Russian Physicist Vladimir E. Fortov: “…assume that our space has more than three dimensions and that ordinary matter is in a three-dimensional manifold embedded this many dimensional space.”

South of Sea of Okhotsk, Russia (sepia enhanced) / Sept.11, 2017. Are these bizarre cloud formations the result of a “cylindrical” geometry?                                  

The Sea of Okhotska & Kamchatka Russia (above) / Sept.14, 2017            


Vladimir E. Fortov:  “… superextreme matter parameters, at which the known physical laws are thought to be no longer valid … owning to the gravitational compression of stars to the stage of black holes there again emerge singularities — ultrahigh parameters of Planckian scale.

“In this field physical models are discussed that assume that our space has more than three dimensions and that ordinary matter is in a three-dimensional manifold — the ‘3-brane world’ — embedded this many dimensional space.”

— Extreme States of Matter, High Energy density Physics (Second Edition), by Vladimir E. Fortov; Springer 2016.

Vladimir Yevgenyevich Fortov (Russian: Владимир Евгеньевич Фортов, born 23 January 1946 in Noginsk, Moscow Oblast) is a Russian physicist and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; on 29 May 2013 he was elected its president.[1] Prior to the election, Fortov was the director of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures. On 22 March 2017, Fortov resigned as a President. He has recently been replaced by Aleksander Sergeev.

The new faster dispersion aerosol spray with the fine nano-particle toxic metals, aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. – taken from my home on the Olympic Peninsula Washington State. These diaphanous plumes can cover the entire Peninsula very quickly.

VSF:  Reading from a section in Vladimir Fortov’s classic textbook ‘Extreme States of Matter, High Energy Density Physics’ I have extended my intuition and extrapolate what I am reading regarding experiments in laboratory research conditions — that perhaps are now being conducted above us in the Earth’s atmosphere. Frankly I don’t think it takes much imagination to apply what is being said in these excerpts to the ongoing current technology used in the geoengineeering of our planet.

This technology is said to be ‘weaponizing’ and ‘metalizing’ our atmosphere — and is a military [Naval Research Laboratory/NRL, Los Alamos, etc.] and corporate secret [Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, American Elements, etc.]. Thus I continue my intuitive investigation of what-the-hell are they doing to us and the planet as best I can.

What follows (below) are a group of quotations by Vladimir Fortov that describe ‘Devices of High-Current Impulse Energetics.’  My study of the over 3000 screenshot images I am collecting from NASA Worldview every day, convince me that whatever fuels this technology — be it scalar, fusion power, electric or other — it must be very powerful indeed to cover so much of our planet. The radiation being emitted by these interferometry transmitters, Digisonde, SBX-Sea-based X-band Radar, HAARP-like, and phase array antennas — is spreading out over a vast area. Where are they getting the energy to alter the entire atmosphere of our planet? Is the atmosphere being transformed into a vast semi-conductor? Where did they get the technology?


Above photo taken by me from my house on the Olympic Peninsula Washington State.

FORTOV:  “Devices of high-current impulse energetics are employed to produce high-energy-density plasmas in various kinds of experimental facilities. … the energy may be used to produce intense bursts of soft X-ray radiation with the subsequent generation of intense shock or radiative thermal waves by this radiation, or for the electrodynamic generation of shock waves, as well as for the electrodynamic acceleration of metal liners. The energy capabilities of electrodynamic devices of this kind are as a rule, several orders of magnitude higher than for lasers…”

East of AFRICA (above) / Sept.6, 2017                                                       

FORTOV: “The electroexplosion of conductors and metal foils by a pulsed current … with the attainment of strongly supercritical metal states … permit, in particular, the ‘metal-dialectric’ transition to be studied in the continuous supercritical expansion of metal plasmas.”

A screenshot of close-up detail of off WA coast (ab0ve) / Sept.5, 2017. Note the very fine microwave ripples. Of course I have no idea really, but it feels to me to be some kind of energy storage/transfer.  Resonance = inductor to capacitor. Or perhaps a SCALAR technology.                                                                                                        

FORTOV: “The highest plasma perimeters have been obtained in high-power Z-pinches of the terawatt power range, in which the electric energy of capacitors … effects the electrodynamic plasma acceleration followed by the focusing of its kinetic energy on the cylindrical axis. … at Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico.”

Eastern Pacific Ocean (above – close up detail) / Oct.6, 2017                 

The Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), managed and operated by the National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia (a wholly owned subsidiary of Honeywell International), is one of three National Nuclear Security Administration research and development laboratories. In December 2016, it was announced that National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia, under the direction of Honeywell International, will take over the management of Sandia National Laboratories starting on May 1, 2017.
Their primary mission is to develop, engineer, and test the non-nuclear components of nuclear weapons.  The primary campus is located on Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the other is in Livermore, California, next to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
It is Sandia’s mission to maintain the reliability and surety of nuclear weapon systems, conduct research and development in arms control and nonproliferation technologies, and investigate methods for the disposal of the United States’ nuclear weapons program’s hazardous waste.  Other missions include research and development in energy and environmental programs, as well as the surety of critical national infrastructures. In addition, Sandia is home to a wide variety of research including computational biology, mathematics (through its Computer Science Research Institute), materials science, alternative energy, psychology, MEMS, and cognitive science initiatives. Sandia formerly hosted ASCI Red, one of the world’s fastest supercomputers until its recent decommission, and now hosts ASCI Red Storm, originally known as Thor’s Hammer. Sandia is also home to the Z Machine. The Z Machine is the largest X-ray generator in the world and is designed to test materials in conditions of extreme temperature and pressure. It is operated by Sandia National Laboratories to gather data to aid in computer modeling of nuclear weapons.

Eastern Pacific Ocean (above – close up detail) / Oct.6, 2017. I’m trying to get some idea of what kind of center “seed” energy they are creating?                               

FORTOV:  “In experiments in the Angara facility [TRINITY in Russia] a pulsed current of about four mega amps accelerated a xenon liner to a velocity about 500 kilometers per second. The highly symmetric impact of this liner on the surface of a cylindrical highly porous target excited in it a thermal radiative wave, which emitted soft X-ray radiation … This high intensity X-ray radiation from the cylindrical cavity was employed for the highly symmetric production of plane shock waves … for the excitation of thermal radiative waves … as well as for the acceleration of metallic liners…”

The Caspian Sea (above) / Oct.7, 2017. Are these comparable to the “cylindrical cavities” Fortov speaks of?  Radio/Frequency ripples on the pod “tufts”.             

SSC RF “Troitsk Institute of Innovative and Thermonuclear Research” or TRINITY for short Russian: Троицкий Институт инновационных и термоядерных исследований, ГНЦ РФ ТРИНИТИ) is a Russian state scientific center (SSC) in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion, plasma physics, laser physics, and the technology and practical application of impulse sources of power supply based on MHD generators.
It is located in Troitsk, Moscow Oblast. It was established in 1956 as the Magnetic Laboratory of the USSR Academy of Sciences by an initiative of the academician Anatoly Aleksandrov.
In 1961, it was merged into Kurchatov Institute as a special sector (later a section). From 1971 it was a subdivision of Kurchatov Institute under the direction of academician Evgeny Velikhov. From 1978 until December 2003 its director was the USSR Academy of Sciences correspondent member Vyacheslav Pismenniy. Currently, its Director is Professor V. E. Cherkovets.
TRINITY was reestablished in 1991 receiving its current name. In 1994 it was granted the status of State Scientific Center (SSC), which was renewed in 1997, 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2007.
TRINITY operates the experimental facility Angara 5-1 and the thermonuclear complex SFT (Strong Field Tokamak T-11M).


Off Baja CA (above) / Oct.4, 2017.  This image is sepia enhanced. Note all the ripples in these fried ‘metalized’ slightly geometric, crystallized ‘hive’ forms [my interpretation only]. Is this the “cylindrical cavity” geometry (perhaps now algorithms) that Fortov speaks of?                                                                                                          


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