Message to the Emissaries: August 20, 2017


Message to the Emissaries: August 20, 2017

VSF: Believe me when I say that I do understand the immense difficulty we all have in accepting this information. The idea that our planet has been successfully invaded by these ET aliens is horrible and we have been so completely indoctrinated, truly brain washed and intentionally confused regarding this possibility. The continual assault of false information around the ET question is daunting, overwhelming, and I am certain that these tyrant ETs are at the core utilizing institutions like Tavistock and all the other black programs that have implemented mind control. Trust me, I have not wanted to believe this either and have struggled with the knowledge that was given to me for so many years.

As a child, I was gifted with imaginary friends. One of these was a very small ET who flew in his airship beside our automobile whenever my family went on long trips. This ET friend would tell me the most interesting things, even then at ages four up to ten, I was completely fascinated fixated on everything he told me. Unfortunately I lost all recall of this education when puberty hit me at age eleven in the hot climate of Texas. Still I never forgot him and understood that he was preparing me for my life to come. I always felt that I was a stranger in my birth family.


















As I have said many times before, I painted oil portraits of the Greys when I was in Texas high school. At that time I did not know what they were and called them “soul-less” beings. Strangely, they were very popular and my brother actually hung one of them over his desk all through his school days. In the 1960s, I was invited to be the first female to have an art exhibition at Princeton University and the paintings I had done of the ETs were stolen. The mathematician John van Neuman (said to have been involved with the Montauk experiment) had an office next to the gallery area my paintings were in, and later I wondered if they had stolen them, because they knew who these ETs were.

In 1970 I saw my first UFO upclose while hiking on Mt. Shasta. I have told this story many times. There have been so many other sightings and paranormal experiences over my life. My mother was the seventh child of the seventh child. Perhaps the six months of “seeing in the Eye of my Mind” the colonization of planet Earth through the eyes of Inanna was one the most intense, certainly the longest – but not the only off-planet experience I have had by any means. More recently I have been Graced with Kundalini which I now understand actually does burn off one’s Karma, meaning the Veils are lifted and the Truth that GOD permeates All becomes a Living Truth within.

I am only telling you these things now to share my own struggle with all of this, so that you will know that I do not give you these warnings lightly, or to draw attention to myself in anyway. I have never asked for money for my work, and have been blessed with my own resources so that I could share my years of studying the sacred Sanskrit texts freely.






Now the Veils are gone from my eyes and I know that we are facing this amazing Transition.

Just as the alteration of our human DNA by the Anunnaki sunk us down into the Kali Yuga, this era of Conflict and Confusion, so will the Invasion by these tyrant based service-to-self beings drive those of us who are ready into the higher dimensions, into the frequency waveforms of the higher realms. This is part of the Divine Plan, the LILA, the Creator’s Divine Play in non-existent Time and Space.  These years are what we have all been preparing for — and those of you who are just waking up, do not be concerned that you are late.

The God-within you will give you exactly what you require to reach Home.

Yes, the Invasion is sinister, intended to alter our planet to suit their preferences, and to alter the human DNA to accommodate their hybrids. These are the elite who are speaking this Trans-humanism rubbish and feverishly working on genetic manipulation, genetic engineering. There are already many of their hybrids walking among us and in high places of leadership.  Not all of them know that they are hybrids. But they serve that consciousness, the lack of compassion, they have a heartless lack of feeling that makes them comfortable with ruthless ambition, greed and selfishness. The sufferings of others means nothing to them.

There is nothing to fear…

Do not waste your precious moments in fear. Continue your own spiritual practices with a new fervor, in those ways you resonate with, the path you choose to find God-within you.

The God-within you will be your best teacher!

The intensity of your concentrated efforts will carry you across the sea of mendacity, endless propaganda and insanity that will only increase as the geoengineering efforts to terraform planet Earth become accepted and exponentially increased.

Our planet will be even more inundated with these toxic nano-particles, Lithium, aluminum, barium, strontium, coal fly ash, and who knows what else is based in the fungi we are breathing. This will get much worse – and people who are unconscious will become more polarized and more violent. More irrational acts of violence will increase, perhaps because of all the chemicals that are now saturating our human bodies, especially in western cultures — but we must also consider that these now ubiquitous microwave towers can be used too incite violent changes in people, actually cause riots. Stay out of harm’s way. Stay out of the cities.









The God-within you will show you your Way Home.

There is a purpose to all this, yes, we are evolving as always. However this transition could have been different. The fact that our leaders in government made contractual agreements with these heinous tyrant entries left the Inter-Galactic Council powerless. No law has been broken yet, the Law of Non-Interference cannot as yet be used to justify the assistance from the higher beings, who could come and nullify the invasion. Our own leaders have sold us and themselves to the proverbial devil, the demonic tyrant frequencies.

Do not fear. Our Refuge is indeed a higher consciousness.

Go to that place in consciousness, the higher frequency waveforms of an Enlightened state of Being. It is that consciousness that will be our Refuge. For truly we are that One playing in Time & Space, and this is our ‘play’, our ‘game’ also. Play your part, hold the higher frequencies for others. This is what you came here for, your job. Be strong.

Become courageous in your own Heart.

Allow the God-within to permeate you completely. Wonderful experiences will follow. I promise. Dark days are ahead yes, but so is the Light within you. Increase your own Light of Consciousness and shine throughout the Aether in your own expression of the One.

I will continue to inform you to the best of my ability. Remember that everything is Consciousness. This entire universe came into being to bring you back Home to your own God-Consciousness.

You are and have always been the One all pervading God-Consciousness.

You are That, TAT TVAM ASI. Always and forever, the eternal, imperishable, immutable, immeasurable ONE. You!

We meet in the Heart,

V. Susan Ferguson

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