For the Emissaries: The Silent ‘Foothold’ Invasion of Planet Earth / I sincerely believe that there are now more hybrids walking among us than we can imagine.

Antarctica – off McMurdo Station (above) / September 29, 2017                 

Antarctica (detail above – sepia enhanced)  / September 29, 2017         

Antarctica (detail above – sepia enhanced)  / September 29, 2017. Note the cylindrical tube shapes that have V-shaped geometric lines on them (bottom right).  

Organ-pipe Mud Dauber nest (above)

Antarctica (detail above – sepia enhanced)  / September 29, 2017. Note the cylindrical tube shapes that have V-shaped geometric lines on them (bottom right).  These look more like rocks than clouds!


For the Emissaries: The Silent ‘Foothold’ Invasion of Planet Earth

While I realize that for many of my readers the pursuit of evidence regarding an alien invasion of planet Earth may seem inconsistent with my years of studying the sacred Sanskrit texts, for me the two have never been separate. The events of my soon-to-be seventy-two years of life have been inextricably woven both by my search for Truth and God — along with an awareness of other worlds. As I have said previously, even as a child I had an imaginary ET friend who shared many amazing fascinating teachings with me, which I forgot at puberty. In Texas high school, I painted oil paintings of the Greys, not knowing who or what they were. I saw my first UFO up close in the early 1970s on Mount Shasta — and since that time there have been over 30 sightings by me, either when I was alone or with friends. Perhaps the most extreme was watching a battalion of ships flying in formation moving into the top of Mount Rainier Washington State, at night guided by an orange neon-light grid in the sky. I was with two close trusted friends and we watched for over an hour, continually confirming with each other what we saw.

My mother was the 7th child of the 7th child and buried her vast psychic gifts in prescription drugs — a great tragic waste that she paid for dearly as she remained practically comatose for the last ten years of her life. This can happen. Her misuse of her God-given talents motivated me to learn about the so-called Invisible Realms I was sensitive to and labor to discipline myself, to walk the proverbial Razor’s Edge, to use my own doubt and question everything, so that I might not become lost in self delusion.


“We lost the Planet”

The six-month long experience of being in Inanna’s body and watching the colonization of our planet through her eyes, changed me forever — and the book “Inanna Returns” was the consequence. Even though I tried to put this life-altering experience aside, the reality of Inanna often seemed more potent, more ‘real’ authentic than this current earth-plane. I had stopped listening to Inanna many years back, so in New Zealand around 2014, when I saw her inside me weeping saying, “We lost the planet!” — she got my full attention. Note that Inanna did not say, “We are losing the planet.” She said, “We lost the planet.” As if to say that our planet Earth had already been invaded and lost. Not a future event. Of course, I did not want to believe this. Denial is a powerful delusional force, MAYA at the most deceptive frequency.

It is not easy for me to say these truths to you, just as it is not easy for me to accept them myself. But I am being directed to speak what I am being shown, because there are many of you who are what I have termed EMISSARIES, those of you who have come to this earth-plane realm at this particular moment to assist in raising the consciousness frequency level of the planet — as this is indeed a time of great transition. My responsibility in this crucial moment is to you, to the many or the few that know who you are, and may be further strengthened by the insights that are coming to me from the higher realms, my Spirit Self, the God-within me. This is a perilous time, but also a time of intensely fertile ground in which many seeds of Truth will come to their full understanding.


A Silent Invasion

It may be that most of Earth’s population will never realize their planet has been invaded by off-world entities who do not have their best interest in mind, who want hybrid bodies to incarnate in. It may be that the group mind of these service-to-self beings — the Draco Reptilians, the Zeta Reticula Greys, and the Insectalins — will succeed in transforming the planet and its inhabitants through their ongoing assault of overwhelming Orwellian propaganda, further saturating the air-food-water with endocrine disrupting chemicals, altering geonegineering Earth’s entire atmosphere to make the planet warmer, more methane rich, increase radiation (UVs and nuclear power waste), and literally ‘metallize’ (aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, etc.) and ‘weaponize’ the layers of our planet’s Ionosphere, the troposphere, etc.


“Walking Among Us, The Alien Plan to Control Humanity”

As Dr. David M. Jacobs says a planetary acquisition can take various forms. The invaders can destroy the civilization, or they can “convince humans that takeover is in their best interests … Or they can take over the planet and the civilization without the people’s knowledge and maintain an intact alien-controlled global society for future purposes.” Jacobs concludes, as I have, that this ‘silent invasion’ is the option they are now proceeding to implement and enforce. Consider the effort that has been placed on discounting and ridiculing the idea that there are other lifeforms in a universe filled with millions of galaxies. People who have seen UFOs – or claimed to be abducted are considered as cranks and loonies by the status quo powers that control consensus thinking. The internet is distorted with so much rubbish information, so many confused and confusing witness experiencers (many of whom may in fact be victims of Tavistock mind control themselves!) — that getting to any kind of reasonable truth is over whelming.

So many years ago beginning in the 1960s, I turned to the sacred Sanskrit Wisdom Knowledge as my life boat that would carry me out of my miasma of amnesia and over the Ocean of Delusion, SAMSARA. Personally I found that these ancient texts, especially the Bhagavad Gita, were more clear than any of the other sources — at least for me. I began to teach myself Sanskrit because of the diversity of various translations into English. After a time of very slow Sanskrit learning, I approached the primary text, the Rig Veda. I was completely innocent of any expectation of finding anything even remotely connected to the extraterrestrial presence. This was not in my mind. I was sincerely humbly in profound reverence seeking the meaning of these wondrous verses, which I knew had been so often mistranslated.

I was astounded to find Ionospheric Heaters in the Rig Veda. I was right back to my awareness and experience of an off-world reality.

I am writing this so that you, the reader will know that I do not take what I am saying lightly. I feel that I have a responsibility, one that has weighed upon me all my life — like so many of you who have always known there was something for you to accomplish, a mystery of your own Self waiting to be revealed. I only hope that what I will continue to share with you will serve to strengthen you in whatever ways the God-within you desires. Thy Will Be Done.


We humans were not sufficiently developed to allow resistance…

Dr. David M. Jacobs: The aliens arrived many decades ago … “found they could alter human gametes [sperm or egg] for their own purposes and that the human nervous systems were susceptible to the aliens’ neural abilities.” [We humans] “were not sufficiently developed to allow resistance — and were perfect candidates for a clandestine takeover.”

According to E.M. Nicolay and many other researchers, the Draco Reptilians have been incarnating into human bodies throughout our history: “Reptilian species Souls began to incarnate at will within human form amongst you from those earliest times…” My view is that the bloodlines that are identified as the Illuminati and currently the elite, who are forcing a One World Order, are in fact these Draco Reptilians. E.M. Nicolay states that the Draco Reptilians are a “civilization spanning several solar systems and dimensions” — therefore we may understand that these Reptilian races are indeed a basic component of this polarity universe, and thus part of the Creator’s Plan. What we judge as ‘evil’ may only serve as balance within a system of Universal Electromagnetics. E.M. Nicolay also says that these “Draco Reptilian races were never satisfied that they could not have a dominant stake in the Earth realm … they had the desire to dominate and control third dimensional reality.”

Inanna herself makes clear that the primary struggle in her Anunnaki family was the conflict of Reptilian tendencies (personified by Marduk) with more compassionate impulses that began to develop in Inanna, Ninhursag and others the longer they remained involved with planet Earth and the people they genetically created.

Dr. David M. Jacobs: “Abductees describe a program of well-ordered, non-violent (with individual abductee exceptions), gradual stealthy takeover. When this integration program succeeds, it will mean the end of humans’ control over their own destiny.”

Well yes, so it seems we are losing control over our destiny — and yet what have we humans done to show that we deserve this beautiful once pristine planet? Yes, I know there have always been pockets of highly evolved, enlightened, wise and gentle beings who have been Lights in the darkness of all written history. But all of written history is fill with repeating cycles of war, defeat and devastation to the efforts of the brave.


“There are millions of alien hybrids walking the streets of our large cities…”

I do not ask you to accept this, however I sincerely believe that there are now more hybrids walking among us than we can imagine. The researcher Len Kasten says that the process of alien hybridization “has now been progressing for more than fifty years, there are millions of alien hybrids walking the streets of our large cities, interacting with humans at every level, and producing second- and third-generation hybrid aliens.”

E.M. Nicolay says that the largest number of hybrids are in the so-called Third World countries. We may ask ourselves why and how many of these ‘third world’ people are now pushing into Europe and America as immigrants and refugees. Is this not an invasion of sorts? I suggest that you read “The Camp of Saints.”


Hybrids are gradually taking over government organizations…

Len Kasten: “The hybrids all have enhanced paranormal capabilities, so they have the advantage of elbowing aside the genuine humans in competitive situations, as with employment in sensitive government jobs, thus gradually taking over those organizations.” Surely all of us who are still ‘human’ and sane, have found ourselves wondering what has happened to this world? The constant assault of lies and propaganda that spews out of the media is an offense to any true sense of dignity and integrity. The push to AI artificial intelligence, cloning, GMO genetically modified food, the acceptance of and indoctrination to a herd hive-mind Borg-like consciousness is repulsive to those of us who are likely to have by now already fled out of the cities into the more remote countryside. Yet even in rural areas and small towns, we find ourselves being saturated with daily doses of chemical aerosol spraying (‘chemtrails’) containing toxic immune destroying aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, etc., and inescapable radiation in the form of cell towers (soon 5G) and radio-frequency/microwave transmitters.

Is our planet now today being run by hybrids, Draco Reptilian incarnates and Zeta Reticula hybrids? Nicolay suggests that many of their agents have ‘soul agreements’ with these ETs — and it may be that many of our leaders in the military, political, and business world are already now in fact complicit and being controlled by the alien agenda, the Silent ‘Foothold’ Invasion.

The eastern Pacific Ocean (above) / Sept.20, 2017

I have taken over 3000 screenshot images from NASA Worldview, which I hoped would serve to convince the reader that our atmosphere is indeed being ‘metalized’ and weaponized everyday, all over the entire planet from the California coast to Greenland, to Siberia, the Sea of Okhotsk, Africa, and Antarctica. I have been reading many text books on plasma physics and Earth’s atmosphere in an effort to understand the technical mechanics of the geoengineering of our planet — which is still being denied in an insanely futile cover-up.

I did not expect to find these “hive” shaped clouds. Over the last few months there has been a noticeable increase in these “hive-like” clouds, which are intentionally formed by radio-frequency and microwave radiation being transmitted by interferometry, various HAARP-like antennas that are stationed all around the planet — very often on many small islands.

Because I was seeing more and more of these “hive” type formations, I could not help but notice their similarity to forms that insects use to incubate their offspring. Thus I am showing you the correlations above. Some of the most dramatic cloud hive forms were found off the McMurdo Station, which is the American station in Antarctica. My intuition tells me that these forms are actually holding the ‘souls’ of the Zeta Reticula – and that as Antarctica continues to melt, the new continent will be used as their “home base” — because the northern hemisphere, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East in particular will be too conflicted, violent, toxic an environment for their preservation.

A higher consciousness is our Refuge.

V. Susan Ferguson


Antarctica – Larsen area & South Shetland Islands (above) / Oct.1, 2017

detail of west & south of the South Island New Zealand (above) / Sept.20, 2017. I believe that they are altering the harmonic resonance of our entire planet. Very dangerous, sick. Sepia makes many otherwise subtleties in the screenshots show.                                                                                                                    

Off Baja CA. (above) / Sept.16, 2017. I call these ‘bundle’ or coil clouds. Always ‘charged’ & creepy unnatural.                                                                                               

Guadalupe Island & Baja CA (above – sepia enhanced) / Sept.11, 2017. Endless layers of ‘electric rings’ or spirals.


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