Evidence of Interferometry Transmitter pulsation as an “Interference Pattern” in the Sea of Cortez between Baja CA and Mexico

On August 22, 2017, between Baja California and Mexico I found evidence of interferometry transmitter emissions in the form of an “INTERFERENCE PATTERN” and located in the Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California.              https://go.nasa.gov/2xtlavK

With the stellar assistance of my friend, (who is deeply knowledgeable on many subjects and excels in Maxwell’s mathematical equations and their applications in electromagnetics), we have made observations regarding these images. Be assured that what we say here is only a highly educated supposition, a premise based on what we can make out from the screenshot captures.

Detail blow-up of the interference pattern (above).          https://go.nasa.gov/2xtoirs

An Interferometer works on frequency and a phase difference between these frequencies. When you change the frequency phase angle, you change the relationship with respect with one frequency and the other. You can slide between the dimensions of the two frequencies. Thus we begin to understand that the dimensions are only separated as a result of the phase angle difference of the frequencies and energy. The left and right brain can be considered as a scalar interferometer.

Let us call the half-circular patterns ‘clam-shells’ for convenience. The shell on the left-side-top has an angular displacement of around 25 degrees, with respect to the clam shells beneath them. These shell shapes appear to be laying on top of one another, thus indicating a sequence in their creation. The transmitter would have layed down the first shell – and then the others are layered over each other in a sequence.


The interference patterns appear to indicate that there are possibly two transmitters emitting their energy in this area; the interferometer appears to be creating the pattern as a result of time difference between the two frequencies. It appears that energy from from frequency A and frequency B are present. The interaction between frequency A and frequency B, and the phase angle between frequency A and frequency B creates an interference pattern. In order to be detected the interference pattern must fall within the detection bandwidth of the detection system (like the digital camera on the satellite that is recording the images for NASA Worldview). When frequency A signal and frequency B signal are combined, there are combinations of interactions that are produced between frequency A signal and frequency B signal. When frequencies are mixed in a non-linear mixer, the frequencies of 1) A; 2) B; 3) A plus B; 4) A minus B are present. The combination of two electromagnetic energies might show up as a different frequency that falls within the bandwidth of our senses, (eyes, ears, or other). These are byproducts of non-linear mixing of signals. This is why we are seeing the interference pattern in the vapor clouds instead of the more usual water. The bay has water moisture above it, so air above the water surface is very high humid air, the water vapor is so dense in humidity that it shows the interference pattern from the transmitters.

HETERODYNE: is the non-linear mixing of frequencies. Frequency A is in the presence of frequency B in such a way that the frequencies can combine, mix.


We are assuming that the technicians using the transmitter did not see the interference patterns. When there is a slight difference in the two frequencies and phase angle, this can produce the interferometer visible evidence, or unnatural formations in the water moisture in a cloud we usually find. This “phase difference” makes it visible by the human eye, or the detection system. This can be the digital camera on the satellite, or other detection systems. In a stealth environment, the interference pattern consisting of A frequency signal and B frequency signal should not leave any trace, residue, or subharmonic, which can exhibit itself as a spurious unwanted detected signal.

The situation arises when something is out of adjustment. The operators of the equipment are continuing to make refinements and adjustments in their interferometry transmitters or other transmitters used to create these visible patterns. This is an operational concern. The operators may not have real time monitoring equipment. In the language of stealth environment, they blew their cover.                  https://go.nasa.gov/2xt6rRa

Some intense energy was also being transmitted off Guadalupe Island that day, Aug.22, 2017.

Again a close-up of Guadalupe Island on Aug.22, 2017. These are what I call ‘bundle’ cloud formations, because they appear to me like coils which relate to electromagnetic energy, like the coils in sheep’s wool often mentions in the Rig Veda verses on SOMA.

Turning the atmosphere into a giant electrical system, conductor/resonator/generator/capacitor

These ‘clam-shell’ interference patterns showed up again on Aug.24, 2017, although not as extensive.

Another detail close-up from Aug.24, 2017. Does this leave any doubt that they are using this technology?

Sepia enhanced / Aug.24, 2017

The only possible location for a transmitter I could find was:

WIKI: The Islas Marías (“Mary Islands”) are an archipelago of four islands that belong to Mexico. They are located in the Pacific Ocean, some 100 km (62 mi) off the coast of the state of Nayarit. They are part of the municipality (municipio) of San Blas, Nayarit. As of 2011, the islands are still being used as a penal colony, containing the Islas Marias Federal Prison. … In addition to prisoners, on Maria Madre island there are employees of diverse institutions of the federal government, such as the Secretariat of Public Education, the Secretariat of the Environment, the Secretariat of Communications and Transport, post office, and the Secretariat of the Navy. Another group of settlers is made up of religious ministers and acolytes of the Catholic Church, nuns of the Order of Social Service, and invited teachers, technicians and their relatives.
The colony is governed by a state official who is both the governor of the islands and chief judge. The military command is independent and is exercised by an officer of the Mexican Navy.

On Marie Madre Island, which is also a penal colony, I found this strange looking bit of construction that could possible be an antenna transmitter (above). As you can see, I was unable to get a clear image of the structure.

These islands have a straight shot at the sea of Cortez. The possible transmitter is at an elevation of 1544 feet and this gives a “look down angle” to the Sea of Cortez. A radar term: you always want to have a “look down angle”. It is positioned at the very top of the hill, a windy road with switch backs, the turnout allow the concrete trucks to negotiate the right-of-way. Could this be a turret with two arms antennas? (Note the shadows). It looks like a directional beam antenna – an antenna you can rotate that causes a toroidal field. A good transmitting antenna is a good receiving antenna; a good antenna system, a receiver or transmitter, must match to the medium in which the energy is transferred, it has to match the atmosphere when it is transmitting through the atmosphere, or it has to match when it is transmitting through the water as in a sonar signal.


A DIRECTIONAL ANTENNA: when I take an antenna and wrap a wire around it, it’s one piece of wire and then pull the ends back to the receiver, the signal strength of the long antenna is summed, added together. In the Island antenna the sides are independent of each other, they have different receivers and transmitters connected to it.



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