Why Ascension and JIVAN MUKTI Enlightenment are not the same Experience / V. Susan Ferguson


Why Ascension and JIVAN MUKTI Enlightenment are not the same Experience

V. Susan Ferguson

The Sanskrit term JIVAN MUKTI means to be Liberated from Samsara while we are still alive and in corporal form:

According to Samkhya, Jivan Mukti occurs the moment there is an essential, experiential discrimination between the individual soul (Purusha) and primordial Nature (Prakriti). The physical body continues due to past actions (karma), which have brought it about in the first place. When these actions (karma) subside through experience thereof, the physical body falls and one is released without the body (videha-mukti).

According to Advaita Vedanta, liberation occurs with the destruction of ignorance (avidya). The continuance of the physical body is in no way incompatible to liberation. … liberation is a change of perspective. … Thus the jivanmukta is one who lives in the world, but is not of it. Whether such an individual has a body or not is of no difference.

From A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy, by John Grimes; Indica Books, Varanasi India, 2009.

Samsara is the oceanic flowing wheel of birth and death, the flux and flow of this world and the universe. Enlightenment means that we get off this ‘wheel’ of death and birth, permanently.  In God Consciousness, we Become the eternal Beings we have always been.







Ascension, according to Nicolay & Jang, is “the evolution of universal dimensionality” and “all elements of the current universal dimension that are ready to increase vibrational frequency range will evolve to meet the vibrational level of the subsequent higher universal dimension, from lower to higher, and higher to lower…”  Thus when we talk of Ascension, we are referring to the energetic process that transforms dimensional realms. Ascension is God’s way of generating change — enhancing, transforming, charging and re-charging the various multiple layers of creation.

“Cycling off the Timeline Forever”

As Nicolay & Jang say, the period we are quickly moving into is comprised not “only of loss, turmoil and despair, but rather of final [within this current cycle of time] opportunities for growth to be participated in by all Souls, particularly those cycling off the timeline forever.” Thus we clearly see here that Nicolay & Jang understand the difference between Ascension and Enlightenment. Those who are “cycling off the timeline forever” are not hoping to move into a higher dimensional realm, like Fifth Dimensional Gaia or a higher dimension. They are not wanting further lifetimes in endless dimensions. They are ready to go Home, to Return to their Source, the One God that we all are.

Now there is nothing wrong in wanting to Ascend. Many portions of the One are eager and happy to continue to experience and express through the various layers of frequency waveform realms that can accommodate their desires. Fulfilling the desires of the Veiled pieces of the One — meaning us! — is what the universe is for!  There are many who want to create in the more subtle realms, directly into the substratum Aether, who want to return to being light bodies, and desire to live in a state of love, family happiness, and service to others.

The alien invasion serves to encourage both choices. Nicolay & Jang say that “vast numbers” of Human Angelic Souls will leave Third Dimensional planet Earth during the 21st and 22nd centuries. These souls will not come back to this dimensional frequency realm. They will move into the Fifth Dimensional Gaia, or they will be “cycling off the timeline forever.”

You will instinctively know your Way.



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