“Wispy” Cloud forms created by Nano-Particle Aerosol Spraying over the Olympic Peninsula Washington State / Oct.31, 2017 / Sepia & Contrast enhanced / Our ‘weaponized’ and ‘metalized’ skies!

These photos were taken by me from my house on the Olympic Peninsula Washington State on Oct.31, 2017. Sepia enhanced (above).

I have pushed the contrast and other adjustments in order to show you the bizarre ‘structural’ properties of these clouds.

The chemical spraying being done now is made up of nano-sized metals and other particles. Above not enhanced.

These nano-particles are much more difficult for the untrained eye to recognize as being totally unnatural.

Therefore I am using these adjustments to show you how these gossamer thin ‘wispy’ sprays are completely unlike any clouds that you have seen in your life.

Their dispersion rates are remarkable – and they quickly spread these toxic metals across the sky.

We are all breathing aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, and god-knows-what in these sprays that destroying our immune system and life on Earth as we have known it.

The same shot as above, but not enhanced.

Sunset, intense contrast enhanced.

Contrast enhanced.

Not enhanced. (above)

Sepia enhanced. (above)

Not enhanced. (above)

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