Understanding Enlightenment and Ascension / Resonance & the Rishis

Understanding Enlightenment and Ascension – V. Susan Ferguson 8/14/17

Enlightenment is the Realization that for all eternity we have been and are portions of the ubiquitous ONE God Force that dwells within each of us and within every manifested form. We are the imperishable immutable immeasurable ONE — we are That. TAT TVAM ASI. God Consciousness.

Ascension pertains to our evolution through the dimensional realms that God ‘plays’ in. In the sacred Sanskrit tradition, this is called the Divine LILA, the Divine Play. God Veils Itself as us, every individual being in the universe, to move through these dimensional realms that are created for the purpose of the unending explorations of the ever expanding and contracting, centrifugal and centripetal, God potential, the Adventure of Consciousness. The universe is the ‘mirror’ for God to reflect Its vast superb magnificence within.

I began my serious spiritual journey in the late 1960s when I read an inspiring book, “The Adventure of Consciousness” by Satprem, who was a disciple of Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry India. Thus my path Home was from the very beginning rooted in the sacred Sanskrit Wisdom Knowledge. Years later, as this term Ascension began to find its way into the new age movement dialogue, I was confused, perplexed. Where would we ascend to?  We are already the ONE, albeit Veiled in a self-imposed Delusion (MOHA).  What direction was there to ascend to, to move up to, when we already were beyond time and space, beyond all direction up, down or sideways.

E.M. Nicolay defines ascension in his books “The Systems Lords and the Twelve Dimensions” and “Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension” in a simple clear way. The Ascension process pertains to the consciousness of the many beings who are eternally moving from the lower dimensions to the higher within the varying frequency waveforms that they resonate with. Like attracts like. This is the Law of Magnetism. You will find yourself located in precisely the frequency that resonates with your own consciousness. Location is the unerring result of the frequency of our consciousness.


Resonance is in fact the primary principle that governs Cosmogonic Forces. Resonance is also primary in the current science of electromagnetics, and electromagnetics can be seen as substructure template reflection of the creative energy the ONE uses to “paint” the universe.

The One Creative Source is always generating new forms to experience, to ‘play’ within. Thus we, as pieces of that Oneness, are moving through these interconnecting dimensions so that we may enjoy Life. However as long as we are Veiled, and functioning within the Matrix of the spirit body we have created as a result of many lifetimes, this movement is somewhat involuntary — for these dimensions are the same realms that have been termed the “astral planes” by theosophists and others. The astral planes are well known to be full of the perils of deception, as well as heavenly pleasures. Consider the etymology of the word ‘astral’ and include the extraterrestrials who are currently either assisting human consciousness or interfering with our planet Earth’s well-being.

There is no thing wrong or right about playing in these layered realms, the Dimensions or astral planes, as you may like to term them. However there comes a time when many will want to move beyond them. This is the beginning of the journey towards what is termed Enlightenment in the sacred Sanskrit tradition. It is the Enlightened beings who are Liberated from the Matrix [Prakriti’s GUNAS] and thus have the freedom to move into and out of any realm, any dimension, any astral plane they choose. They have real lasting Freedom, and because they are united with the God-within them, immersed in God Consciousness, they do have true Free Will, not the limited free will of the temporal ego-self. They can choose to shape the ever-changing consciousness of dimensional realms as a Guardian. They can incarnate to assist others, comparable to the ideal of Bodhisattva.  They are no longer bound, no longer Veiled in the Delusion that they are, or were ever, Separated from God Consciousness. Thus they become a Living Home and a mode of expression for the ONE, the Cosmogonic Force that generates this universe and others.


The ancient Seers, those Rishis who composed the verses of the Rig Veda were in fact invoking these Cosmogonic Forces within themselves.  For example, they would invoke Indra, that force that may be understood as the Divine Mind working through a sort of cosmic electromagnetism and the subtle forces of Gravity to coalesce form into planetary systems and galaxies, into life on Earth. The Rishis also invoke Agni, which is often translated as Fire, but can be interpreted as the Divine Fire that is energy itself, the energy, electromagnetic plasma charge that fuels all of creation — even the rivers of fire, the Kundalini that rises in the human body to purify our consciousness.

These two Sanskrit words – Indra and Agni – are often combined as INDRAGNI in the Rig Veda, because all of the various cosmogonic forces work together in tandem. It is the mistake of compartmentalized confused western thinking to treat them as being distinct. They are not. Everything is interconnected. We live in a Woven Universe.


Both Indra and Agni work with SOMA, the flowing [pavamana] rivers of etheric plasma that are ignited in Kundalini, and in the substratum of stellar events like supernovas, volcanoes, the plasma generated from atomic bomb explosions. Indra and Agni are said to “drink” masses of Soma. But Soma is not a plant, the Rig Veda is very clear about this. What is imbibed is far more subtle, far more powerful. Awesome!

Thus we may choose the remain in the paths of Ascension, or we make seek Enlightenment, our final Liberation, MOKSHA in Sanskrit. There are many enlightened ones who are ‘playing’ in the dimensions. Perhaps you are one of these…

V. Susan Ferguson

SOMA in the Rig Veda is Not a Plant to Drink! / by R.L.Kashyap

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