The Arctic Sea Ice Melt / NASA Worldview: The Arctic & Antarctica

The ARCTIC / July 22, 2017         

VSF: The Arctic, Antarctica, and Greenland are melting. As this meltdown continues unabated, the jet stream will disintegrate further, allowing more warm temperature air flow into the polar regions — thus accelerating more melting, causing sea level rise on coastal cities with subsequent mass migration as a result, and exacerbating toxic methane release, which will increase global warming. The transfer of weight from the ice is also effecting Earth’s tectonic plates. Geoenginnering has recently been increased exponentially worldwide in a futile effort to mitigate the terrible consequences we all face very soon.

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Monday, 24 July 2017
More on the Arctic sea ice melt

A cross-section of what is happening in the Arctic. 

My guess (as an untrained but interested eye) is that all that stands between us and a (near) Blue Ocean Event is the weather.

And that doesn’t look too flash at the moment.

Arctic sea ice: “It looks very ugly what is unfolding”,1834.3050.html

The Typhoon autogun in the Pacific and the effects on the Beaufort gyre dynamics have been giving me a very sick feeling in my gut the last 24hrs. It looks very ugly indeed what is unfolding.

… the Gulfstream water that has been surfacing at 15-16C around, Svalbard and FJL, and just loves to hug the right by the Right Hand Rule of mr Coriolis North.

Should it not meet Pacific, and surface stuff head on at Severnaya Zemlya thats Westbound as traditional in a high pressure dominated Eastern Basin. Keen to take it by the hand and ride it out off the shelf into the deeper basin…

Perhaps Gulf Snake will be fresh and warm enough to climb on top, or even socialise a little with Pacific eel. Assisted by big late snow-melts and an open Russian coast, and a slide beneath a few thousand km of fresh melt pool south of Norway.

With a largely Low pressure dominated east with a reversing Gyre, and Cooler inbound stuff from a full or partial anticlockwise deep salty racetrack that it can team up with and python coil the heart of the Ocean.

Then instead of a big reserve of low density fresh pycnocline pushed down in the middle of the eastern Basin…..

That which is there will all be flinging itself out through the CAA and down both coasts of Greenland , as the Turbo Pump from both Oceans swirls all around squeezing it out from below.

I’m deeply worried that this is starting already

23.07.2017. Tongue of Atlantic Warm Water Heading North Beneath Sea Ice (above)

The disintegrating jet stream above…

NASA Worldview:

Iceland (above) / July 22, 2017           

Northeast of Iceland (above) / July 22, 2017    

East of Iceland (above) & sepia enhanced for structure. Note more “subtle” microwave, some “cross-hatching”.                   

North of the Aleutian Islands (above) / July 20, 2017 

North of the Aleutian Islands (above) / July 20, 2017  

North of the Aleutian Islands (above) / July 20, 2017 

North of the Aleutian Islands (above)/ July 20, 2017   

North of the Aleutian Islands (above) / July 20, 2017   

ANTARCTICA beneath Australia (above) / July 20, 2017

ANTARCTICA beneath Australia (above) / July 20, 2017

ANTARCTICA beneath Australia (above) / July 20, 2017




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