Message to the Emissaries: Raising your own Vibrational Frequency is critical at this time. / “…the ceaseless flux of things of the senses, far from being able to serve as an instrument for obtaining true knowledge, represents in reality the dissolution of all possible knowledge.” / The Galactic Core: The Heart of our Mother

VSF: Time Speeding Up!

Perhaps the term “the quickening” describes this moment. Are you also experiencing time exponentially speeding up. It is as if the days, weeks and months are flying by. This is said to occur at the end of a cycle of time and will increase.  Everything is intensifying, not only the crazy-insane world of the external temporal, but also the influx and infusion of energies coming to us from our Galactic Core.

Those of you who can respond to these energies have a responsibility to be the Light Warrior that you came here to function as. This was our choice. Nothing was imposed on us, including the suffering we have experienced here in this realm, our beautiful Earth. Everything we have experienced was our own choice.

“Judge not, lest you be judged.”

Our so-called enemies only reflected the enemy-within each of us. Everyone in our holographic reality is a partial reflection of us, our own energies. When you judge others, you are only judging your own self! This is what is meant by, “Judge not, lest you be judged.”

So get out of Fear Inc., stop complaining, and get on with your own intended purification of the data-collecting vehicle you have created to assist in these closing days of this cycle of time. Otherwise, we will feel very foolish when we do leave this earth-plane physicality.

We do not want to fail in our goal of lifting the others and this Realm into the higher vibrational frequency waveforms that will lead those who are ready Home, those who have the ears to hear.

You know who you are. Choose yourself!

E.M. Nicolay & H.L. Jang: “…those entities, both incarnate and alien to your world, who wish for your Earth realm to remain locked in third dimensional evolution will not give up the dimension so easily. It is for this reason that the energetic critical mass is so extraordinarily important, and this is the reason why raising your own vibrational frequency and communicating that raised frequency to others is of such importance as well.”

THE SYSTEMS LORDS and THE TWELVE DIMENSIONS, by E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang; Forethought Publishing, 2012


E.M. Nicolay & H.L. Jang: “…changing Earth’s geophysical environment would require the slow process of creating a chemically altered, physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich world.”

An Invasion within the human form…

Unlike our popular culture science fiction battles, Nicolay & Jang state that this Invasion is taking place now within the human form, because “the potential exists for alien Souls and Souls not related to the Human Angelics [their term for us] to incarnate into physical human bodies through the use of emerging hybrid genetics and DNA manipulation.”


Above photo of the sky over the Olympic Peninsula WA was taken by me – and contrast enhanced to show structural properties of these unholy metalized chemically toxic clouds.





This incessant frantic descent into ever increasing multiplicity and complexity is, as Rene Guenon says, the result of “a pretended intuition modeled on the ceaseless flux of things of the senses, far from being able to serve as an instrument for obtaining true knowledge, represents in reality the dissolution of all possible knowledge.”

An intelligence that has been disconnected from the immutable imperishable substratum that lies beneath ‘the curtain of each atom’ [Mahmud Shabistari’s Sufi poem] is necessarily precariously unstable and inclined to collapse. Without metaphysical wisdom, each temporal ‘fix’ our elitist servant PhD’s come up with will only lead us closer to the final moments of this Kali Yuga.

Our sole refuge is a higher consciousness and to individually reconnect with the God essence that dwells within All. Nothing ever dies and as the Bhagavad Gita tells us, ‘The Wise do not grieve.’ Rene Guenon would not have been surprised to witness our current predicament. Guenon offers us one last profound comfort in the final sentence of his brilliant ‘The Reign of Quantity’: “…it can be said in all truth that the ‘end of a world’ never is and never can be anything but the end of an illusion.”

The Crisis of the Modern World, by Rene Guenon, 1942; Sophia Perennis, NY, 2004.

The Reign of Quantity and the Sign of the Times, by Rene Guenon, 1945; Sophia Perennis, NY, 2004.

Becoming the Galactic Heart!

The center of earth’s galaxy is the Heart of our Mother.

She is ever feeding her children the stars,

pulsating throbbing pounding,

emitting Her waves, radiant energies to alter

enhance expand evolve Her star children,

countless effulgent lights spiraling in Her arms,

tending, nourishing expanding us.


The Sun is but one of Her children.

The center of earth’s solar system,

our Sun is small star on Her periphery.

He is the Gate Keeper.


In harmony with the Cycles of Time,

at times he protects us from Her emissions,

her waves of Love are too much for us.

When we are ready, prepared, in need,

he opens up and lets Her in.



Her Love comes from Her Heart, the Center.

Our Mother’s Love is Creative Power,

Shakti, Prana, Prakasha, and Grace,

unparalleled, incomparable to any.

She is the Oneness manifested, magnificence

as the creative force of Maya, the Divine Matrix.


The awesome ineluctable power of Her Love

is moving out from Her Heart in the Galactic Center.

Our Mother is here now, approaching, close,

in waves of cosmic and gamma rays,

space dust fluff clouds ribbons zap!

permeating, seeping, rushing, crashing

into our small solar system,

one of her gems.


Our Heliosphere is becoming immersed in,  filled,

inundated with Her Primordial Shakti-Power.

As Shakti, Prana, Prakasha, she comes

to restore the Sun, heal the earth,

in periodic renewal.

Our galaxy is the Oneness manifesting.

She is moving on …


In the core of earth’s galaxy is our Mother.

She created emitted formed everything,

every star, planet, body, tree and bird.

She is existing in every breath and tear,

in fields, darkness and light, music.

Cosmic and gamma rays are her instruments.


Be not afraid. This time is good.

This time is wonderful, superb.

Open your Heart and Being to Her,

the Mother of the Universe.

We are the Witness

of Cosmic Renewal.

To be here now aware,

and conscious is an honor,

a gift.


This is the Oneness playing,

our incredible blessing.

Creation is moving on.

Forever evolving up

the unending Spiral.


I am That.

We all are That.

Our Heart is in Her, the Mother of All.

The Galactic Center lives in my Heart,

in all Hearts, in yours!


V. Susan Ferguson / June 2012









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