DOD and HUD Missing Money: Supporting Documentation for $21 Trillion of Undocumentable Adjustments – video with Catherine Austin Fitts / and NASA Worldview

DOD and HUD Missing Money: Supporting Documentation for $21 Trillion of Undocumentable Adjustments
Catherine, News & Commentary on October 2, 2017 at 12:10 am · 2 Comments
[Update from CAF on October 5, 2017: It appears that some of the DOD and HUD OIG links have just been changed or taken off line. We are in the process of restoring these with the documents – we will have these fixed by October 10th, so check back then if you are looking for a specific link]

[Update from CAF: Dr. Skidmore and his team have now reviewed additional documentation and undocumented adjustments at DOD and HUD now total $21 trillion – more than the outstanding debt on the US government balance sheet. The report table has been updated as of Wednesday, September 27 to include these staggering amounts. The Summary Report still uses the prior totals. Our gratitude for Dr. Skidmore’s efforts to understand and document this phenomenon is “off the charts”! We will be adding additional files and information as they find them.]

Greg Hunter /
Published on Sep 30, 2017

Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts contends the Deep State swamp creatures do not want to give the $21 trillion they have stolen over the last two decades back to “We the People.” This is why there’s a big push by the Deep State Globalists to tear up the U.S. Constitution. Destroy it, and they get to keep all those trillions of stolen dollars.

Fitts explains, “You want to preserve the Constitution because you want to have individual sovereignty, and you want your taxes to only go into things that have financial and national sovereignty. So, that has to be restored. The reason they want to tear up the Constitution is they don’t want to give the money back. That’s a legal mechanism that requires us and gives us the power to reverse this. . . . They say we have $20 trillion in debt and there is no money. It’s a very different policy discussion if I can say, wait a minute, there’s $20 trillion in debt, but you stole $21 trillion . . . and we’re putting that back on the table for purposes of this policy discussion.”

In other words, “We the People” could pay off the entire federal deficit with the money that was stolen and still have $1 trillion left over. Fitts also says, “Here’s the magic trick. You don’t need everybody to change this. It only takes 5% to 10% of the population to completely turn this around. It doesn’t take everybody, and that is one of the things that has got them so scared. . . . We don’t need to implode the federal government. We need to take it back, clean it up and get it to run according to the law.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with the President of, Catherine Austin Fitts publisher of The Solari Report.



VSF:  Ask yourself where are they getting/hiding the millions of dollars needed to spread these toxic-to-humans-and-all-life on our Earth all over and around the planet? How convenient to have trillions of dollars simply go missing! Insane. This is massive financial fraud, a criminal enterprise at an obscene level. The DOD, the Department of Defense includes the US Navy, Marines, the Air Force, Army, etc.


NASA Worldview:

South Atlantic Ocean (above) / Oct.3, 2017                                              

Greenland & North Atlantic Ocean (above – sepia enhanced) / Oct.3, 2017

Baja California (above) / Oct.3, 2017

Off Baja CA (above – sepia enhanced) / Oct.4, 2017. Note all the ripples in these fried metalized slightly geometric crystallized ‘hive’ forms. This is my interpretation only.

Off Baja CA (above) / Oct.4, 2017                                                                 

detail from off Baja CA (above – sepia & contrast enhanced) / Oct.4, 2017. Unusual to see a line-separation like this one in this cloud form type.                               

Arabian Sea & India (above) / July 2, 2017                                                 

Arabian Sea & India (above) / July 2, 2017                                                  

Arabian Sea & India (above) / July 2, 2017                                                

Sea of Okhotsk, Russia (above) / July 1, 2017                                          

Sea of Okhotsk, Russia (above) / July 1, 2017                                          

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