the Olympic Peninsula “best kept secret in the military” Craig B. Hulet / and my photos of Aerosol spraying (aka chemtrails) on the Olympic Peninsula in June 2017

This “contrail” gets deposited almost every night over Vancouver Island, Canada

Electronic Warfare on the Olympic Peninsula “best kept secret in the military”
Craig B. Hulet

Electromagnetic Warfare on the Olympic Peninsula
The Navy & Forest Service were combining and not telling the public
will be covering the entire Olympic Peninsula
set up an electro magnetic training range using the Growlers
they pick up an electromagnetic beam and destroy that
noise pollution … plus health issues
Navy tended to dismiss the health issues saying there is no data
no one has tested …

Not just happening in WA, they are actually doing this in 17 states all up & down the borders, the east coast, west coast, 
and the southern coast, and every military base (names)
and they are enlarging and expanding this area of electromagnetic emissions
and weapons systems training
just from one was of the contractors BAE
thus this is a nation-wide technology

These electromagnetic weapons are “considered’ non-lethal.
This is not radar – it’s a weapon system …FIRE.
It can fry the water under your skin until you are screaming in pain.
They had to be withdrawn in Iraq & Afghanistan because they were killing people.
Military Field Manuals describe that they can make people behave differently.
Change your thinking, confusion, short term memory loss, feel ill all the time.
Disrupt your life, change & alter your behaviors to what the military desires in the Field Manuals.
This technology is completely out of control, DARPA out of control.
America clueless – except for the most extreme conspiracy people.
The military can use it right now, the technology is at hand – in 17 states.
BAE is only one company.
This machine also has an active audio weapons system.
Called acoustic denial system.

Electronic Warfare on the Olympic Peninsula “best kept secret in the military” / and East of the Sea of Okhotsk, Chukchi Sea & Eastern Siberian Sea on NASA Worldview Arctic Melt & Unimak Island, Alaska


All these photos were taken by me from the deck of my house that faces west out on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.

Needless to say over the past two years I have come to understand that the Navy does not give a damn about the health effects to the local people here from the transmitter radio-frequencies and microwave emissions.

Craig Hulet was correct when he said they consider us “collateral damage”. As long as these top-gun fly-boys get to fly their Growler fighter jets, they just don’t care about anything but the “better than sex” rush they get flying, even when the radiation from the ‘PODs’ under them leaves them sterile and sick for life.

You can easily see the “ripples” that are created by the transmitter generated radio-frequency and microwave emissions.

I enhanced this one with a sepia tint to show the ‘effects’ more clearly. This energy is permeating our bodies, the trees, everything everyday.

I laugh when ‘they’ say this is a contrail…

I can only think that we live in the days of a failing empire, an empire for the blind elite that have gone mad with power and printed money, an empire that in collusion with the insane out-of-control military, corrupt politics, and the banks that feed the corporatocracy, an empire that is heading the human race and our once lovely planet Earth towards extinction.

Every day they rain more toxic metals down on us, aluminum, Lithium, barium, strontium, coal ash, all now reduced in nanoparticles based in fungi that they have no idea of what the long term consequences are. “Blowback”? Extinction!

And yet people still do not believe this is happening… We are destroying the only planet we have to live on. Surely everyone by now knows that the Arctic is melting, Greenland is melting, the Antarctic is melting, the ocean is becoming more acid, the Great Barrier Reef is already dead, Fukushima continues to spew unabated as more nuclear power plants are being built. Insane.

One can only conclude that human beings are stupid, blindly insane, and do not deserve this planet. Perhaps others have already earned that right.

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