For the Emissaries: Why has the ‘foothold’ Invasion of planet Earth been allowed to take place?

The NASA Worldview screenshot (above) is an excellent example of what I term the ‘ringed coiled tufts’. You can easily see the rings or spiral around the ‘tuft’ clouds. These clouds are totally NOT earth natural. On the eastern Pacific off Columbia & Ecuador / September 17, 2017            

These “ripple ring coiled tufts” show up very clearly in Sepia. These are freaky, non-human, and potentially holding electric charge? Scalar? Hive stuff. Detail from the eastern Pacific off Columbia & Ecuador / September 17, 2017


For the Emissaries: Why has the Invasion of Earth been allowed to take place?

Surely this is the serious question of those who are coming to realize that planet Earth has truly been invaded by extraterrestrial races. For those of you who are living in a Spiritual understanding, who have nurtured and cultivated their own relationship with the God-within, in whatever entirely personal way that may be, you will know that God is also within these alien races that have invaded our planet with their various agendas.

The bigger picture should be accessible to you. Therefore I will continue what may seem odd to many — I will continue to put seemingly diverse information together to show you how this ‘foothold’ Invasion is taking place, how these tyrannical races are most certainly using geoengineering, AI, and the secret governments (deep state) to subdue the human population, and how this fits into the metaphysics of ongoing continual unending transformations of the Dimensional Realms.

God is energetically changing and evolving our particular polarity-based universe. You cannot have a polarity universe without polarities, dark & light, good & evil, etc. Just as the plot of a film or novel would be boring and dull without the ‘play’ between the good guys and their evil adversaries, so do the generated formations of appearances in Time & Space require polarity energetics, opposing forces in order to evolve and strengthened. As much as we may complain about our sorrows, troubles and adversity, the saying ‘What does not kill me makes me strong’ has a metaphysical basis.

Off Baja CA (above) / September 16, 2017. I call these ‘bundle’ or coil clouds.  Always electrically charged & creepy unnatural.          

The Kali Yuga

This period we are experiencing is the closing years of the fourth Cycle of Time. Although many may not accept this fact, we are indeed living in the final years of the Kali Yuga, the Age of Conflict and Confusion. We are all God Veiled in various forms, occupying various data-collecting vehicles, the bodies of the numerous races we are drawn to as we move through Time & Space. Think of this ET tyrant Invasion as God’s way of encouraging those who are prepared to move forward into their own Enlightenment.

Realize that individual Enlightenment and the Ascension process of the numerous dimensional realms — are not the same. The Ascension process is a natural evolution (or in some cases a de-evolution) that moves entire dimensional realms from one frequency waveform time-line to another. You may have moved from the Third Dimensional Earth to the Fifth Dimensional GAIA (as Nicolay & Jang defines these realms), but you will still be in the recycling reincarnational matrix and confined to a particular realm.

Thus I urge you to continue to proceed along the Way of the traditional sacred Sanskrit teachings in the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras — and reach God-Consciousness. The Sanskrit JIVAN MUKTI means Liberation in Life, while still alive in human form. As an Enlightened Being who has Become ONE with God Consciousness, you will be the Master of all these various realms and not confined to any of them. This is precisely why I have always been reluctant to even use this word Ascension, or to accept it as a major part of metaphysics.

Ascension became clear to me only though reading the work of E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang. I often found the descriptions on the variations in the Yugas in the Sanskrit Puranas lacking in many regards (see article).

Now I understand how God makes changes, how dimensional realms evolve and are refreshed so to speak. Ascension is an overhaul of any realm allowing for the infusions of new soul matrices and new energies, some of which may be deemed and considered ‘negative’. We must not forget that our ideas of good and bad, positive and negative are irrelevant to the Creator of this vast universe where electromagnetic polarity Cosmogonic Forces are a necessity to the processes and acts of Creation.

California has been hit with these geoengineered operations in an extreme intensity. Ingo Swann, the famous remote viewer, has stated that “Psychics are their only enemies!” Can it be that this assault on California is an effort by the invading ETs to rid the Earth of a majority of psychically gifted humans? The Bay Area & the Pacific Northwest (above) / September 16, 2017                                

Are the tyrannical ETs bad? If they were merely evil, would God allow them to exist? Or do they have a purpose to fulfill, and therefore a right to exist. Just as the so-called ‘bad’ evil character in any story gives the ‘good guy’ the opportunity to bring forth his or her best qualities, courage, and determination – so these negative tyrant based consciousness service-to-self ET races allow those of us who are ready for the wake-up call to press on, and in courageous determined fortitude, move into deeper states of Enlightenment and God-Consciousness.

E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang state the mechanics of the ET Invasion in comprehensive detail in their book “The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions.” Their explanations are some of the best I have ever read, for they are based in a traditional primordial metaphysical understanding — as well as a military one. I have read so many tedious enumerations of races, names, and their manipulations over thousands of years as they relate to our Earth history. Not only do I find these tedious, I also find them useless. For what have I actually learned at the end of these delineations. Perhaps from the view of science fiction, we may find them intriguingly curious. But they are merely putting confusing names on energies – and most of the information is horrendously conflicting.

Detail of Davis Strait (above) west of Greenland/ Sept. 16, 2017        

E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang have summed up the Invasion in a very clear, succinct, understandable and metaphysical manner. The Zeta Grey races have abused over-used their highly advanced technologies and are now facing the potential complete destruction of their race. Without bodily vehicles to incarnate in, their soul matrices will collapse — the end. They are desperate to create a hybrid race here on our planet so that their soul matrices can continue to incarnate and not die out. They have done this to themselves, which shows that a soul group can make terrible errors even to the point of its own extinction. Are we humans moving in a somewhat similar direction?

The Zeta Greys are said to currently exist in “a state of de-evolution” and have in their past been “radioactively contaminated.” Even though they are highly advanced in the sciences of genetics, electromagnetics, “telepathy, mind control, thought fencing, and electromagnetic blocking techniques” – they are “dwindling in numbers and are on their own road to extinction.”  The tall Zeta Greys are an elite and very few in number. The so-called ‘little’ Greys are their clones and no matter how ‘friendly’ appealing they may be made to appear, are in point of fact under the complete telepathic control of the taller Greys and their Invasion agenda.

The (above) is a close-up detail from the Davis Strait. Note the electrified “coils” which may be the result of secret SCALAR technology.  / Sept.16, 2017                                 

“The Zeta Greys Individual Soul Matrices are dying out…”

One point of interest which E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang make is that those humans who are being abducted and are contributing to the breeding of hybrids have previously made agreements to do so. Therefore these humans are somehow aligned with the consciousness frequencies of the Greys soul matrices. Even I must admit to feeling a certain amount of compassion for these beings. Total extinction is not to be desired by any species. Perhaps if they had not invaded the planet I am incarnating on, I might be more kindly disposed towards them. I do know God is Love and as such, loves All Its Creation.

According to E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang, the Draco Reptilian races have been incarnating “in mass” on Earth for millennium. The Zeta Greys had to “first make alliances with higher dimensional Draconians” and get the permission of the Draco Reptilians to carry out their agendas. The Dracos have agreed as long as the Zetas will allow the Dracos to continue to incarnate in human physical bodies. This information made perfect sense to me. I know from my visions of the colonization of planet Earth, which I wrote about in my first book ‘INANNA RETURNS’, that the Reptilian genetic influences in the family of Anu are predominant. Thus it would be completely acceptable to know that these so-called Illuminati etc. bloodlines that have been inflicting their paradigms of tyranny, war, and hierarchical control throughout all of written history (the current Kali Yuga) and beyond — will want to continue to dominate the human species.

1PacifciRedwood calls the transmitter weather technicians ‘terrorists’ and it does appear that they can manipulate hurricanes. The above in the eastern Pacific off Baja CA shows two hurricane systems spiraling into each other. Are they electromagnetically interconnected and feeding each other? Who knows this technology and why is it being kept secret?          

An Alien Invasion: The Draco Reptilians & the Zeta Greys

The efforts of these races, the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Greys to keep this realm, our planet Earth trapped in a limited consciousness that resonates with their own tyrannical proclivities amounts to an alien Invasion. All of what we are seeing in terms of miraculous technological advancements in genetics, cloning, geoengineering, scalar weaponry, etc. come from the secret agreements that our own governments — who are blind with greed for advanced technology — made with these off-planet races. E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang say that the Dracos and Zetas have given us these technologies, for example atomic energy and neutron bombs, etc., in the hope that we humans will destroy ourselves and save them the trouble of achieving the goal of the Georgia Guidestones. Why hasn’t that monument to human genocide been taken down?

Contractual Agreements with ETs

The Zetas want a chemically altered warmer planet, “slightly more radioactive and methane-rich.” All of these requirements are exactly what is being achieved by geoengineering the planet. Geoengineering has had a major effect on melting the polar regions and Greenland, which is instigating the release of methane deposits. Geoengineering has been manipulating the jet streams for many years now in what the gag-ordered weather people have inanely termed the “ridiculously resilient ridge”. The corporations behind geoengineering are in control of our planet and have contributed to its warming — along with anthropogenic, meaning human caused fossil fuel use and cyclical changes on our solar system coming from the Galactic Core. These corporations, like Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Booz Allen Hamilton, Boeing, Dyncorp International, SAIC, and many others are in league with these races. They are said to have contractual agreements with various races, perhaps more than the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Greys. These contracts forbid them from revealing the alien presence on Earth.

Galapagos Islands (above) off South America. I have seen transmissions coming off these islands many times before. / September 17, 2017                                 

In my research, there are two categories that are strictly forbidden in our culture: one is the very real presence of extraterrestrial races on planet Earth; and two is geoengineering. Of course, the Wisdom Knowledge that everyone and everything is a part of the ONE God has been effectively suppressed crushed obliterated by the Catholic Church for centuries.

Consider how the technologies of ‘better living through chemistry’ have poisoned our food, land, and water. How many chemicals are now residing in your own body? Add in the toxic metals that are being dumped daily in the sky over us (aluminum, barium, Lithium, etc.) that we have no choice but the breathe. I am continually finding evidence of these nano-particulates in my own house as white or gray dust. Let us not forget the radiation levels we are exposed to from cell towers, smart meters, mobile transmitters, etc. that we know are not conducive to human health and in fact slowly weaken our immune system. Slow death. Can anyone with any remaining cognitive ability conclude anything but the obvious? Somewhere there are beings who feel superior to us and want us dead.

Antarctica melting (above) / Sept. 17, 2017   

If and when we do have an all out nuclear war, the elite already have massive undergrounds ready and waiting. They will simply go underground and wait till any radiation that might effect them, or their hybrid Zetas and Draco Reptilians subsides. Then they plan to resurface and claim our planet as their own.

All of this makes far too much sense to me. The inclusion of the ET Invasion makes all the pieces, including the metaphysical soul matrices understanding, fall into place. Without the ET presence, we can only conclude that the human race is so defective, so stupid, so self destructive as to poison itself, the entire planet and her oceans, release (atomic/scalar) weapons of unimaginable destruction, and essentially behave in an insanely suicidal manner. Does such a race deserve this beautiful blue-green planet?

A higher consciousness is our purpose and Refuge!

V. Susan Ferguson / Sept.18, 2017




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