“…roughly 20 veterans a day nationwide commit suicide.” / Aerosol Spraying and Radio-Frequency/Microwave cloud patterns over the Olympic Peninsula / September 2017


The Olympic Peninsula Washington State, on September 16, 2017 (above). Does anyone still blindly imagine that the US Navy gives a damn about the health and well being of the American people? We pay their salaries with our taxes. Do they only serve the elite, the 1% now? Or worse we may ask the question, does the US Navy care about its own veterans when “…roughly 20 veterans a day nationwide commit suicide.”

VA /Veterans Affairs suicide prevention hotline expanding to third site
By: Leo Shane III

WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs officials will open a third call center for the Veterans Crisis Line in Kansas in coming weeks, a move that’s expected to add about 100 new personnel to the emergency response service.

The new office will be located in Topeka on the campus of VA Eastern Kansas Health Care System. More than 500 staffers currently operate the around-the-clock hotline out of locations in New York and Georgia. …

Since its launch in 2007, VA officials said the crisis line has fielded more than 3 million calls and provided emergency intervention for unstable individuals more than 84,000 times.

It has also interacted with nearly 440,000 more individuals through chat and text services. … its operations have also come under criticism in recent years for failing to keep up with demands. …

The Senate’s plan for fiscal 2018 VA funding includes a $10 million boost for crisis line operations.

VA statistics show roughly 20 veterans a day nationwide commit suicide.

Of those, only six are active users of VA services.


I have intentionally ‘enhanced’ the contrast etc. of many of these photographs to show their structural properties, to show radio-frequency & microwave effects from the Navy’s transmitters on clouds. My camera will not show clearly what I can see with my eyes.

Enhanced to show radio-frequency & microwave effects of transmitters on clouds. Where are the transmitters? In the Olympic Peninsula National Forest? In Happy Valley? Some now say that there are ‘space-based’ transmitters.

Not enhanced (above).

We are being immersed in radiation. Not enhanced (above).

Our immune systems continually weakened…  Above enhanced.

Slightly enhanced (above). These cloud patterns are the result of toxic radiation and are completely un-natural, never before seen in our Earth’s skies. The air we breath is filled with toxic particulates, nano-stuff based in fungi. The atmosphere is being continually ‘metalized’ with metal oxides like aluminum, Lithium, barium, strontium, and coal fly-ash to enhance the formation of these patterns generated by their interferometry transmitters. These metals facilitate their EW electronic warfare weaponry. They make it easier to move the jetstream around and to manipulate the weather, as in weather warfare!


Sunset shots (above) not enhanced. Note the ‘radial’ patterns. This is what Tom Bearden was talking about. “A giant radial is a cloud with long radial fingers (spokes) radiating out from it, perhaps several miles in length. These are signatures of artificial weather engineering.” I see these radial patterns all the time over the Olympic Peninsula!

Enhanced (above).

Sunset again (above) enhanced.

Not enhanced (above). This is what we are breathing. The air here smells acrid, harsh, toxic in spite of the ocean of Cedar Trees. Horrible.

Detail of the X (above). It is truly a geoengineering feat to see how quickly these toxic clouds now spread out over the entire Olympic Peninsula.  Their “dispersion rates” have steadily increased. These materials, aluminum, Lithium, etc. quickly spread across the sky and leave a MILKY HAZE everywhere. These toxic materials are what we are breathing.

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