Updates on Irma, Katia & Jose from 1PacificRedwood / and a fresh considering of the validity of an “alien script” in the NOAA hurricane images

An update from 1PacificRedwood.

In the video from 1PacificRedwood (below), I have found another image of what I took to be some weird ‘alien script’ previously. Now 1PacificRedwood is indicating that this is evidence of “photo-shopping” the animated imagery.  I never want to present false information. So I am drawing your attention to what 1PacificRedwood says – and yet I am still perplexed, because I never saw this before, even though I have watched his youtube channel for months and NOAA data @ http://www.goes.noaa.gov/. Also I still cannot explain the writing that I found on the day of the eclipse on a blue spherical shape, which is also perhaps a digital communication language.

Digital communication ‘writing’ imagery found between 4:54 and 5:59.

Here are my screenshots (below) of the digital imagery showing within Katia in the Gulf of Mexico.


The image (below) is enlarged and enhanced by me.

The blue spherical writing (below) I found on the day of the eclipse.

My sincere apology if I have been misleading. There is enough confusion around legitimate evidence and I have no wish to muddy the truth ever.

ALIEN SCRIPT on NASA Worldview / August 21, 2017 the day of the Eclipse / “a message given to Earth during the eclipse”

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