The Olympic Peninsula / October 6, 2017

Photo above taken by me from my home Oct.6, 2017 and contrast enhanced so you can get an idea of how much of the Peninsula is covered. These are radio-frequency/microwave energies that have been transmitted over the entire Olympic Peninsula by the US Navy.

VSF: I was up very early this morning, 5am Friday, Oct.6. The god-forsaken Navy was blasting, frying the sky here over the entire Olympic Peninsula WA, and injecting massive transmitter generated doses of radio-frequency/microwave for hours. I took so many photos my camera batteries died.

I’m beginning to think they correlate their emissions to some extent with a Full Moon. Since all this is at the core ultimately electromagnetic energy, it stands to reason that the EM energy being reflected back to earth from the Moon would enhance their electronic warfare operations. I’m going to add this to my observations of cycles.  Photo above not enhanced.

I often see the (now) diaphanous clouds that disperse quickly and are loaded with particulates, heading north & east towards Vancouver Island and Canada.  Photo above not enhanced.

Surely there is no forgiveness for these heinous criminal acts. Photo above not enhanced.

Early morning light, more subtle, but still evidence of transmitters.

I see this kind of cloud pattern on NASA Worldview frequently.

Again very familiar pattern on NASA Worldview over the Pacific Ocean.

NASA Worldview-Pacific Ocean / Sept.15, 2017                                        

Sepia enhanced to show unnatural cloud structure from ‘metalized’ nano-particles.

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