Kundalini: Electromagnetics & Soma in the Rig Veda



Kundalini: Electromagnetics & Soma in the Rig Veda

V.Susan Ferguson

The ninth book of the Rig Veda contains only hymns to Soma. I am more than half way though transcribing and translating these 114 hymns. I often experience Kundalini while I am in reverence intensely working on revealing the meaning of these sacred Sanskrit words.

Soma is a very subtle substratum energy, a kind of Aetheric plasma…

Based on what I am experiencing in my own Kundalini, Soma is that very subtle energy, a kind of Aetheric plasma, a subtle plasma which is not an ionized gas because it is not yet in a condition of gaseous matter, but is rather still in its substratum state as a subtle Aetheric force.

Kundalini behaves like plasma.  This is my experience. Kundalini spirals, curls up and down my ’spine’ and throughout my Chakra system in the same way plasma is said to move: “For plasmas there is a neutral force region where the filaments do not merge but rather start a rotational motion around each other to form a vortex-like geometry.” [‘Physics of the Plasma Universe’ by Anthony Peratt].

Thank you, Chris Reeve for this wonderful visualization!

The reason that a vortex-like (toroidal) rotational motion is started is a very basic law – the Biot-Savart Force law – which states that filaments or wires that are carrying currents of energy are subject to the electromagnetic mechanism of attraction and repulsion. Those that are running in the same direction attract, while those that are in the opposite direction repulse.

The Chakras all behave and function as Toruses, Toroidal Magnetic Fields.

The Rig Veda itself dismisses the idea that Soma is a plant or a juice or anything remotely physical. Rig Veda Book 10.85.3:  “Laymen or ritualists may regard Soma as a creeper to be crushed for getting its juice for use in the ritual. But no one ever tastes him whom the Brahmans know to be Soma.”   [Soma, The Delight of Existence by R.L.Kashyap]

Soma is beyond five-sense perception. Soma is a very subtle energy force that when activated in the body by and as Kundalini becomes a raging Fire, a neutron bomb kind of energy that transforms our consciousness, nullifies neutralizes voids our karma, and alters our DNA. No wonder the ancient Rishis worshipped Soma and wrote so many hymns to honor and invoke Soma within their own being.

While there are many individual Seers/Rishis who have composed these mantras to Soma, there are definitely certain specific words that appear over and over. The Sanskrit word PAVAMANA which is translated as ‘flowing’ often is used to describe Soma. Soma is like a flowing electrical current that flows in a filament or wire — or is flowing through the human Chakra system, flowing through the subtle body nervous system, the NADIS, into the physical nerves. This ‘flowing’ opens our third eye so that we may ‘see’ the Vision of the Sun World (svardrishah). In Rig Veda IX.13.9, Soma is said to reside (sedata) in the womb (yonav) of Truth (Ritasya).

The Science of Electromagnetics

Other sacred Sanskrit words that describe Soma can be uniquely and intelligently correlated with the science of electromagnetics and the ideas of Resonance. Resonance is a phenomenon in which a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at specific frequencies. Frequencies at which the response amplitude is a relative maximum are known as the system’s resonant frequencies or resonance frequencies. At resonant frequencies, small periodic driving forces have the ability to produce large amplitude oscillations, due to the storage of vibrational energy.










The Sanskrit word APSU is defined as waters or dynamical energies. Water is more than ‘wet’ and can be accurately described as a dynamic energy. The Water Molecule is composed of one oxygen atom, which is a slight negative charge and 2 hydrogen atoms both with a slight positive charge. Water dissolves so many different things because it can dissolve anything with an ionic charge – positive or negative. It is so dense because under normal circumstances the adjacent molecules are also water molecules and the oxygen on one water molecule binds loosely to the hydrogen on the next, and the binding pulls all the molecules together, packing them in. Surface tension is high because of the attraction of the molecules. With a device called a fuel cell, hydrogen can be turned into electricity. Researchers have been working on ways to split hydrogen from water without using more energy than the fuel cell can produce. Some projects, for example, are exploring bacteria and solar-thermal techniques.








THE MILKY WAY: The electromagnetic spectrum as the “milk” of Ray-Cows

Another Sanskrit word that is frequently used in the hymns to Soma is the word GAVA for ‘cow’ which the Indian scholar R.L. Kashyap translates as meaning ‘ray-cow’. This pictorial metaphor for our Milky Way Galaxy is based on the imagery of the cow providing freely milk from her udders to nourish her calf and human beings alike. The rays of the electromagnetic spectrum — radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, X-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays — are a wide range of wavelengths and photon energies. They literally ‘feed’ the atmosphere, the earth, and all living beings.  The spectrum of electromagnetic rays, as we are beginning to learn, influence us on the most subtle levels. The Rishis knew that the rays from the Sun and space that radiate into our Earth’s atmosphere, were also permeating both our spirit body and physical body.

The Galactic Core feeds her nourishing “milk” to our entire galaxy!

Cosmic rays originate mainly outside our Solar System. I intuit that Cosmic Rays originate in the Galactic Core, which feeds and nourishes her “milk” to an entire galaxy. In our modern times, Cosmic rays attract great interest practically, due to the damage they inflict on microelectronics and life outside the protection of an atmosphere and magnetic field, and scientifically, because the energies of the most energetic ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHECRs) have been observed to approach 3 × 1020 eV, about 40 million times the energy of particles accelerated by the Large Hadron Collider. One can show that such enormous energies might be achieved by means of the centrifugal mechanism of acceleration in active galactic nuclei. [WIKI]

Another important Sanskrit word used to describe Soma is SAHASRADHARO, which is translated as ‘having thousands of streams.’  Obviously the idea of the numerous rays in the electromagnetic spectrum pervading and permeating our atmosphere, earth, our bodies, and effecting our consciousness — in the manner an individual is able to receive and process these energies — is evident in the visual image of ‘having thousands of streams.’  Soma is both flowing and feeding us its “milk” in thousands of streams.

Correlating SOMA and the Science of Electromagneitcs

There are countless examples of correlations between the Sanskrit words frequently used to describe and invoke Soma — and the science of electromagnetics.  Fortunately I have been blessed with a new friend, who I will call Mr. EM (for electromagnetics) who has been patiently teaching me. He has expanded my understanding to a very deep core level, which I hope to share with you over time. I believe the science of electromagnetics is the excellent key to primordial metaphysics.  Science has gone terribly wrong by rejecting traditional metaphysics and disconnecting science from God.

A definition of electromagnetism from an online webpage:

Electromagnetism has two meanings, depending on whether viewed at the subatomic level or on an everyday scale. At the subatomic level, electromagnetism is defined as the force between electrically charged particles.

It is considered one of the fundamental interactions of matter. Oscillating electrical charges result in electromagnetic waves. On a larger scale, electromagnetism is the creation of a magnetic field from the movement of electrical charges. It usually concerns the use of electric current to make electromagnets, which is called electrodynamics. Another effect is electromagnetic induction, which is using an electromagnet or changing magnetic field to induce an electric current.

Electromagnetism at the subatomic level:
At the subatomic level, electromagnetism is related to the electromagnetic force that causes the attraction and repulsion of electrically charged particles. It is considered one of the fundamental forces in nature, that also includes gravitational and nuclear forces. When electrically charged particles, such as electrons, are put into motion, they create a magnetic field. When these particles are made to oscillate, they create electromagnetic radiation. This can include radio waves, visible light, or x-rays, depending on the frequency of the oscillation.

















The Immortal Nectar

Soma is said to be dripping sweet (MADHU) nectar, which I take to be the ecstatic bliss energy we experience in Kundalini.  Soma is said to be collected in jars or vessels, which to me means the Chakras themselves. It also is described as resounding (kanikradad) which I intuitively understand as Soma generating waveforms, acoustical frequency waveforms that are silent, the ‘unstruck sound’ ANAHATA sounds in the Sanskrit tradition.

WIKI: Acoustic waves are a type of longitudinal waves that propagate by means of adiabatic (transfer of energy) compression and decompression. Longitudinal waves are waves that have the same direction of vibration as their direction of travel. Important quantities for describing acoustic waves are sound pressure, particle velocity, particle displacement and sound intensity. Acoustic waves travel with the speed of sound which depends on the medium they’re passing through.

I hope I am giving you some idea of the wonders in the Rig Veda that involve the correlations between Kundalini, Soma, and Electromagnetics. There is so much more to be said concerning Indra, Agni, Surya, Usha, the Maruts, the Ashvins, and more. As miraculous as the Rig Veda is, know that the Rishis themselves speak of the “ancients” their progenitors. Thus the composers of the Rig Veda were well aware of ancient times long before their existence.

The recent revelations of E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang, [Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension] interest me for many reasons. Certainly their exposure of the use of and reason for geoengineering, genetic engineering and AI, the current alien ‘foothold’ invasion, and their clear understanding of the dimensional realms are well worth reading. Moreover, Nicolay and Jang often use the terms ‘the science of electromagnetics’ and frequency waveforms. In the chapter on ‘The Weaponization of Nature’ they say: “A planet’s energetic transfer is a closed looped system whereby energy coming from Source (God) passes through the system’s Sun and is focused and disseminated by the electromagnetic grid of planets to the physical Being present on that system via their energetic body (the Chakra system).”









From the Source into our Chakras

Nicolay and Jang explain that this energy from Source is perpetually constantly being transferred transmitted through the center of any solar system, a star like our Sun out into the planets of that solar system, and thus into the spirit & physical bodies of the beings who are residing on any one of these planets — for example into you and me on planet Earth. Because our human bodies contain the amazing Chakra system, we are able to receive these Cosmic Energies, which come from the God Source, through our Sun. They nurture us, they literally “feed” us, as the mother cow feeds her calf.

Depending on our ability to absorb and utilize the Cosmic Milk, we are enlightened, filled with photonic light, nourished, changed, our consciousness elevated, and our understanding of our place in God’s universe enhanced. We are blessed with God’s Light and Energy.

The transmission of the Cosmic Energy is a closed circuit, and when we have ‘digested’ what we are capable of utilizing, the energy, the subtle substratum Aetheric plasma returns to the Source.

Kundalini is not an ordinary “sexual” experience, even though it is so often described as such. There is no other way in physicality to describe Kundalini beyond ecstasy and orgasm, however Kundalini is so much more. I often feel it is ‘work’ and yes, I know you will laugh. I too would not refuse this blissful work! I do know from my experience that what I am doing is recirculating God’s energy through my Chakra system and in the mechanism of a ‘closed loop’ I am returning God’s gift.

I know that this is the way we all were in the Satya Yuga!

V. Susan Ferguson


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