Harald Kautz Vella Spring 2017 Update / NASA Worldview: North America – July 30, 2017

California & Oregon coast / July 30, 2017    https://go.nasa.gov/2weziZ1


Harald Kautz Vella / Spring 2017 Update

Miles Johnston / Published on Apr 1, 2017
Harald was rumoured to have been arrested in March 2017… for something he said, under some really nasty German law, which doesn’t want people to have a thing called free speech. So I was able to get Harald in the middle of fixing his heating systems in Germany, which had blown up due to a power surge. 
So we had a bit of a chat and this is it.
 Naturally we mentioned black Goo, and Sentient Fluid. He wants people to know he is OK, but do keep supporting him.

[VSF: my notes, not a full transcript]

If you are so lost in darkness, that the moment you face yourself, you decide to leave because you cannot look into you own eyes.
Tells a lot about people who work in labs for weapon development.
Nobody actually knows what actually the AI that is the behind this agenda actually is. One possible way to look at it is the concept of the fallen angels.
Binary consciousness…
The human CHAKRA system is a trinary one, while the alien one is binary and quadro field. The “mantel” body is just binary. The geometry of the sexuality is binary. Mind control targets mind and sexuality.

We should open unto the Divine Sphere… You get the SRI YANTRA (below) which is the trinity system connected to the Divine Source.


















The DNA is OK with two strands, the next step will be twelve.
Change hydrogen into carbon by adding scalar potential, shift to a higher level … transmutation. … experience in the lab… go into 4D with the full electromagnetic wave sets described by Maxwell, within the 4D realm jumping from 2 to 12 is very common…a possibility that occurs when you look at geometry in 4D.
Full set of Maxwell’s equations, all solutions to the general wave equations which normal universities dropped. … longitudinal waves we can use… But it is coming back slowly. Tom Bearden is deeply into it… from Maxwell to Whitaker … notes the unified field … basically derived all the fields from the interference of scalar fields … taking the background field he calculates this is magnetism, this is electricity… this is an electromagnetic wave.. theoretical works includes time reversal. Non-linear optics. Five universities do work with time reversals.
[Talks about] Einstein … excluded the possibility that particles contain black holes… knew that could prove that a proton could contain a singularity. A basic mistake.
The ‘habit’ of two longitudinal waves merging into on scalar wave. That actually one wave is forcing the other one into time reversal. And then they act in one line, so one line is bending the direction of propagation of the other. And this is basically giving the possibility for scalar fields to fly in NOT straight lines, to form circles.

Everyone is observing that we do have toroidal fields, that we have circular structures everywhere. Everything is in vortex flow — but light is propagating in a straight direction, so we [wrongly think] that light would never form a vortex. But if you look at the human body, you see the CHAKRA system that is a vortical system, so you see that light does flow in circles. If you just observe Nature. So this ‘flying’ of light in circles is possible if you see that two longitudinal waves or two single photons can merge to one scalar structure and this scalar structure has the ability to fly in loops.

And once you have this you can understand what a particle is. A particle is LIGHT CAUGHT IN CIRCULAR MOTION. Because of this ability if you have two longitudinal waves that merge to one scalar, then the scalar field can form a circle.
Male/female…somewhere this also defines male/female… The ancient propels sensed scalar and longitudinal … They had the ability to sense with their Hearts. This is the big difference between university research and military research and the private research. The private research is fifty years ahead and has valid solutions. Because people just ask for an answer and received it on the visual plane with the Third Eye, because they are open to the Divine Sources. They get information when they ask for information. And this is what people did in former times.

When you take the entire VEDIC KNOWLEDGE, its not that they did research university style by trial and error — they just sat down in meditation and asked how does the world work. Then the world showed them how it works. They had better results that we have with science, because they just connect to the Source. While we blind ourselves completely in universities, and fumble around with closed eyes, trying to fix things together to see what works and what does not work.
And it’s stupid because it’s a free decision to blind yourself. This is “empiric” science. It’s nonsense!
Science says that only the results are valid that have been found in complete darkness. This is the stupid part. … use your inner-view and your sense for Truth. When you have a solution that looks coherent, then of course you do the empiric part to prove it…

VSF: Best wishes to Harald and thanks to Miles Johnston!


North America west coast (above) / July 30, 2017               https://go.nasa.gov/2tWYtTc

Like a cookie-cutter off the west coast – California / July 30, 2017                https://go.nasa.gov/2weDWpL

Off the west coast – California detail … almost a perfect right angle!  / July 30, 2017          https://go.nasa.gov/2weEoUX

A detail of the same general area (as above) / July 30, 2017                          https://go.nasa.gov/2tXHX5C

Hudson Bay / July 30, 2017             https://go.nasa.gov/2tXZHOd




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