Genetic Engineering in the Woven Universe: the Progenitors & the Extraterrestrials


Genetic Engineering in the Woven Universe: the Progenitors & the Extraterrestrials

God is everything. God is the all pervading, imperishable, immutable, immeasurable, eternal One. There is no thing that is not God, otherwise God would not be God. The Cosmogonic Forces that we term God, weave the universes with moving energies that can be described with the language of electromagnetics, scalar and acoustical waves.

Cosmogonic Forces are invoked in the ancient sacred Sanskrit text the Rig Veda as Indra, Agni, Soma, Usha, the Ashvins, the Maruts, and more. Every prayer ever uttered throughout time is an invocation to the One Source, regardless of how these supreme forces are named, understood and interpreted.

God is everything and everyone. This means that every thing, person, planet, galaxy, and form is also God. You are also God. Your spirit-soul-consciousness is a portion of the eternal one. In Sanskrit this is said as: TAT TVAM ASI, meaning Thou Art That! Very simple. You are also God, and so is everyone in this universe.

God is creating a vast, endlessly changing and transforming Divine Play, which in Sanskrit is called the LILA, the Divine Play. There must be polarity forces to generate such a Play, otherwise the story would become very insipid, stagnant, boring for all of the ‘players’ – which include you and me. These polarity forces are judged by our limited five-sense perception consciousness as good and evil, black and white, etc. However, in the larger expanded understanding, these polarities are simply opposing electromagnetic forces that allow for motion in the appearance of Time & Space that manifests multidimensional realms.


In the Woven Universe, Everything is Inter-Connected

Our first job is to understand that we are individually and collectively a part of God, the all pervading One. We are That. From this realization we reason that everything is Inter-Connected. There is no thing that is not connected to everything else. This is the meaning of the expression, The Woven Universe.

Therefore we are connected to everything. As Light Warriors we may be fighting on the side of Truth as Wisdom-Knowledge, and yet we also know that who and what we are fighting is also God — because there would be no ‘opponent’ for us to explore our own selves against without the polarity ‘Darkside’ to challenge our strength of courage. There can be no Divine Play, no story without villains – which are in fact not evil villains but are the necessary polarizing forces that allow the movement of energy.







The Science of Electromagnetics

In the science of electromagnetics there are descriptions of the motion of energy of ‘charge’ in various terms such as inductance, capacitor, attenuation, impedance, resistance, reactance, immitance, and others.

There are harmonic correlations in the Sanskrit tradition, the metaphysical theory of the three Gunas, Rajas, Sattva, and Tamas. We may interpret Purusha as the inductor (charge – consciousness), and Prakriti as the capacitor (Shakti/power – the matrix). The Gunas are said to be constantly in motion. Various metaphysical systems throughout written history have sought to categorize the Cosmogonic Forces that generate the appearance of the universe. There are simultaneously creative ascending forces, centrifugal, personified as Brahma the Creator — and descending forces, centripetal, entropy, Shiva and Dissolution. In between these two forces is Sattva, the supporting and sustaining, the calm in the storm that allows contemplation and renewal. Sattva is the pinch point in Plasma physics that is an integral component of a toroidal field.

Biot-Savart Force Law: current filaments or wires running in the same direction attract, while those running in opposite directions repulse. For plasmas there is a neutral force region where filaments do not merge, but rather start a rotational motion around each other to form a vortex-like geometry.”
— Physics of the Plasma Universe, by Anthony L. Peratt, Los Alamos; Springer, 2015

“Nearly all the matter in the universe exists in the plasma state, occurring predominantly in this form in the Sun and stars, and in interstellar space, Auroras, lightning… Plasma consists of electrically charged particles that respond collectively to electromagnetic forces. Because of their strong interaction with electromagnetism, plasmas display a complexity in structure and motion that far exceeds that found in matter in the gaseous, liquid, or solid states. Plasmas are prodigious producers of electromagnetic radiation. … Plasmas exist in the sea of electrons that moves freely within energy bands in the crystalline structure of metallic solids.” — A. Peratt

Soma as Etheric Plasma

There are four states of matter: gaseous, liquid, solid, and plasma. In a metaphysical understanding, there is always a substratum. Beneath the ‘appearance’ of any form, there is another supporting substratum. Plasma may be considered as Ether. The substratum of plasma, I have concluded to be a subtle etheric plasma, Soma.

The Rig Veda itself dismisses the idea that Soma is a plant or a juice or anything remotely physical. Rig Veda Book 10.85.3:  “Laymen or ritualists may regard Soma as a creeper to be crushed for getting its juice for use in the ritual. But no one ever tastes him whom the Brahmans know to be Soma.”   [Soma, The Delight of Existence by R.L.Kashyap]

Soma is beyond five-sense perception. Soma is a very subtle energy force that when activated in the body by and as Kundalini becomes a raging Fire, a neutron bomb kind of energy that transforms our consciousness, nullifies neutralizes voids our karma, and alters our DNA. No wonder the ancient Rishis worshipped Soma and wrote so many hymns to honor and invoke Soma within their own being.


The Dimensional Realms of the Universe as Inter-locking Toroidal Fields

We may visualize the layered dimensional realms that make up our particular universe as Toroidal Fields that are overlapping, intersecting, and even simultaneously contained one within another, over above and under each other. The appearance of separation occurs due to the consciousness of each realm which produces a frequency time-wave form that makes it temporarily distinct. These realms however are Interconnected, and influence each other, and the All in our Woven Universe.

The Progenitors

In the Rig Veda there is recognition of our Progenitors by the Seers, the Rishis who were enlightened Sages with far memory and Sight.

Our progenitors, the ‘Pitaram’ orbit the Moon

The Pitaram, our ancient progenitors — those ‘forefather’ colonizing beings, who came to this planet and took part in the creation and hybridization of the human races — are described by the Seer Rishi Dîrgatamas, who composed the following verse in the Rig Veda I.164.18.

The Pitaram are said to inhabit the Bhuvas region of the air and orbit the Moon. The progenitors were far more advanced than we are today both in technology and metaphysical Wisdom-Knowledge. They manipulated the spectrum of wave-form frequencies, plasma physics, cosmic rays, magnetic fields, etc. through sound modulation in order to coagulate and produce various forms. My intuitive rendering:

Rig Veda I.164.18
The progenitors of mankind, beyond in the heavens,
our forefathers, ancestors far distant remote in space,

[The ‘Pitaram’ are the progenitors of mankind and are said to inhabit the Bhuvas region of the air and orbit the Moon as regents of the Naksatras Maghâ (29˚Sagittarius to 9˚Capricorn) and Mûla (29˚Leo – 9˚Virgo) in the heavens above us.   —  M. Monier-Williams Sanskrit to English Dictionary, Vol. 1, page 911-12.]

Its Mouth [moving ‘jaws’ that speak the frequencies of sound potent with] atomic Knowledge [the metaphysics of atoms (anu), quantum particle physics] below, [here] in succeeding [Earth] time.
The enlightened, the ancient & alien [not from Earth],
wise, knowing, poet-seers, arrived here they say
prior to, beyond past future [our earth time],
thus [from] far beyond, in the remote constellation Capricorn [enâ],
[those] who gifted with the Insight of regulated tones of utterance,
[acoustics], [transformed] Mind thought-idea [as √vac] Sound-Light,
whence, out of which produced the born, here in this world.









E.M. Nicolay: “…since its beginning your world has been visited by extraterrestrial beings from related as well as higher dimensional planes. Such visitations and assistance are a universal precept related to the creation, propagation, and growth of new worlds. …there are higher dimensional cultures and orders that are mandated to assist in genetically engineering physical bodies that can accommodate and contain the Souls that have either been cast out for that purpose, or have chosen to undergo incarnations cycles within that new world.”

THE SYSTEMS LORDS and THE TWELVE DIMENSIONS, by E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang; Forethought Publishing, 2012

Our relationship with higher dimensional beings and various extraterrestrial races has, for the most part been kept from us. Ignorance of the history of the genetic engineering of the bodies we currently inhabit is a consequence of this cycle of time, the Age of Conflict and Confusion, the Kali Yuga. As we approach the closing years of this cycle, much that has been kept secret is being revealed — and our genetic heritage is a major aspect of what we must now come to accept. How can we take our place in the Galactic Council when we remain under the delusion that we are alone in a universe with over 500 billion galaxies.

The ‘foothold’ Invasion of our planet by the Zeta Reticula Grey race, which is supported by the Draco Reptilians, has been allowed because our own governments signed contractual agreements with these entities to trade our DNA gathered through abductions for their technology.  Since the 1940s, the abductions have increased and it is said that there are now millions of hybrids living around the world, primarily in so-called third world countries where the populations have exploded.

Technology has also increased exponentially. But consider how the technology given to our blind greedy leaders has been a Trojan horse, a hidden agenda that is slowly surely poisoning our planet and the humans who are not hybrids. Geoengineering the planet to the point of extinction of Nature and human life can only be seen as a massive and intentional invasion by entities who have no interest in our well-being.

There are, as E.M. Nicolay says: “…extraterrestrial races at the present time that have as their principle objective the hampering of your evolutionary Ascension and even the permanent isolation of your world together with the Souls experiencing incarnation cycles within it. Their efforts are geared towards trapping your world and the Souls that inhabit it in third universal dimensional density…”

Ascension is a process belonging to the evolution of the dimensional realms. It is not Enlightenment of the individual and Liberation from death & birth, MOKSHA, jivanmukti.

Ascension, according to Nicolay & Jang, is “the evolution of universal dimensionality” and “all elements of the current universal dimension that are ready to increase vibrational frequency range will evolve to meet the vibrational level of the subsequent higher universal dimension, from lower to higher, and higher to lower…”  Thus when we talk of Ascension, we are referring to the energetic process that transforms dimensional realms. Ascension is God’s way of generating change — enhancing, transforming, charging and re-charging the various multiple layers of creation.



Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, I.iv.10:   And to this day, [those] who…know the self as I am Brahman [the ONE], become all this universe.
     Even the gods [any other dimensional beings] cannot prevent his becoming this, for he has become their Self. …if a man worships another deity thinking: He is one and I am another, he  does not know.
     He [who does not know] is like a sacrificial animal to the gods. As many animals serve a man, so does each man serve the gods. Even if one animal is taken away, it causes anguish to the owner; how much more so when many are taken away!
     Therefore it is not pleasing to the gods that men should know this [that they are the ONE].


The stage is set. We are now in a very big Play, the Divine LILA, the closing years of this cycle of time. What will occur? Will you choose Liberation and Enlightenment, to Remember who you are and have always been? Many of us will move on to higher realms. What will you choose? Can we walk the Razor’s Edge Home and move beyond the very real proverbial “space fence” being created by Lockheed Martin.

Perhaps there are still many of you who are lost in the battle and have forgotten that you are the One playing in Time & Space.

There is no judgement for those who desire to remain here as Light Warriors, protecting this planet, and fighting the Darkside. There is no judgement on the Zetas, who are desperate to save their own species — and who have invaded Earth with that agenda. The Draco Reptilians also desire to keep this planet at a frequency that resonates with their Soul group. Are they evil? Are they not also a part of the One.

The Bhagavad Gita is a warrior’s manual. On the battlefield of Kurushetra, the Great War, Krishna (as the voice of the One) teaches Arjuna (the greatest warrior of that time) how to be the most effective warrior. We can learn from these teachings which are just as valid today.

Moving through Space-Time in the Wisdom Knowledge that everything is God, allows us to remain in the frequency waveform that is imbued with God Consciousness — and therefore we are able to perform our chosen duty in the highest consciousness and be most effective.

“Consciousness shines in various external and internal forms.
There is no existence of objects apart from consciousness.
Therefore the world is simply a form of consciousness.”
              – Kalikakrama, as quoted in the Shiva Sutras translated by Jaideva Singh

We have the opportunity to hold the highest understanding, to become Instruments for the Divine, and accept the outcome of all our endeavors knowing that we have aligned our Will to our Creator and in doing so, become “dear” to God.

This battle is indeed a great Love affair.

God is Love. God dwells within our Heart.
Our Refuge is a higher consciousness — God Consciousness.

V. Susan Ferguson


“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   

– Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras










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