ALIEN SCRIPT on NASA Worldview / August 21, 2017 the day of the Eclipse / “a message given to Earth during the eclipse”

Enhancement of “alien script” (above) /

VSF: Today Pacific west coast time around 1:30 pm I checked NASA Worldview as I usually do to see how much is up for viewing. Look at the North American continent, I noted the brown shaded segment, which after a moment I understood was the eclipse. Then I noted the blue-lines that made a sort-of circle (see above). I believe this is difficult to see on the image above unless you have a big computer screen. [I did bring up the brightness to help show the blue circle.]  This blue circle is located somewhere between Kansas and Nebraska (I think…). You can barely make the blue circle out here below:

Because I have been taking so many screenshots of the bizarre cloud formations found on NASA Worldview since December 2016, I have become rather adept at ‘enhancing’ the images to show their structural properties. This became more useful as the particles got ever smaller with increasing nanotechnologies. Turning the images into sepia worked particularly well, showing the transmitter generated radio-frequencies R/F and microwave properties that were often obfuscated within the clouds. So I played around with the lines in this blue-circle. Here are my results and my conclusions.

The image (above) is enlarged, but not enhanced. Consider that every morning I am transcribing and translating the ancient sacred Sanskrit text, The Rig Veda in its original Devanagari script.  Thus I am very aware of ancient scripts, such as Brahmi and due to my relationship with Inanna, the cuneiform.

I have also seen the various so-called alien or ET scripts that are purported to be authentic. Who knows? You can see for yourself (above) how turning the image into sepia makes it much easier to read.

I began to notice certain patterns that reminded me of ancient scripts. These may just be digital effects – and I’m sure some official astrophysicist would assure me that these were ‘normal’ digital effects.

However, the more I delved into the details of the shapes, the more I felt that this was in fact actual writing, even a message that had been given to Earth during the eclipse that moved across the United States today, August 21. Perhaps a warning?

The above is in the original blue. If it is just digital effects, they are certainly complex and random. I am not a computer scientist by any means. I am however highly trained visually.

Sepia enhanced (above). Playing with more of the ‘adjustment’ tools I have available on my computer, I became even more convinced that this is alien writing. I believe this is a message to Earth.

Much of our earth’s air now is thick with chemicals [lithium, aluminum, barium, etc.] as our atmosphere is being weaponized, ionized.  The public discourse is becoming increasingly crass and divisive. Here in the states, we all know something is very wrong. The empire is collapsing in on itself. Everyone is waiting.

I don’t ask you to accept my conclusions that this is an alien script. Just look at these images for yourself. How do they make you feel? Perhaps their message can be “felt” intuitively, using telepathy, if we absorb them.

A further enhancement (above) perhaps revealing possible formations of individual letters.

Is their message to us earthlings? Or is it intended for the elite, the alien hybrids that have already established their foothold on our planet? Are they succeeding?



E.M. Nicolay: “…changing Earth’s geophysical environment would require the slow process of creating a chemically altered, physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich world.”


Planetary Take-Over: The Covert Conquest of a Dying Planet – by V. Susan Ferguson / And NASA Worldview: Sakhalin & the Sea of Okhotsk Russia



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