Aerosol Spraying for EW Electronic Warfare on the Olympic Peninsula WA / August 15, 2017

These photos were taken by me on the morning of August 15, 2017 from my house on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where the US Navy has commandeered a once pristine beautiful area into an electronic warzone. What you see are the nanoparticle chemicals, primarily metals like Lithium, aluminum, barium, strontium, along with coal fly ash and other unknown nanoparticles that are based in fungi.

Note the wispy-feathery nature of these clouds and ask yourself if you have ever before in your life seen anything like them. Advances in nanotechnology appear to have contributed to the ‘wispy’ effect and increased both their dispersion rates and the amount of time the metalized plasma will remain aloft. More efficient.

VSF:  The photos with bright cobalt blue are intentionally contrast enhanced by me to reveal the structural properties that I can see with my eye, but that my inexpensive camera does not show. I want you to see how insanely unnatural these toxic clouds are.

Dispersion and damping rates of dispersive Alfvén wave in a nonextensive plasma
Y. Liu1, a), S. Q. Liu2, B. Dai1, and T. L. Xue1
Physics of Plasmas 21, 032125 (2014)
The dispersion and landau damping of the dispersive Alfvén waves (DAW) have been studied in the plasma with nonextensive electrons and ions.

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics
March 2015, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 39–43
Dispersion relation and growth rate in two-stream thermal plasma-loaded free-electron laser with helical wiggler
Authors and affiliations: S. Meydanloo, S. Saviz
1.Plasma Physics Research Center, Science and Research BranchIslamic Azad UniversityTehran Iran
Open Access Research/First Online: 10 December 2014
Linear theory of the two-stream free-electron laser consisting of a relativistic electron beam transported along the axis of thermal plasma-loaded helical wiggler is proposed and investigated. The dispersion relation is derived employing linear fluid theory. The characteristics of the dispersion relation are analyzed by numerical solutions. The results show in that in the special values of the plasma temperature the growth rate is considerably enhanced. It is also shown that the growth rate after critical plasma density gradually decreases. Moreover, in the presence of the two-electron beam the growth rate of electrostatic mode is two times greater than that for electromagnetic mode.

[VSF: I am assuming that their “two-electron beam” has similar properties to an heterodyne interferometer. Yes, I am extrapolating here and making amateur assumption based on what I can find in terms of research articles online and the countless images I have been accumulating for over a year now.]

My 9am Photos / Heterodyne Interferometry on the Olympic Peninsula WA / Oct.28, 2016

Fungal-derived nanoparticles
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Throughout human history, fungi have been utilized as a source of food and harnessed to ferment and preserve foods and beverages. In the 20th century, humans have learned to harness fungi to protect human health (antibiotics, anti-cholesterol statins, and immunosuppressive agents), while industry has utilized fungi for large scale production of enzymes, acids, and biosurfactants.[1] With the advent of modern nanotechnology in the 1980s, fungi have remained important by providing a greener alternative to chemically synthesized nanoparticle.[2]
Culture techniques and conditions
Culture techniques and media vary depending upon the requirements of the fungal isolate involved, however the general procedure consist of the following: fungal hyphae are typically placed in liquid growth media and placed in shake culture until the fungal culture has increased in biomass. The fungal hyphae are removed from the growth media, washed with distilled water to remove the growth media, placed in distilled water and incubated on shake culture for 24 to 48 hours. The fungal hyphae are separated from the supernatant, and an aliquot of the supernatant is added to 1.0 mM ion solution. The ion solution is then monitored for 2 to 3 days for the formation of nanoparticles. Another common culture technique is to add washed fungal hyphae directly into 1.0 mM ion solution instead of utilizing the fungal filtrate. Silver nitrate is the most widely used source of silver ions, but silver sulfate has also been utilized.[10] Choloroauric acid is generally used as the source of gold ions at various concentrations (1.0 mM[14] and 250 mg to 500 mg[18] of Au per liter). Cadmium sulfide nanoparticle synthesis for F. oxysporum was conducted using a 1:1 ratio of Cd2+ and SO42− at a 1 mM concentration.[21] Gold nanoparticles can vary in shape and size depending on the pH of the ion solution.[18] Gericke and Pinches (2006) reported that for V. luteoalbum small (cc.10 nm) spherical gold nanoparticles are formed at pH 3, larger (spherical, triangular, hexagon and rods) gold nanoparticles are formed at pH 5, and at pH 7 to pH 9 the large nanoparticles tend to lack a defined shape. Soni and Prakash (2011) reported an opposite response to pH for silver nanoparticles synthesized by both C. tropicum and F. oxysporum.[22] The authors concluded that silver nanoparticle size increased as the pH of the ion solution decreased. Temperature interactions for both silver and gold nanoparticles were similar; a lower temperature resulted in larger nanoparticles while higher temperatures produced smaller nanoparticles.[18][22]

VSF:  The photos with bright cobalt blue are intentionally contrast enhanced by me to reveal the structural properties that I can see with my eye, but that my inexpensive camera does not show. I want you to see how insanely unnatural these toxic clouds are.

VSF: What kind of humans would poison their own land, air, and people with toxic metals and who knows what else? The military has a long history of experimenting on their own people, but this atrocity is going on world wide as the images from NASA World view clearly show day after day!

The damage to the atmosphere may be irreversible. Many are now saying the ozone is depleted, and oxygen itself is decreasing due to the damage of oceans’ phytoplankton.

I am now breathing these toxic particles. In spite of all my efforts, lithium, aluminum, barium, etc. will remain lodge in the soft tissues of my lungs for the rest of my days. We know the effects of lithium toxicity. Aluminum has been confirmed to be connected with dementia and Alzheimer’s for many years. Who would want a stupefied, passive and numbed population losing whatever remains of its memory? And WHY? This is genocide.


I have no illusions whatsoever that the Navy cares about me or any of the other people living out here in this once peaceful beautiful area. I have come to see the military of the empire as self-obsessed and greedy, arrogant with the power of technology.

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