Evidence: California Fires from 1PacificRedwood, inTruthbyGrace – “a tree is burning (from within) AS IF IT IS A FURNACE”, and NASA Worldview screenshots

California fires (above) / Oct.10, 2017                                                                   https://go.nasa.gov/2y7cb7g

10-13-2017; Terrorists Controlling Our Weather Have Again Stopped Potential For Rain; Fires Continue

Published on Oct 13, 2017

1 PacificRedwood:

(Fri.) The terrorists controlling our weather know there are giant, out-of-control fires burning in Central California which have destroyed entire neighborhoods. These people have the capability to allow precipitation in Central CA.

Instead there are ‘red flag’ wind warnings posted for a large area in Central CA as the weather terrorists install high pressure on the Jet Stream to evaporate its moisture which is preventing any chance of rain in the region! The continuity of the Jet Stream’s moisture into California is clearly disrupted by this nefarious activity. Meanwhile, entire neighborhoods have burned in Central California as engineered winds resulting from installed high pressure adjacent to a low pressure system located further North continue to thwart firefighting efforts!


Evidence of Military Grade EMF Accelerants Used in Sonoma Napa FIRES

Published on Oct 13, 2017

Something turned these houses into in furnaces to allow for near complete combustion… the evidence of what we are seeing defies the laws of physics for an open air fire, I have ALREADY documented the wind speeds were marginal for the areas at the time the fires started. The fat that a tree is burning AS IF IT IS A FURNACE is noteworthy and should be of great concern to anyone educated prior to 1995 when physics and chemistry actually taught us what is possible with a mere open air burn v a furnace. TOTAL combustion of material is NOT possible outside of a furnace, yet that is exactly the damage we are observing with temps reaching high enough values to MELT GLASS..


California Fires ARSON & REAL Wind Speed Metrics for 10/8-9/2017

Published on Oct 13, 2017

The news will NOT cite their sources for their outrageous windspeeds.. the narrative has been planted and PGE will get blame BUT THE TRUTH IS THAT THE WIND SPEEDS WERE TOO SLOW TO TAKE OUT POWER LINES.

I DO know that the eye witnesses reported high winds, but if there were energy weapons used here, the frequencies may not have generated measurable wind displacements as much as it would have moved things by EMF current. There is definitely something else going on here.


VSF: Screenshot of California fires on Oct.13, 2017 (above). Has our country become so divided, the factions within the government fighting each other to the extent that attacks are now being made within our country? Is California being crippled, economically and more with drought, fire, and disease? Who or what could perpetrate such villainous evil treason?                                                                                                                        https://go.nasa.gov/2zmsET3

VSF: Screenshot of California fires on Oct.13, 2017 (above). I took a close-up and adjusted the contrast so I could see the “linear” pattern in the smoke, meaning evidence of ‘ripple’ effects from transmitter generate radio-frequency/microwave radiation energy. See the ripples on the lower left / and on the bottom middle right. Were they microwaving the smoke? And why. There were reports of military vehicles on the ground. Why?                                                                                                                       https://go.nasa.gov/2yguFT5

VSF: Screenshot of California fires on Oct.13, 2017 (above). Another screenshot even closer, sepia and heavily contrast enhanced. See the ripples on the lower left / and on the bottom right. Were they microwaving the smoke? See older image below.  We cannot know what is under the smoke.                                                                           https://go.nasa.gov/2yfQ7az












VSF: I realize that the ripples in the California smoke images are vague and perhaps not evident to the untrained eye. The example above is merely to give an idea of the transmitter generated signature of radio-frequency/microwave radiation in clouds. From Auckland Island, New Zealand  (above) / Feb.25, 2017                                               http://go.nasa.gov/2lWxO4h

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