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E.M. Nicolay:
The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions
Timelines Collapse & Universal Ascension

Service-to-Others and Service-to-Self Soul groups

As I have repeatedly stated over the years, Earth is a colony, one of millions in a universe that contains billions of galaxies and numerous races that all have their own way of perceiving life and their own agendas. Earth has been colonized by various species for millennium. The fact that this knowledge has been kept from us has contributed to a sinking down in the time frequencies of the Kali Yuga, the Age of Conflict and Confusion. We have not progressed as a species, we have done nothing but war with one another over religion and resources for all of written history — and we are now in the full-on-going process of poisoning our air, land, and water with toxic industrial waste and geoenginnering.

E.M. Nicolay reveals irrefutable insight into geoengineering as a definite part of the “foothold” Invasion of planet Earth. I sincerely hope that those of you who are grounded in your own spiritual understanding and aware of the presence of our off-planet progenitors will read his books. I am still going through them, however at this point I have no objection to his information and in fact find that what he says is in complete agreement with my own work and research over forty years. It is time for the emissaries to wake up and assist in the intended purpose for incarnating here to increase the higher vibrational frequencies of this planet. We are here to prevent the “invisible” and far reaching consequences to such an imbalance of energies to other dimensions and planetary systems.

E.M. Nicolay describes the Greys as “a humanoid-like species unrelated to earth humans consisting of various races.”  Nicolay states that the Greys, particularly the Zetas, have been highly genetically manipulated, as well as radioactively contaminated. This led them to experiment with genetic engineering and provided “superior telepathic and extra sensory abilities. … The group mind … led the to advances in telepathy, mind control, thought fencing and electromagnetic blocking techniques … and widespread use of universal electromagnetic frequency sciences.”

I have recently had the privilege of becoming friends with a man who has a very advanced understanding of the science of electromagnetics. Many hours of conversation with him patiently explaining the theories of Resonance, energy moving through a capacitor and inductor to create a magnetic field by a flow of electrons, along with a beginning glimpse of Maxwell’s equations, not as math, but rather more as metaphysics — these lessons have expanded and deepened my understanding of the implications of resonant frequencies.

We may perceive the entire universe as the result of electromagnetics, the magnetic forces that create and dissolve the appearance of matter or form in the layers that are often termed as dimensional realms. These Cosmogonic Forces are precisely what is being invoked in the Rig Veda by the Sanskrit words Indra, Agni, Soma, Ashvins, Maruts, Usha, and others.

Thus knowledge of the electromagnetic sciences, which we here on planet Earth are only beginning to comprehend, would allow races that wished to colonize a planet various means to manipulate not only genetic material — but also the alteration and control of a planetary atmosphere and what is currently known as geoengineering.

I have often said that no colonizing races would travel to a planet without the knowledge of geoengineering. This science would be of ultimate necessity to control the weather and alter land masses, flatten mountains and change the course of rivers to suit the need of the colonizers. In the Rig Veda the term used is “progenitors” which can also mean fathers (pitaram in Sanskrit).

Again I reiterate, Earth is a colony — one of millions. We must now seriously get over the ridiculous and crippling idea that we are alone in the universe.

E.M. Nicolay agrees with me and many others in the fact that our governments made “formal treaties” with various extraterrestrial races, which according to him have the potential to cause havoc in the time period we are in now. The treaties are in fact permission to ‘Invade’ our planet, to access our DNA through abduction, and carry out their hybrid programs that are allegedly now highly successful. There is a very subtle time factor involved in the Invasion, which you need to read Nicolay to understand. However, Nicolay does say that “there are more of them and their cloned progeny present on Earth today than at any time prior.”

The above image is enhanced by me to show structural properties.

The plan the ETs are engaged in is very complicated, and again I am recommending that you read the two books mentioned above. As most of you know who read here, I have become very involved with exposing the geoengineering atrocity that has been going on around the planet for well over fifty years now. I have used the NASA Worldview screenshots of electrically ‘fried’ and charged unnatural cloud formations to convince you that something seriously wrong and abnormal is being perpetrated in our skies as the Earth’s atmosphere is being weaponized and turned into a capacitor.

The above image is enhanced by me to show structural properties.

E.M. Nicolay sheds light on geoengineering, explaining in credible detail that the extraterrestrial presence “decided that the atmospheric, climatic, and other planetary conditions on Earth would need to be slightly altered to be more compatible with their own” and thus make our planet more compatible for them! In this chilling disclosure: “…changing Earth’s geophysical environment would require the slow process of creating a chemically altered, physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich world.”

The chemicals that have been found in the aerosol spraying include lithium, aluminum, barium, strontium, and other fungi-based nanoparticles. The atmosphere is being “metalized” — METALIZATION is a term now used by Russian science (Vladimir Fortov in the “Physics of Strongly Coupled Plasma”, Oxford Science Publications) — and in plasma physics and electromagnetics, metalization implies ‘metal dialetric transition’. The chemical composition of the sprays are also said to contain desiccates which dry out the air.

We know that the planet is in fact warming because the Arctic, the Antarctic and Greenland are all in meltdown (again I have posted multiple articles and images showing this fact). We do not know the long term consequences of the warming beyond rising sea levels and methane release from various locations world wide, especially in the polar regions.

Regarding the desire for a more radioactive world by these ETs, we need look no further than Fukushima, San Onofre in CA, Hanford WA, Chernobyl, and the tons of spent fuel rods that nobody has the slightest idea of how to safely dispose of. Did you know that more nuclear power planets are being built, and most of them on water where they will be vulnerable to sea level rise. 

I understand that one can easily conclude that the human race is completely insane and simply shut down, unable to comprehend how this can actually be occurring. However, consider that it is this day, actually now, true that the hybridization program is already in full implementation, and that these hybrids may in fact include, (consciously or unconsciously), many of our leaders, the elite 1% rich, and scientists employed by the corporatocracy, who have control of the secret deep-state ‘black’ programs that are being carried out at our expense, and with no thought whatsoever to public safety. We the ‘eaters’ as the elite term us, have become less than slaves. We are collateral damage at best, and lab rats.

Nicolay: “As a result of those agreements [with our governments, or secret ‘deep state’ governments], the Zetas have continually and ‘willingly’ provided new technologies to your defense and secret government organizations … which can be used detrimentally.” Our governments cannot acknowledge their complicity, because at this point the public would revolt and demand retribution for destroying the atmosphere, the ozone, the ocean, and the planetary climate. And Nicolay informs us that, “the treaties in question, as specified by the Zetas, do not allow the governments with whom they are involved to divulge their existence.”  Smart, aren’t they. These ratzoid ETs included a clause in the contractual agreements forbidding disclosure. What can the penalties be? Simply no more profitable technology for the greedy rich elite? Or something worse? Are they afraid?

These photographs are taken by me from my home on the Olympic Peninsula WA.

Nicolay also states that there are in fact efforts to “sicken and ‘sterilize’ human angelic [our Soul group as he terms us] without their awareness through a combined systemic electromagnetic assault and mounting exposure to an ever-increasing list of environmental toxins, all figure prominently in the Zetas’ plans.”

This is indeed an Invasion! I will write further on this soon.
Earth WAKE UP!

Our Refuge is a higher Consciousness.

V. Susan Ferguson


WAKE-UP EARTH: The Reality Now!




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