For the Emissaries: Earth is being TERRAFORMED – Evidence / “…changing Earth’s geophysical environment would require the slow process of creating a chemically altered, physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich world.”

Antarctica and surrounding Particulates (above) on the Earth Null School: Particulates are the deadliest form of air pollution due to their ability to penetrate deep into the lungs and blood streams unfiltered, causing permanent DNA mutations…

VSF:  My dear friend Mr. Electromagnetics looked at this (above) Particulate Matter at 10/pm map from the Earth Null School last night. He was very interested. Mr. EM said that if he were the transmitter technicians running the geoengineering programs, this Earth Null School data would be a perfect feed-back for his efforts. Previously he had thought there must be better real-time data than NASA Worldview. With this more real-time data he could tweak the transmitters based on the most recent effects shown in the Null School data.

Mr. Electromagnetics says this data is a perfect expression of MAGNETIC FLUX, the Earth’s magnetic field in motion. Among an endless array of amazingly comprehensive knowledge bases, his core excellence is in electromagnetics and Maxwell’s equations.

Antarctica (above) / Oct.20, 2017                                                                 


VSF: I urged him to look at  the data around Antarctica. And asked him why there are so many particulates down there around that continent. How did they get there, etc.?

He said this (above) is a SURFACE data map. The “Surface” layer represents conditions at ground or water level; this layer follows the contours of mountains, valleys, etc. What is up must come down. These are particulates on the ocean surface. And they must also contain the massive amounts of particulates from the aerosol spray. I tried to dissuade him, repeating what I have read, meaning anthropogenic sources, coal fires for cooking, petroleum, industrial pollution, etc. He did not completely buy that. Yes, these are a factor — but the locations on the planet made him conclude these accumulations are also the aerosols, which will not readily dissolve, not water soluble.

Also he believes that this technology can generate vortices, hurricane and tornado formations, in both hemispheres that rotate in any direction, clockwise or counter, as the controllers of the transmitters please.

Formation of a vortex? (above) / Oct.7, 2017                                        

I will encourage my friend to investigate further. He has been reading technical charts, spectrometers, etc. all his life. Thus he sees things differently, from experience. Mr. EM has a systems management perspective. He also has a deep understanding of metaphysics and is now studying the sacred Sanskrit text the Rig Veda with me.

The South Shetland Islands around the Larsen Shelf area north of Antarctica (above) / Sept.23, 2017                                                                                                    

VSF: The evidence of intense particulate accumulations that are building around Antarctica are particularly mysterious. Where do such accumulations come from in an area that has very little population? You could say that they are coming from Africa and South America, but surely the sheer amounts of particulates shown can not be accounted for. Also there are areas in the northern hemisphere that are perplexing and questionable also. Accumulations that make no sense, along with areas that have no accumulations, but are densely populated and uses massive amounts of electricity and petroleum. Why? And why do they call it “the null” school? Earth null and void?

E.M. Nicolay: “…changing Earth’s geophysical environment would require the slow process of creating a chemically altered, physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich world.”


Radio-frequency/microwave transmissions coming off the Kerguelen Islands, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, in the south Indian Ocean (detail above) / Sept.23, 2017














Port-aux-Français is the capital settlement of the Kerguelen Islands, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, in the south Indian Ocean. The port station is located on the Gulf of Morbihan, at 49.35°S 70.219°E. It has about 45 inhabitants in winter; the population can rise to more than 120 in summer.

Radio-frequency/microwave transmissions coming off the Kerguelen Islands, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, in the south Indian Ocean (above) / Sept.23, 2017

VSF: Another aspect to this are the numerous NASA Worldview screenshots I have of islands, particularly around the South Polar region – Antarctica that are showing massive transmitter generated radio-frequency/microwave ribbed emissions.

There could not be these patterns in the clouds unless the clouds themselves had been metalized, juiced and permeated with the usual metal oxides such as aluminum, barium, lithium, strontium, etc.

Clarence Island in South Shetland Islands of Antarctica (above) / Sept.21, 2017.  This feels so wrong! Obscene. How big must the transmitter be. What is the power source?

Clarence Island is 21.46 km (13.3 mi) long in south-southwest to north-northeast direction and the easternmost of the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. The name dates back to at least 1821 and is now established in international usage. Ernest Shackleton saw Clarence Island on his famous boat voyage but landed on Elephant Island. It is claimed by Argentina as part of Argentine Antarctica, by Britain as part of the British Antarctic Territory, and by Chile as part of the Chilean Antarctic Territory.

Clarence Island in South Shetland Islands of Antarctica (above)

VSF: I have concluded that our planet is being terraformed by the combined agreements between the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Grey aliens, which both have made contractual agreements with Earth’s governments and military within the corporatocracy.

Islands in Antarctica (above) / Sept.2, 2017                                              

VSF: According the E.M. Nicolay this ‘foothold’ invasion will remain around 200 years. This is the degraded version of the promised Age of Aquarius, now a totalitarian state controlled with AI technology and algorithms! We were warned.

We will be encouraged and indoctrinated through an endless assault of propaganda to accept artificial intelligence AI, cloning, genetic manipulation, GMOs, vaccinations that destroy our immune system and memory, artificial ‘dead’ food, the poisoning of our oceans, and worse. We will suffer the tragic extinction and death of many if not most of earth’s species — including the whales and the dolphins who have been our guardians for eons, and who are far more spiritually advanced than we are.  Someday they will return. That day will come when Earth herself shakes off these hive-mind beings. Their hybrids will never really be comfortable here, as our planet is not meant for their soul group.

Prince Edward & Marion Islands, These two Islands are south of South Africa & Mozambique (above) / Aug.21, 2017                                                            

VSF:  The Zetas are desperate to save their dying species. Their attempts to terraform and make Earth their own will eventually fail. Perhaps we will learn to be better stewards of our beautiful planet. It may be that our compassion for them will emerge and serve to enlighten us. Surely the understanding that the Creator has Love for All Its creation will bring us closer to the Remembrance and Realization that we are the Source. Moving into our own God-within will allow everything to unfold for each one of us as we journey on in our adventure in Consciousness.














East of the Falkland Islands – South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (above) / Feb.25, 2017                                                                                                         














Young Island, Buckle Island, & Sturge Island, south of New Zealand (above); all three photo shopped out on google / March 14, 2017                                          












Macquarie Island (above) / Feb.25, 2017. The islands south of New Zealand are frequently emitting r/f-microwave patterns. More so in their summer – which Feb. is. Especially Macquarie Island.                                                                                              



Our Refuge is a higher consciousness, God Consciousness.

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

V. Susan Ferguson


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