An Alien Bio Invasion of Earth / “the potential exists for alien Souls and Souls not related to the Human Angelics [their term for us] to incarnate into physical human bodies through the use of emerging hybrid genetics and DNA manipulation.” / NASA Worldview: Screenshots from the day of the Eclipse

On the day of the eclipse, Aug.21, 2017 this cloud formation (above on the right) was directly east of the circular blue writing that I felt was an alien script.


An Alien Bio Invasion of Earth and the Coming Alien Invasion of Fifth Dimensional Terra [Earth] / E.M. Nicolay & H.L. Jang: Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension, 2015

VSF:  Nicolay and Jang are to be commended on doing an excellent job of putting traditional primordial metaphysical principles into simple understandable English. This is not an easy task. I have been studying the sacred Sanskrit metaphysics for over thirty years, and the greatest difficulty is finding words that even come close to communicating the very precise subtle meanings encoded in the Sanskrit. The work of Nicolay and Jang is truly a service to us in this crucial era of time.

Their metaphysical understanding of the layered and nested dimensional realms is described very clearly in their four Essence Path books. However I caution you to keep in mind that the truly Enlightened Beings transcend all these dimensional realms – and thus are able to consciously move freely through them. Remember that you are the One, the God-within you that pervades and permeates All. You created this universe to ‘play’ in, the Divine LILA. The Kashmir Shaivite Saint and scholar Abhinavagupta recommends that we repeat this as a mantra:

“I am infinitely potent and pure consciousness. All this is my own divine play. It is being manifested by me through my divine powers. I am all this…”

I recently experienced the vision of moving up through my Chakras, higher and higher on a river of white/light-blue Light, like a laser beacon of sorts. I found myself ‘in consciousness’ on the higher planes looking down on all the nested dimensions. From this perspective I could see planet Earth and the beings moving about upon her. However they were not perceived as individuals, John Smith or Becky Jones. Instead they were just energy, energetics, positive and negative forces that were coalescing and separating, attraction and repulsion, resonance, capacitance and inductance, the electromagnetics that fuels form and apparent solidity.

As such I had no sense of good and bad, right and wrong — only the mechanism of creative Resonance: centripetal, centrifugal, and the sustaining balance between them.  These three forces in the sacred Sanskrit world be termed: Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu — or Tamas, Rajas, and Sattva. I had reached a level of non-attachment indeed.

This detail of the above cloud was in that NASA Worldview “eclipse” darkened section. Not Sepia enhanced by me. See these weird sort of “puncture holes”? I believe this indicates R/F/ blast transmission that 1PacificRedwood is always pointing out.There can be little doubt they were R/f microwave blasting with their transmitters here. Note quasi-circular waves around the large ‘hole’ on left.


The Bio Invasion of Earth

Nicolay & Jang emphasize the ‘energetic’ lens in viewing the movement of consciousness through the dimensional realms. They describe location in terms of “different space-time dimensional wave coordinates.”

I have often wondered how the Creator keeps the universe interesting. Surely a realm where everything is known and all our needs are provided for, with little or no challenges, could very easily become stagnant and boring. This is exactly what Nicolay & Jang say when they reveal that especially in the higher levels, let us say the so-called heavenly realms, there is need for energetics that break the symmetry, complacency, and disrupt the “tendency towards uniformity, conformity and lack of dimensional expansion and growth.”

An Invasion within the human form…

Unlike our popular culture science fiction battles, Nicolay & Jang state that this Invasion is taking place now within the human form, because “the potential exists for alien Souls and Souls not related to the Human Angelics [their term for us] to incarnate into physical human bodies through the use of emerging hybrid genetics and DNA manipulation.”

We know that this is going on and perhaps Transhumanism is already more than a theory.  While I have read many books about ET hybridization for years now — still I have not wanted to believe that this is actually in fact occuring, even though there are a myriad of accounts describing abduction, fertilization, and even people being shown their hybrid children.


I noticed that when I increased the contrast control, the image tended to turn red (above). Now I have NEVER seen this effect before. I have no idea what it means. But can speculate that it has something to do with the intense IONIZATION they are doing with their transmitters. What chemicals in the clouds would show up in the red spectrum when heated?   


“Aliens are not just planning a global takeover, they are doing it.”

Among all the books concerning the ongoing hybridization projects, the most credible to me has always been David M. Jacobs, PhD.  In his 2015 book, ‘Walking Among Us, The Alien Plan to Control Humanity,’ Jacobs says, “Aliens are not just planning a global takeover, they are doing it.” According to Jacobs the aliens have chosen to take over our planet Earth and civilization “without the people’s knowledge and maintain an intact alien-controlled global society for future purposes.”

As I have said, I did not want to believe Jacobs, in spite of his scrupulous detailed descriptions and credible evidence. It was just too much for me — until I became obsessed with geoenginnering and began collecting a data-base of images from NASA Worldview showing the worldwide weaponization of earth’s atmosphere using aerosol spraying and transmitter generated radio-frequency/microwave that are electrifying and metalizing the air and inundating everything with these metal oxides, Lithium, aluminum, barium, strontium, and a plethora of fungi based nano particles, bacteria and Morgellons.

I could not believe that these hybridization programs were well in play – until I was able to put this unimaginable and absurd truth into the context of metaphysics and the continual evolution of the dimensional layered realms, which are the Myriad Worlds that we are projecting to play within the nested layers of the various Space & Time waveforms. It has really been the work of Nicolay and Jang that coherently pulled this mysterious puzzlement together for me.

One aspect of this is the weaving together the sacred Sanskrit theory of the Cycles of Time with the concept of layered dimensional realms. I am now beginning to get a feel for how these two concepts coalesce. Perhaps the four Yugas are an abbreviated form of the dimensions. Certainly the descriptions of the Satya Yuga correlate with higher dimensions as described by Nicolay and Jang.


Not Sepia enhanced by me. See these weird sort of “puncture holes”? There can be little doubt they were R/f microwave blasting with their transmitters here. Note quasi-circular waves around the large ‘hole’ on left.  


Dr. David Jacobs is in agreement with much that Nicolay and Jang are saying regarding the genetic technology being utilized by the invading aliens, although Jacob’s view is far less spiritual and metaphysical. Jacobs says that these ETs, “found that they could alter human gametes for their own purposes and that human nervous systems were susceptible to the aliens’ neural abilities.  Thus humans — who had the physiological and neurological makeup that allowed them to help the aliens in their process of acquisition, but were not sufficiently developed to allow resistance — were perfect candidates for a clandestine takeover.”

Nicolay and Jang have a more spiritual and metaphysical perspective. They present the more esoteric insight that, “the potential exists for alien Souls and Souls not related to Human Angelics to incarnate into physical human bodies through the use of emerging hybrid genetics and DNA manipulation.” This is ongoing and has been successful for many years now. There are even reports of humans being cloned coming from Los Alamos.


Not Sepia enhanced by me. See these weird sort of “puncture holes”?
I believe this indicates R/F/ blast transmission that 1PacificRedwood (video above) is always pointing out. Also the “blast pattern” in the upper right corner might relate to my Filament Explosion research.      


Dr. David Jacobs: “Abductees describe a program of well-ordered, nonviolent (with individual abductee exceptions), gradual, stealthy takeover. When this integration program succeeds, it will mean the end of humans’ control over their own destiny. If successful, it strongly suggests…the end of Homo sapiens and the beginning of a new species of human — Homo alienus (hubrids and the offspring of hubrids and humans). … which will be endowed with different neurological capabilities.”

Jacobs notes that such a program with the “magnitude of planetary acquisition must be meticulously planned” and he lists the essential components: advanced technology and bioengineering, an advanced global workforce (Nicolay & Jang have suggested that many of the hybrids being created are found in the so-called Third World whose populations are exploding); advanced neurological abilities (during abductions aliens can alter people’s perceptions by manipulating neurological sites in the brains — in the end, humans have little or no ability to resist); secrecy (the aliens do not want humans to know what they are doing and preservation of secrecy begins with memory blockage); telepathy (allows the aliens to circumvent more than 6000 earth languages and indoctrination is simply downloaded into the minds of the abductees); time (their experience of time, thus longevity); planning, logistics and support (large UFOs are factories to implement their multi-level hybridization program, which includes a system of bio manufacturing); abductees (which our own governments gave the aliens permission to take); HUBRIDS, which Jacobs says are the ultimate weapon in taking over the planet and are “likely building up their numbers in the human population…they are growing unimpeded and on a grand scale…the abduction program…is self-replicating, using an increasingly expanding workforce that will create beings who will clandestinely infiltrate society until a critical mass is reached and aliens can control human society.”


This last one (above) is enhanced contrast brightness, etc. It was too dark to see any details.                 


An Alien Invasion of Fifth Dimensional Terra

Nicolay and Jang have an insight into the future of the Fifth Dimensional planet they call Terra, which according to them is the location many of the current Human Angelic Souls will find themselves inhabiting. They state that the energetic prospect of so many Third Dimensional earthlings relocating to Fifth Dimensional Terra is “already beginning to have impact as it manifests its potentiality on Fifth Dimensional Terra.” They say that “over the course of the coming several thousand years, Terrans will most probably experience alien invasions” and these invasions will not be bio invasions, but will be “actual physical invasions” on Terra and within Terra’s planetary territory.

These invasions are described as “opportunities for growth” and once again we see that the Creator has ways to break the symmetry of stagnant realms – and allow dynamic energies to provide change and new adventures in Space & Time. Another very interesting idea from Nicolay and Jang is that in the Fifth Dimensional world, “battles and conflicts are not generally resolved in the highly violent manner” we are accustomed to in our long and bloody history, certainly within all the written history of this cycle of time, the Kali Yuga. “Rather, these conflicts are fought energetically and sometimes telepathically through opportunities related to the use of a species’ Will Power, Soul Alignment (perhaps group consolidation, working together as one Being), and Soul group choices. The suggestion is made that many who are relocating to the Fifth Dimensional Terra will be involved in these future conflicts.

The “alien” script further enhanced by me.

Nicolay and Jang understand that we do operate at a multi dimensional level. We have various multidimensional selves.  This idea is presented in both my early novels, Inanna Returns and Inanna Hyper-Luminal, both which are available on my primary website as free PDFs.

Thus it is not entirely unlikely that many of us now are in fact also Fifth Dimensional Terra Beings who have consciously chosen to incarnate here in Third Dimensional Earth for the precise purpose of Enlightening ourselves and our fellow humans, as Nicolay and Jang have termed us, the Human Angelic Soul group. This infusion of higher consciousness and Light from a more evolved higher frequency Space-Time waveform might serve to alleviate the future for Fifth Dimensional Terra.

I hope I have shared some of the reflections that Nicolay and Jang have stirred in me. I do encourage you to read their work. They have contributed to a deeper understanding of metaphysical Truth [RTA], Truth in motion, that is greatly needed now. Thank you!

V. Susan Ferguson


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