Invasion: Weaponizing and ‘Metalizing’ Earth’s Atmosphere / “By the mid to late 2010s, hardly any region on Earth was free of the newly ionized and metalized atmosphere, or by virtue of particle fallout, the ionization of the electromagnetic grid system of the planet.”

This (above) is a screenshot of aerosol spray off the Pacific Northwest & California coast, but I have pushed the contrast, sepia, etc. to the maximum in order to show the depth, the ‘square’ and geometric grid lines. Like what is left are the “bones”. What makes clouds reduce down to geometric forms?                                                                \

Invasion: Weaponizing and ‘Metalizing’ Earth’s Atmosphere

VSF: In the late 1990s, I was traveling and lecturing on my books ‘Inanna Returns’ and ‘Inanna Hyper-Luminal.’ On a flight from Denver to the west coast, I was seated in the very back row where the seats are up against the back wall and do not recline — so uncomfortable. There was a man seated next to me, on my right, who began drinking little bottles of Jack Daniels bourbon. I was mildly concerned that he might become troublesome, but he never spoke to me the entire trip and just kept drinking his bourbon. I was amazed at how much he could put away, and I believe he may have consumed at least nine of these small bottles. I noticed his hands and demeanor out of the corner of my eye, and thought that he appeared to be an engineer type. Finally toward the close of the flight, he spoke to me. He told me that he owned a company in Oregon that retrofitted airplanes. He was very polite, respectful, even sober considering the amount of bourbon he had consumed. However I could feel that he was emotionally charged.

As we stood at the back of the plane waiting to exit, he turned to me with tears in his eyes and said, “Someday you will be very grateful to your government for what they are doing.” I knew about the ‘chemtrail’ phenomena at that time and instinctively knew what he was talking about. Unfortunately, before I could take advantage of the situation and his inebriated state, the line moved and we left the plane. I never saw him again. It was years later that Evergreen in Oregon became identified as the original source of the planes that were being redesigned, retrofitted in his terms, to disperse the toxic materials in chemtrails. This occurred around 20 years ago.

South & west of Australia (above) / Nov.4, 2017. These cloud forms have a very rigid appearance, perhaps due to the nano-sized metal partciles dispersed in them.

Advances in geoengineering through particle dispersion into the atmosphere have continued over time. There is evidence in the US Patents that manipulating the weather has been a primary concern for the military for over 50 years.

E.M. Nicolay: “The technology proceeded slowly until the alien collaborations with secret factions of the US governments took place beginning in the 1980s.” These technologies, which began as weather manipulations quickly developed into weaponry.

Our planet Earth is a perfectly conducting sphere.  Earth is a conducting sphere covered by a thin dielectric atmosphere, which is thin in comparison to the Earth’s radius. Global electromagnetic resonance occurs in the cavity bounded by the conducting ground and the lower edge of the Ionosphere. Radio waves in the frequency range of a few Hertz can travel around the globe and return to a starting point, so that global resonance becomes possible. In 1952, W.O. Schumann predicted this phenomenon.

In the 1990s it was understood that Schumann resonance was an efficient tool for studying global warming through monitoring global lightning activity. Radio waves penetrate from the Earth-Ionosphere cavity right into space, the upper Ionosphere. Transverse electromagnetic waves are efficiently excited by vertical lightning strokes and the vertical electric field turns into the electrostatic field of the Earth-Ionosphere capacitor. [Schumann Resonance for Tyros, Essential of Global Electromagnetic Resonance in the Earth-Ionosphere Cavity].

South of Australia (ab0ve) / Nov.6, 2017. Again very hard metallic cloud forms.

E.M. Nicolay: “By the mid to late 2010s, hardly any region on Earth was free of the newly ionized and metalized atmosphere, or by virtue of particle fallout, the ionization of the electromagnetic grid system of the planet.”

Until very recently, Vladamir Fortov was the head of the Russia Academy of Sciences. In his 2006 book ‘Physics of Strongly Coupled Plasma’ published by Oxford University Press, the practice of the ‘metalization’ of plasma is discussed. We know that most of the nonoparticles being dispersed in the atmosphere around the planet are metals such as aluminum, barium, strontium, and lithium. Fortov talks about the interactions of metal vapors in plasma. In a section (1.2.2) on Metal Plasma, the conditions for the metalization of plasma are stated.

While I realize that none of this is easy for most of us to grasp, I want to include this to show you how important the idea of ‘metalizing’ plasma had become even by 2006.

Fortov: “One of the most important effects in that, in becoming strong, the [interparticle] interaction leads to a decrease in the bond of energy of atoms, or in other words, reduced the ionization potential. Given a very strong interaction, the bound states of the electron and ion completely disappear.”

Would transmitter generated radio-frequency/microwave energy directed into these highly metalized clouds cause the interparticle interaction that decreases the bond of energy of atoms? In other words, are they experimenting with particle physics and altering our atmosphere to weaponize the sky above us.

South of Australia (ab0ve – detail / slight sepia enhanced) / Nov.6, 2017.  Again very metallic cloud forms.                                                                                     

Fortov: “Of particular interest is the properties of hydrogen (the most widely-distributed substance in the universe) plasma. At high pressures and densities the electrical conductivity of hydrogen sharply increases up to the values which are characteristic of metals, mostly due to pressure ionization. This affects the properties of giant planets, for instance, the value of their magnetic field. The intriguing possibility of the existence of a metastable metallic and even superconductive phase of hydrogen at zero pressure is being investigated.”

Why are they so interested in affecting the value of the magnetic field of a planet? Fortov very often drops little phrases that if one could read between the lines, might appear very suggestive of the actual research and technology being implemented in secret. In the same Oxford textbook, Fortov reveals experiments to obtain absorption measurements of “the quality considerations on the kinetics of the non-equilibrium process of evaporation and condensation” that took place in 1973 involving barium: “In a series of subsequent studies, the general knowledge of evaporation and ionization in the release wave was used to analyze the high frequency collision of solids and to develop fluorescent barium clouds in outer space for the purpose of studying the Earth’s magnetosphere.” Fortov was one of the participants.

ANTARCTICA (above – contrast & slight sepia enhanced) / Nov.2, 2017.  These clouds look like ‘tubular’ forms, maybe using cylindrical equations?

E.M. Nicolay: “Earth itself, and its atmosphere, were now the ideal medium for the transfer of vast waves of scalar energy, which could be used to control weather patterns, control natural phenomena, or directed and delivered with near pinpoint accuracy and devastating results.”

Scalar energy is being used to geoengineer the planet and even alter the harmonic resonance of our Earth’s planetary grid. Scalar physics is “the science of reality’s hidden understructure. [H. Dorsey].”  Scalar physics is being utilized as part of the secret technologies which have been acquired through the contractual agreements with the extraterrestrials that now have a ‘foothold’ Invasion on our planet.

Dorsey: “The electric, magnetic, and gravitational force fields are only the surface layer. These forces arise from deeper fields known as ‘potentials’ which themselves arise from a primordial superpotential which some scientists consider the Aether.

“The scalar superpotential is the substrate of physicality, the Aether permeating and underlying the universe, from which all matter and force fields derive.”

West coast of South America (above – sepia enhanced) / Oct.27, 2017. Again bizarre metalized cloud forms.                                                                                  

Does this not resonate with the sacred Sanskrit metaphysics? “Beneath the curtain of each atom” [10th century Sufi poet Mahmud Shabistari], there is the substratum that pervades and permeates the All. Aether in its most subtle form and beyond five-sense perception is the even more subtle Aetheric plasma, the SOMA of the Rig Veda, which the ancient Seers, the Rishis were invoking in over 160 hymns. This SOMA is the Life Force, the moving charge, the rivers of fire that become active in the Kundalini experience when we reconnect and energize our Chakra system.

Herbert Dorsey: “Scalar physics also unifies gravity and electromagnetism. The forces of magnetism, electricity, and gravity are distortions of a single primordial field that permeates the universe and comprises the fabric of existence. Vorticity [the creation/formation of vortices that naturally tend to occur in plasma] in this [scalar] field gives rise to the magnetic fields. Dynamic undulations give rise to gravitational fields. When put into mathematical form, these relations reveal how electric and magnetic fields can be arranged to produce artificial gravity and many other exotic phenomena — such as time distortion and the opening of portals into other dimensions.”

Off Northern California coast (above) / Oct.22, 2017. This ‘vortex’ form is around 20+ miles across.

These arrogant technicians who are geoengineering our Earth and zapping the metalized atmosphere are reaching into the Cosmogonic Forces that generate the Universe. Because they have a ‘service-to-self’ consciousness and are not highly evolved, except in their various technologies, these endeavors can only end in the catastrophic destruction of our planet through the long heralded earth-changes that have been prophesied.

Just as the Zeta Reticula Grey race now face total extinction, even as a soul group, because they misused and abused technologies they did not have the consciousness to implement without terrible consequences to their planet and their DNA. These Cosmogonic Forces are only to be used by very highly evolved beings who are in complete harmony and resonant alignment with God, the imperishable, immutable, immeasurable, eternal One. So it has always been, and so it will be.

Off Northern California coast (above) / Oct.22, 2017. The ‘vortex’ form in the lower right hand section is around 20+ miles across. Again highly metal looking cloud formations.

Inanna: Even though there are many benevolent beings who love this planet and her people, beings who are actively assisting in uplifting earth consciousness, the contractual agreements that were made with your governments and the less than friendly (to you) ETs are in play. As a species, the human race has devolved over the last 6000 years, and thus has lost the right to dominate planet Earth. Your governments have traded your DNA for defective technology — technology which is deficient and itself a kind of Trojan horse that will ultimately bring about massive catastrophic planetary changes. Because of the incomprehensible greed and self-serving attitudes of your current leaders, those humans who consider themselves an elite and are in charge of the military and the out of control corporatocracy, are insanely quickly poisoning their own home planet.

The planet’s atmosphere is being ‘metalized’ and weaponized, and your oceans inundated with life destroying radiation. Greed for individual tyrannical power has increased.

The gene pool is being altered through the hybridization programs, which are under the direction of the “Mantis” race. The Draco Reptilians together with the Zeta Reticuli Greys will create through propaganda and forced indoctrination the acceptance of a ‘hive-mind’ mentality that will for the next 200 years emphasize the collective over the individual. This will allow for many opportunities, possibilities for people to learn on multiple levels. Eventually, the Earth herself will shake off the hybrids.

Off the coast of Washington State (above) / Sept.5, 2017                      


E.M. Nicolay: “…changing Earth’s geophysical environment would require the slow process of creating a chemically altered, physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich world.”

There have been many groups who have come here and tried to work with human consciousness, which is extremely emotional and individual compared with other species. Almost anything is tolerated — but not the destruction of a planet, which dramatically effects the whole, the entire solar system, the galaxy and beyond. This ‘foothold’ Invasion is occurring to wake up those who are ready to embrace their own Source, to become God Consciousness, and to eventually bring about the close of this Cycle of Time and allow for planetary reset.

The Universe is the body of the One, God, and all the parts are interconnected. The layered dimensional realms fuel and “feed” on one another as one body. TAT TVAM ASI. You are That. We are all portions of the One. There is nothing to fear. Our Refuge is a higher consciousness – God Consciousness.

I fully realize that this is a highly advanced teaching and not for everyone. I can only hope that those who are not ready to understand what is occurring on this planet will find this article tedious, incomprehensible, and cease reading. God will protect them! However especially for the Emissaries, I feel this knowledge is critical. Those of you who have begun to put together geoengineering and the madness of increasing geopolitical chaos with a real off-planet interference that has in fact become an Invasion, will be able to assimilate this information and move forward into the days ahead with both courage and equanimity.

We meet in the Heart,

V. Susan Ferguson

Off the California coast (above) / Oct.26, 2017                                           



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