For the Emissaries / Nicolay & Jang: “It is unfortunate to understand that there are those beings, both from inner-dimensional levels and distant time periods, as well as from within your own dimension and time, who would intercede and attempt to prevent you own natural access to these portals, just as there are those who would choose to use Earth’s portals for their own purposes manipulating the Earth structure, its energetic grids, and YOU in the process.”

“hive” shape cloud above Heard Island & McDonald Islands – French Southern & Antarctic Lands / Oct.8, 2107                                                                                                







Actual Praying Mantis nest (above). Note the similarities in form.


Photo above taken by me on the Olympic Peninsula Washington State, October 2017 – both color & contrast enhanced.

Our Refuge is a Higher Consciousness

Why it is now crucial to remain in and cultivate the highest consciousness. And thereby reach God Consciousness.

The period of time we are now currently living in is indeed one of supreme and momentous importance. Each one of you carries a key to the safety and well-being of the entire planet. This is no exaggeration. Understand that those of you who are in various stages of Awakening are entrusted with a great responsibility to the whole of Life, the Woven Universe we exist within.

I have long ago understood that we are living in the final days of this Kali Yuga. I have this on the authority of the great Kashmir Shaivite saint and scholar Swami Lakshmanjoo, who expanded my consciousness beyond the levels I had previously understood — even though he had already left the body. Lakshmanjoo changed my consciousness from beyond time and space. Here is the link to what he said concerning the fact that we are indeed in the final days, years of the Kali Yuga. I do not care for all the arguments and disagreements on this fact — the signs are everywhere.

ANTARCTICA (above) / Sept.29, 2017. These are cylindrical ‘metalized’ hive-shaped clouds. Could they be any more unnatural. We are being lied to on a planetary scale.

The recent work of E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang has further expanded my understanding of the reality we are currently experiencing. Essentially we are all super-conducting antennas that not only anchor and hold the electromagnetic energy of the planet in harmony — we are also antennas that will conduct the electromagnetic “charge” that is coming from the Galactic Core through our Sun, into the Earth and all who are capable of receiving this highly transformational energy. We are both receiver antennas and transmitter antennas.

Location above Port aux Francais, French Southern & Antarctic Lands (above image) / Oct.8, 2017. Note the intense radio-frequency/microwave ripples that show up with the sepia enhancement. More hive-like pods, created by cylindrical equations used in their algorithms?                                                                                                      


Our Responsibility is Now

We who have been given the “eyes to see” have a great responsibility. This is what you came here for. The time we have been waiting for is now.  Every moment can be dedicated to reconnecting to Source.  Live every day in the truth that you have been chosen to assist in the uplifting of the planetary consciousness and the enlightened Ascension of this realm into a higher dimension. The truth is that it was you who made this ‘choice’ long ago. You have ‘chosen’ yourself to accomplish this. It is our job, your chosen destiny.

Photo taken by me from my home of the Olympic Peninsula Washington State, Oct.9, 2017 and not enhanced.

The sacred Sanskrit texts will be our trusted infallible guide. The ancient text, the Rig Veda is actually an INVOCATION of the Cosmogonic Forces the Creator uses to generate universes. The Seers-Rishis are not praying for material wealth, for cows — they are calling upon these vast Forces, the electromagnetics, invoking them within their own beings, because these Forces already exist there within each and every one of us. We may think of the universe as an ever increasing swelling of electromagnetic Forces that when perceived through the five senses, appear as form, light-dark, hot-cold, etc.

The sky over the Olympic Peninsula in October 2017 – color & contrast enhanced.

The exact same electromagnetic energy that generates the universe, every temporal form, and is the substratum of interconnectivity within all ‘appearances’ — also binds the Veiled forms of the One in the self-created temporal illusory holographic manifestations that we find ourselves bound in, attached to, confused by, and trapped within.

The Matrix is generated by the cosmic technology of electromagnetics operating through the substratum, the subtle realms of Aether and the metaphysics of Aetheric plasma.  The Knowledge of that which has kept us in bondage, also has the power to illumine and Liberate us.

south & east of Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia (above – contrast & slight sepia enhanced) / October 8, 2017                                                                                                  

In their first book, “The Systems Lords and the Twelve Dimensions” Nicolay & Jang reveal that our Chakra system and our human DNA are inextricably connected to our Earth’s electromagnetic grid. Each of us is part of the “unified system.” Our eternal interconnected-ness to this planet cannot be over emphasized.  The fact that we have lost this profound and crucial understanding is a great tragedy, and evident in the sinister way that science is now contributing to the poisoning of our oceans, land, and air.

Is not the unimaginably terrifying fact that millions of trees are dying all over the planet, an inescapable and profoundly disturbing report-card sign that we have lost our connection with the ancient Wisdom. Our responsibility to our planet has been ignored with devastating consequences. When we cannot be responsible for our own planet, and we leave it to die — then surely there is the possibility of a legal and lawful justification for other races, beings from planets with requirements not aligned with ours, to be allowed to invade and assume proprietorship.

We have lost our planet.

The Sea of Okhotsk, Russia (above) / June 30, 2017. Russia excels at these very subtle radio-frequency/microwaves.                                                                       

This Invasion will serve its purpose. It will wake many of the sleeping ones up to the fact that we have behaved irresponsibly to our Mother Earth. Is not the very body you are reading this is in, nothing more that the effects of the nourishment provided for you by the good earth? Why have we allowed her soils to be neglected and poisoned. Our physical body in truth made up of the food cultivated in her soil, from the milk in a mother’s breast to everything on your plate.

The Invasion will serve its purpose. Please do look at the video below, as this man has carefully categorized every means and method which is being used to decrease the human population. Ask yourself what race could possibly carry out these draconian programs. I do not use the term ‘draconian’ lightly — for I agree with Nicolay & Jang that the perpetrators of this Invasion are the Reptilian Dracos and the Zeta Reticuli Greys.

It must become obvious that these various strategies that are being implemented to decimate the human race — are not harmful to the Dracos and the Zeta Greys. This fact is clearly revealed by Nicolay & Jang in their detailed explanation of geoengineering, which is in fact an alien technology, and the precise results that the Invaders are seeking. In every case, the results are desired by the Dracos and the Zetas. At the rate we are proceeding in, it appears that we will have to experience, and live within and under the control of a race that is not in harmony with our soul group, what Nicolay & Jang term the Human Angelic. This will not last forever, for the Earth herself will shake them off — after we have learned the lessons they will provide, the lesson of planetary stewardship and responsibility for our own actions.


There is no one to blame. We have done this to ourselves. Therefore it is imperative for all of us to take action, to become Light Warriors on our dying planet. I urge you to Remember who you are and why you came here. I am not your guru. The God-within you will guide you far better than I could ever do, because the God-within you knows you and your purpose. I am happy to answer any questions, however, and my email is above.

Sincerely, I feel that the work of Nicolay & Jang will be very helpful to an expanded understanding. Yes, the sacred Sanskrit texts, the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras — which are both available on my primary website for free — are infallible guides to your own Enlightenment. However, Nicolay & Jang have insights into the moment we are now submerged within, the oceanic delusionary frequency waveforms that are flooding the final years of this cycle of time, the Kali Yuga, the Age of Conflict and Confusion indeed!

The California coast ( above) / June 19, 2017                                            

As Light Warriors you are absolutely needed to anchor the “exponentially greater energy” that is inundating our planet from the Galactic Core. We are in the activation of our consciousness that alters our DNA “as a cellular antenna in each person and subsequent increase” in our ability to “pull energy from the Earth’s grid” into the body.

Nicolay & Jang: “… by understanding that access to the higher inter-dimensional realms is only available to you through Earth’s portals and the energetic grid structure. … it is the activation of the Earth grid through the guardianship of humanity, via humanity’s DNA, that not only provides the keys to Ascension [meaning the raising of the vibrational frequency of this realm, not individual Enlightenment], but also prevents access to higher dimensional realms for those not intended to have access or permitted to use these vital portals.”

This is what you came here for. Now is the time to activate your own Remembrance of who you are and why you came to this planet, perhaps lost in hundreds of lifetimes as I have been. For those of you who want to get an experience of your possible multidimensional selves, my first book “Inanna Returns” in the second half, is the story of my multidimensional selves, my memory of my incarnations. The character Gracie is me, and Gracie’s story is my life. Many have kindly said that this book gives the reader the experience of multidimensional selves. Of course, since time itself is an illusion that does not exist, all these selves, these lifetimes are simultaneous. So you can access your own selves — and use their knowledge and experience whenever you like.

Vladimir E. Fortov:  “… superextreme matter parameters, at which the known physical laws are thought to be no longer valid … owning to the gravitational compression of stars to the stage of black holes there again emerge singularities — ultrahigh parameters of Planckian scale.

“In this field physical models are discussed that assume that our space has more than three dimensions and that ordinary matter is in a three-dimensional manifold — the ‘3-brane world’ — embedded this many dimensional space.”

— Extreme States of Matter, High Energy density Physics (Second Edition), by Vladimir E. Fortov; Springer 2016.

The fact that the Russians have admitted that there are more than one dimension should further ground this metaphysical reality as Truth. There are many entities in various dimensions watching what is occurring here on our precious planet — because what we do will effect them. Everything is connected.

Nicolay & Jang: “It is unfortunate to understand that there are those beings, both from inner-dimensional levels and distant time periods, as well as from within your own dimension and time, who would intercede and attempt to prevent you own natural access to these portals, just as there are those who would choose to use Earth’s portals for their own purposes manipulating the Earth structure, its energetic grids, and YOU in the process.”

Our Refuge is a Higher Consciousness! Perhaps we are indeed the Portals.

V. Susan Ferguson



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