The Dissolution of a Cycle of Time / The Mahabharata / The Draco Reptilian and the Zeta Reticuli Grey races, together with their counter parts incarnated in human physical bodies, “cause the most significant environmental damage, detrimental to the planet” which we are now living and experiencing as the atmosphere is being increasingly weaponized and metalized.


South America (above) / Nov.10, 2017. Contrast and saturation enhanced.

The Dissolution of a Cycle of Time / PRALAYA

A warning from VSF: This is for the advanced readers who are not in fear, who understand the metaphysical principles of both Creation and Dissolution. There would be no movement of energy in the form of ‘charge’ in the universes without both positive and negative polarities. I gently suggest to those who are still in fear of death and a dissolution at the close of a cycle of time — not to read this. Rather go on studying the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras, and following your own spiritual practices as guided by the God-within you.

South America (above) / Nov.10, 2017. Not enhanced.                            

The Howling Luminescence

The Sanskrit word RUDRA in the ancient sacred text, The Rig Veda is defined in the M.Monier-Williams Sanskrit to English Dictionary as: howling, roaring, crying, terrific.  Rudra is described as the ‘howling luminescence’ [RgV. X.125.1]. When I first experienced Kundalini, I wrote that yes, God is Love — but a neutron bomb kind of Love, by which I meant to convey the incredibly overpowering flowing Rivers of Fire that were moving through me and blasting my Chakras open. Yes, God is also gentle, the most tender of lovers and friend. However when you consider the immeasurable vastness of the universes, imagine the power that must exist in eternal Essence imperishable.

Rig Veda X.125

While I am still in the process of translating the SOMA hymns in Book Nine of the Rig Veda, I occasionally find a hymn in another book that resonates with me, and begin to transcribe and seek its meaning. There are women Seers, Rishis who were female. Along with around 400 men Rishis, there are said to be 27 female Rishikas. One of these was VAGAMBHRINI, who was the daughter of Rishi Ambhrina. In hymn X.125, which contains eight mantras (verses), she identifies herself as having Become the One and speaks as the voice (VAK) of the One.

The lady Rishi, speaking as the voice of the One, travels with Rudra. In the sixth verse, the idea is expressed that the One as the Cosmogonic Forces becomes the weapon for Rudra. The oppositions of electromagnetic energies are seen as ‘battles’ that create the heavens and earth.

For Rudra I expand, stretch out the bow for the killing arrow that will shatter the hostile enemy that is the hater of devotion to God. For producing and creating mankind, I am pervading permeating heaven and earth, the ecstasy of battle.

I am since the beginning creating producing the Progenitors of these worlds. The summit of the worlds are in the womb [Yoni], the core inside the watery space of the Oceans [samudre]. From there My beauty, radiance and glory pervade to all the regions [all the dimensional realms], the heavens, everywhere in all universes. I move out to every creature and thence spread, sprinkling, touching all beings.

Indeed in a state of roaring, I am assailing in a splendid attack, ejecting Forces violent through ardor into all the worlds, the dimensional realms in My universes.


South America (above) / Nov.10, 2017. There is a very strange dark grey formation in these white clouds, bottom left. The ‘chevron’ shapes appear to be layered, on within another.                                                                                                               

The End of this Kali Yuga

Many years ago when I first began to understand the theory of the Cycles of Time – and realized that the Kali Yuga would come to a close, perhaps even in my lifetime, I wondered how the Creator would put an end to this current cycle.

I believe that the war described in exact detail in the Mahabharata, does illuminate the complexities of the close of the previous cycle of time, the Dvapara Yuga. There are many arguments about the date of this war, which is said to be a world war.  E.M. Nicolay states that the Mahabharata Epic is based on a war fought against the Anunnaki about 13,000 BCE by the Earth’s Galactic Guardians in the Middle East [the Sinai Peninsula], North Africa, parts of southwestern North America [perhaps the Anasazi], South America, and India [Inanna’s Indus Valley civilization destroyed by Marduk]. Inanna reported  to me that the family had split into two factions. It would be very reasonable that the Galactic Guardians did help to remove the Anunnaki from planet Earth at that time. I have long been obsessed with, and thrilled by reading the Mahabharata.

South America (above) / Nov.10, 2017. There is a very strange dark grey formation in these white clouds, bottom left. The ‘chevron’ shapes appear to be layered, on within another.   What came into my mind was the giant Sandworms in the Frank Herbert science fiction book ‘DUNE’.  Contrast & sepia enhanced.                                            


The Mahabharata: The Power of Arjuna’s Celestial Weaponry is Lost

In the final verses of the Mahabharata, the MAUSALA PARVA, we are told that Krishna is getting ready to leave his body. He knows that his kingdom DWARAKA is going to sink beneath the ocean. Therefore he gives his friend, the great warrior Arjuna the task of leading his wives and children to safety. This was an enormous procession “widows of Vrishni heroes wailing aloud, followed [Arjuna] … on cars drawn by bullocks and mules and camels. All were in deep sorrow.”

The citizens and inhabitants off Krishna’s kingdom were now under the command of Arjuna. This was a “cavalcade of destitute heroes and numbering only women and the aged and children.” There are said to be sixteen thousand women who had formed Krishna’s harem. The widows of the other heroes numbered in the millions. Remember that this was a World War.  The procession appeared as a veritable ocean.

Verse 41-43: “After all the people had started, the waters of the ocean, the home of sharks, and alligators, flooded Dwaraka, which still teemed with riches of every kind. Whatever portion of the ground was passed over, the ocean immediately flooded over with his waters. Seeing this wonderful spectacle, the inhabitants of Dwaraka, walked faster and faster, saying, ‘Wonderful is the course of fate.’ ”

The Davis Strait around Arctic Circle (above) / Nov.9, 2017.                  

The abduction of genetic lineages… Urged by the perverse course of time

After abandoning Dwaraka, Ajuna proceeded by slow marches, allowing the women and children to rest. In an encampment that seemed safe, there were robbers. These “sinful wretches, with hearts possessed of cupidity … assembled together” and decided that because the warriors accompanying the women were old an “without energy” – and that Arjuna was essentially alone guarding this massive procession, they would attack. “Then those robbers, numbering by the thousands, and armed with clubs, rushed towards the procession. … Urged by the perverse course of time, they fell upon the party, frightening it with loud leonine shouts and desirous of slaughter.”

Throughout the war, Ajuna had possessed ‘celestial’ weapons that were given to him by Shiva. These weapons were said to be like arrows that could kill thousands simultaneously — which today we would consider to be some sort of scalar electromagnetic transmitter of energies that could ‘deconstruct’ bodies, cities, and even aerial ships. In this moment, naturally Ajuna was not yet concerned. He threatened the thousands of robbers. As they fell upon Arjuna, he “tried to string his large, indestructible, celestial bow with some effort. … He then began to think of his celestial weapons [as he always had in past battles], but they would not come to his mind.  Seeing that furious battle, the loss of the might of his arm, and the non-appearance of his celestial weapons, Arjuna became greatly ashamed.” [Mausala Parva 44-53]

Hudson Bay (above) / Nov.9, 2017. Spiral-coils.                                        

The genetic codes of the Dvapara Yuga

The women that were Krishna’s wives, and therefore holding the genetic codes of the Dvapara Yuga, were being “snatched away by the robbers.” Arjuna tried his best to protect them, but could not succeed. Before his eyes, “many of the foremost ladies were being dragged away, while others went away with the robbers of their own accord.” [58-59]

In the past, Arjuna’s arrows, his scalar electromagnetic laser weapons had been inexhaustible. He was filled with grief and “considered it all as the work of destiny. Filled with sorrow he breathed heavy sighs at the thought of the non-appearance of his celestial weapons … the exhaustion of his arrows. … He had not the power which he had before.” [64-66]

Detail south of Greenland (above) / Nov/09, 2017. Sepia & contrast enhanced layers of metalized cloud forms.                                                                                   

Over the years I have given this portion of the Mahabharata a great deal of thought. Why did Krishna give Arjuna the responsibility of these women, who were obviously the best of the gene pool of that era — and then take away his powers? My conclusion is that the genes that are useful in one cycle of time will not prove effective in another.

There are completely different states of consciousness in the various cycles, which one can easily apply and translate into the layers of dimensional realms. Therefore the women would mate with the more primitive ‘robbers’ who obviously had no consideration of Dharma or what we might term a respectful moral compass, and thus produce children who will be able to manifest temporal holographic ‘appearances’ in the cycle of time that was quickly approaching, meaning our current Kali Yuga.

ANTARCTICA melting (above) / Nov.8, 2017                                            

E.M. Nicolay often speaks in ways that are intended to soften the truth of what we are facing. However, he does imply more than once that the Invasion of our planet by the Zeta Reticuli Grey race does have cosmic consequences: “…these alien races were (unknowingly) participating in the higher purpose that would reset life on Earth.”  These alien technologies, primarily geoengineering, will serve a higher purpose. The Draco Reptilian and the Zeta Reticuli Grey races, together with their counter parts incarnated in human physical bodies, “cause the most significant environmental damage, detrimental to the planet” which we are now living and experiencing as the atmosphere is being increasingly weaponized and metalized. These scalar and sonar weapons will inevitably bring about the massive ‘earth changes’ that have been prophesied.

E.M. Nicolay: “… there could be found a higher purpose. … the turmoil … permitted the departure of vast numbers of Human Angelic Souls … [who] would choose to leave their current physical incarnations on the Third Dimensional Timeline. … Following the 22nd Century, incarnations on the planet by Souls destined to depart the Third Universal Dimension of Earth would be far less, if not cease.”

ANTARCTICA (above) / Nov.8, 2017. To me these look more like worms and larvae than any natural cloud form I have ever seen in all the years I did landscape painting and studied art history.                                                                                                                

The Zeta Reticuli Grey race is a hive Soul group that has brought about its own extinction through the misuse of very advanced technology, including engineering its own DNA. The reason they have invaded our planet is a desperate hope that they can create these hybrids that will hold their soul group. However it is known to their ‘elite’ that the Zeta Greys are “in a process of Soul de-evolution … and risk being returned to dust and ultimately lost forever.” Is it possible for a race to be lost? Evidently so.

Think of the universe as layered electromagnetic ‘appearances’ that are interpreted and read by the senses of any given race, in our case the currently limited five-sense perception. Energy is movement, constantly augmented and diminished for infinite use. Appearances are temporal.

Antarctica, the South Shetland Islands (above) / Nov.6, 2017. There is a big radio-frequency/microwave transmitter … somewhere…                                                                                                      

The technologies that these ET races have given to our Deep State and military leaders are the same technologies that instigated the de-evolution of these beings. Their presence in our world serves as a warning to us not to follow in their footsteps. Their “technological proficiency in time and space-shaping physics, and their widespread use of universal electromagnetic frequency sciences” as well as advanced genetic manipulation and cloning techniques, unsurpassed “mind control, thought fencing and electromagnetic blocking” are exactly the technologies that we are currently being assaulted with.

The recent and non-human indoctrination obsession with AI, Space Fence, the Net, 5G, microwave transmitters & towers that are beginning to inundate the human body and mind, turning us into antennas, around the entire planet — this obsession that is being enforced on us and our children, is the evidence and indictment of their real intent as Invasion.

Our Refuge is a higher Consciousness.

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras




V. Susan Ferguson

South of Australia (above) / Nov.6, 2017. Sepia enhanced.                     

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