The Dissolution continued, Part II / The Mahabharata / “…the degree of success this alien race has in commandeering the planet will be paralleled by the severity of the event when it occurs.”

The Pacific Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere (above) / Nov.11, 2017

The Dissolution continued, Part II

E.M. Nicolay states that by the year 2569, massive planetary catastrophic earth changes will “destroy all final vestiges of the current Third Dimensional Earth civilization.” This is somewhat in agreement with the French metaphysical writer Alain Danielou, who has said that “the Twilight of the Kali Yuga began in 1939 with the discovery of atomic fission. The final catastrophe will take place during this twilight. The last traces go present humankind will have disappeared by 2442. The figures are accurate within fifty years.” [While the Gods Play, Shaiva Oracles & Predictions on the Cycles of History & the Destiny of Mankind.]

E.M. Nicolay has expanded the wisdom found in the ancient Sanskrit teachings into our current era and offers insight into the meaning of the increasing collapse of the American Empire and western civilization, as well as our probable future.

“Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension, The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional Terra,” Book Four in the Essence Path Series, by E.M. Nicolay and H.L. Jang; A Handbook to Higher Levels of Spiritual Guidance; Forethought Publishing, Bernville, Pennsylvania, 2015.

There are countless wisdom teachings and precise details in his four Essence books, which I recommend to you. He has done an excellent job of conveying primordial traditional metaphysics into English — not an easy task. In the years I have spent writing articles on Sanskrit Wisdom Knowledge, the greatest difficulty is to find English words that are capable of communicating these very subtle ideas which Sanskrit has many words for.

The Pacific Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere (above – sepia & contrast enhanced) / Nov.11, 2017.  I wanted to show the ‘feathery’ quality of these trails. A bit different. Do you really believe these come from transport ships?                             

Because of multiple experiences throughout my own life of almost 72 years now, I have read a great deal on the extraterrestrial question. As I’m sure you know, much of what is available is confused to say the least. This confusion is intentional to put the sincere off. Even I have thrown my hands up in disgust from time to time. I stopped communicating with Inanna for many years – and stayed focused on the sacred Sanskrit texts. However, I do find what E.M. Nicolay has to say about the extraterrestrial presence very much in line with the conclusions I have come to over my life.

As I have said, Inanna came to me in New Zealand, after so many years of silence, and weeping inside me repeated again and again, “We lost the planet.”

It took me another three years and returning to the USA to fully comprehend her meaning. At first, I was frankly bewildered. Since moving to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, which the Navy is using an an electronic war zone, I have come to understand what Inanna was trying to tell me — and E.M. Nicolay has brought everything I have been wondering about and endeavoring to learn into full focus.

The Pacific Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere (above – sepia & contrast enhanced) / Nov.11, 2017.  This is the same area a bit further north – maybe St. George Island and the Bering Sea.                                                                                                         

To put it plainly and simply, our Earth has been invaded. The Draco Reptilians have been for centuries incarnating in human bodies — and the stories of bloodlines and global control relate to this race. The Dracos gave the Zeta Reticuli Grey race permission to invade in a desperate attempt to save their race from extinction. The Zeta Reticula Grey race is a hive Soul group that have brought about its own extinction through the misuse of very advanced technology including engineering its own DNA. The reason they have invaded our planet is a desperate hope that they can create these hybrids that will hold their soul group.

However it is known to their ‘elite’ that the Zeta Grey are “in a process of Soul de-evolution … and risk being returned to dust and ultimately lost forever.” Is it possible for a race to be lost? Evidently so. Think of the universe as layered electromagnetic ‘appearances’ that are interpreted and read by the senses of any given race, in our case the currently limited five-sense perception. Energy is movement, constantly augmented and diminished for infinite use. Appearances are temporal.

The invasion and hybrid programs implemented by the Zeta Grey is according the E.M. Nicolay “the precursor to planetary resent” that will occur around 2500. What is very interesting and metaphysically plausible is that “the degree of success this alien race has in commandeering the planet will be paralleled by the severity of the event when it occurs.” We understand that after the purpose of their Invasion has been achieved, and all the the Human Angelic Souls [Nicolay’s term for us’ ‘natural earthlings] have departed, our Mother Earth — whose mission is to provide the vehicle for our nurturing and growth — will dispose of the Invaders.

These are cloud formations in the Gulf of Alaska that I have slightly sepia & contrast enhanced. / Nov.11, 2017. Are they spirals? Certainly geometric and not puffy clouds, more like woven fibers – or just highly metalized?                                               


E.M Nicolay: “…the infiltration of a Soul race from outside your Solar System and Dimension will force the planetary system to exterminate almost all life forms on your planet in the mid 26th Century. … at that time a majority of Beings existing on Third Dimensional Earth will no longer be Human Angelic in origin. As a result, they will not have the ability to properly anchor the planet’s energetic grid, nor will they possess the genetic coding necessary to organically interface with the dimension’s energetic portals and openings.”

Only we have the keys to our Home.

Bristol Bay, Alaska (above) / Nov.11, 2017. Note the extreme radio-frequency/microwave transmissions.  Where is the transmitter? Some say they can be in satellites now.


A War in the Heavens: In the Far Reaches of Outer & Inner Space

This is an article I wrote many years ago that describes the Courtney Brown information on the Greys he was in contact with at that time — which correlates with what E.M Nicolay says.

Is there a war going on out there in the far reaches of outer and therefore inner space, a War in the Heavens as many have alluded? If there is such a war, what would that mean to us here on planet Earth in terms of our belief systems, our safety and sovereignty?

In 1995 Courtney Brown started the Farsight Institute to teach remote viewing techniques. In the early days of his endeavors, he was very open about what he was doing and what he was ‘seeing’. For a time he posted the most amazing reports that were emerging from his and others remote viewing events. These reports often concerned governments, the ETs, and catastrophic occurrences that would knock-the-socks-off most of us readers. One day such mind blowing accounts stopped cold, and many concluded that Courtney had been approached, and after some ‘discussion’ was persuaded – like so many others – that it was in the best interest of everyone concerned to curtail the disclosure of such sensitive material.

In 1999 Courtney Brown published a book entitled, COSMIC EXPLORERS: Scientific Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, and a Message for Mankind – now out of print – in which he posed the reality of a war in space:

“There is a war in space and beyond. This war has just now reached our borders. What is at stake is not the awakening of a foolish humanity that wants to keep its head buried in the sand, but a future of our children that is free from fear, imprisonment, and possibly genetic slavery or even genocide. We are entering a new stage in a long battle in which we must fight for the survival of our species. We are now living in an age that requires courage above all things. If fortune favors the bold, so must be our destiny.”

COSMIC EXPLORERS: Scientific Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, and a Message for Mankind, Courtney Brown; Dutton, 1999

ANTARCTICA (above) / Nov.11, 2017. These kind of cloud forms keep showing up in Antarctica. They look more like worms, or larvae – and appear to be charged with energy.                                                                                                                    

This naturally brings up the question of why extraterrestrials would still be involved in war when they are seemingly so far in advance, at least technologically, of we earthlings? The implication here is that the ETs are at varying levels of evolution. Some are indeed very spiritually advanced, while others are perhaps more Borg-like or operating primarily from the classic reptilian brain. So-called insiders often report that our governments are dealing with over 80 different ET races.

The ancient Sanskrit text, The Mahabharata, describes many strange races of beings and their lineages. There are the antigods, the Asuras and within the Asuras are the daityas (genii), the danavas (giants), the dasyus (barbarians), the kalakanjas (stellar spirits), the kalejas (demons of Time), khalins (threshers), nagas (serpents), nivata-kavacas (wearers of impenetrable armor), paulomas (sons of the Sage Pulastya), pisacas (eaters of raw flesh), and the Raksasas (night wanderers). The extensive lineages of these beings are often listed.  [‘The Gods of India’/Alain Danielou]

The concept of other worlds is an accepted part of Hindu metaphysics. The Puranas give rich descriptions of these worlds known as LOKAS. The seven Higher Lokas are Bhur Loka, Bhuvar Loka, Svar Loka, Mahar Loka, Jana Loka, Tapo Loka, and Satya Loka. The seven Lower Lokas are Atalam, Vitalam, Sutalam, Tala-Talam, Rasa-Talam, Maha-Talam, and Patalam. All of these Loka Worlds are often vividly described and this last one, the Patala Loka is a real blood-drinking ghoulish reptilian nightmare.

Are these Loka worlds merely astral realms, or are they actual planetary civilizations?  The better question is – Is there a difference? If the universe is a hologram, then all the worlds contained within this particular universe express varying rates of vibratory frequencies and thus dimensional localities.

Just as the duration of time, meaning the manner in which you experience time is a consequence of your consciousness – so is your location also a function of your consciousness. You are where you are, based what you think because your thoughts emit specific frequencies.

ANTARCTICA (above) / Nov.11, 2017. These kind of cloud forms keep showing up in Antarctica. They look more like worms, or larvae – and appear to be charged with energy.                                                                                                              

Around the year 1995, Courtney Brown gave a lecture, which I personally attended. One of the subjects he discussed was that the little Grey aliens had intentionally mutated their own genome and suffered unintended dire consequences. According to Mr. Brown, the Greys had gone through a period of extreme violence, greed, and excess that had wrought terrible destruction in their world. Thus they had made a collective decision to unplug the portion of their DNA that could produce so much ‘evil’ in their holographic matrix. Sadly this had also cut them off from exalted spiritual experiences. Part of their hybridization program with our human genome is to hopefully resurrect the capacity of their emotional bodily forms to experience a wide variety of spiritual states of consciousness.

I naturally found this very interesting because it was evidence that the other races of beings in this universe are also evolving and moving through the Cycles of Time just as we are here in 3rd dimensional planet Earth.

I feel that at this time it is now crucial for us to realize that not all ETs are alike – just as there is a wide spectrum of human behavior, so the ETs are living in their own unique frequency of consciousness and each of these has their own point of view based on their own agenda. Thus what is good for them may not necessarily be good for us as humans.

When the ETs reveal themselves, it will be very tempting for many of us here to deify, idealize, and follow them. Some of them may be offering everything from miracle technologies to space travel to spiritual salvation. We must learn to feel their real intentions and hone our own powers of discernment.
The human species has been entrained for centuries to worship an external deity and passively await salvation. This Kali Yuga entrainment leaves us very vulnerable to the Darkside ETs. We will bow down and worship just about anything – from movie stars to idols to consumption.

Elephant Island, ANTARCTICA (above) / Nov.11, 2017. Note the extreme radio-frequency/microwave transmissions.  Where is the transmitter?    

“I dwell in the heart of everyone.”
-Bhagavad Gita, [37.15.15]

“… I, the SELF, dwell in the heart.”
-Uddhava Gita, Dialogue 15. 29

God is within the Heart of each and every man, woman and child. An adamantine connection with the God-within us all will protect mankind from any possible manipulation and deception from any of the pernicious tyrannical ETs. Already there are a myriad of cults emerging around ET transmissions.


Trust only the God-within you. This is why I have placed the Sanskrit text from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad at the top of this website. I remember the first time I read this passage years ago I was completely bewildered by it. I couldn’t imagine what it could mean, and only after years of study and research did it hit me like the proverbial bullet train.

What happens metaphysically with this bow-down-worship thing is that you in fact give whatever you worship, in the external illusory hologram, your energy. So whoever worships another – meaning any other being on this earth or from the myriad denizens of the Invisible Realms, gods, angels, or ETs – his energy becomes ‘sacrificial’ food for that entity. The current way of saying this is – You give your power away!

This entire universe – only one of many others – is a temporal illusory hologram. Beneath the illusion of holographic multiplicities is Oneness, Source, the Immeasurable Immensity, the Immutable Creator. You are a portion of the Unified Field of that Love which is also Divine Power as energy, as the Force.

TAT TWAM ASI – Thou Art That!
Lift up the ‘curtain of each atom’ and you will find your SELF – ATMA.

When you realize your Oneness with Isness you will be amazed at how powerful the Illusion has to be to delude you into the momentary idea of Separation from the One. This power of illusion is the art of MAYA and allows Isness to play in this universe as multiplicity.

When you are connected to the Oneness none can use you and your energy, and make you a sacrificial lamb for their own needs. But as long as you feel that he is one and I another, he knows not – meaning when you see another as God and think that you are not, then you know not and are vulnerable.

The only difference between you and the sublimely enlightened ones you worship is that through their own endeavors, they experienced God Realization, they REMEMBERED who they are and know God is within the Heart – and perhaps you do not, yet!

The purpose of Life, especially now in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga is to Remember who you are.

It is obvious to me that in a War in the Heavens, we human beings simply do not have the technology to fight entities that have the power to move from one dimension into another.

Our sanctuary lies within – in consciousness.

V. Susan Ferguson

The Bhagavadgita in the Mahabharata
Translated by J.A.B. van Buitenen
University of Chicago Press, 1981
The Uddhava Gita, The Final Teaching of Krishna
Translated by Swami Ambikananda Saraswati; 2002, Ulysses Press
The Gods of India/Hindu Polytheism
Alain Danielou, 1964
Inner traditions International; 1985, New York


Sea of Okhotsk (above) / June 12, 2017

VSF: The Mahabharata contains a vivid description of a Great Dissolution. While I realize that this was intended to be a MahaPralaya, still the images can easily be connected with the high probability of nuclear accidents, nuclear war, radiation events, and now the very real threat of Methane which is already occurring in the Laptev Sea as the Arctic melts.

 At the Time of the Great Dissolution of the Universe

Excerpts from the Mahabharata 3[37]186.55-75
Then the virtuous king Yudhishthira in all humility again enquired of the illustrious Markandeya, saying, ‘O great Muni , thou hast seen many thousands of ages pass away. In this world there is none so long lived as thou!
… at the time of the great dissolution of the universe, when this world is without sky and without the gods…
… all creatures with soul rapt in meditation and entirely swallowed up in Him!
… thou hast many a time witnessed with thy eyes, the primeval acts of creation…
… When neither the sun, nor the moon, nor fire, nor earth, nor air, nor sky remains, when all the world being destroyed looketh like one vast ocean…
Markandeya replied…
… the Great, the Incomprehensible, the Wonderful and the Immaculate. He is without beginning and without end, pervades all the world, is Unchangeable and Undeteriorating. He is the Creator of all, but is himself uncreate and is the Cause of all power.
… towards the end of those thousands of years constituting the four Yugas and when the lives of men become so short, a drought occurs extending for many years.
… men and creatures endued with small strength and vitality, becoming hungry die by thousands.
… seven blazing Suns, appearing in the firmament, drink up all the waters of the Earth that are in rivers or seas.
… everything of the nature of wood and grass that is wet to dry, is consumed and reduced to ashes.
… the fire called Samvartaka impelled by the winds appeareth on the earth that hath already been dried to cinders by the seven Suns.
And then that fire, penetrating through the Earth and making its appearance, in the nether regions also, begetteth great terror in the hearts of the gods, the Danavas and the Yakshas .
… consuming the nether regions as also everything upon this Earth that fire destroyeth all things in a moment.
And that fire called Samvartaka aided by that inauspicious wind, consumeth this world extending for hundreds and thousands of yojanas .
And that lord of all things, that fire, blazing forth in effulgence consumeth this universe with gods and Asuras and Gandharvas and Yakshas and Snakes and Rakshasas.

And there rise in the sky deep masses of clouds, looking like herds of elephants and decked with wreaths of lightning that are wonderful to behold.
 And some of those clouds are of the hue of the blue lotus; and some are of the hue of the water-lily; and some resemble in tint the filaments of the lotus and some are purple and some are yellow as turmeric and some of the hue of the crows’ egg.
 And some are bright as the petals of the lotus and some red as vermillion.
 And some resemble palatial cities in shape and some herds of elephants.
 And some are of the form of lizards and some of crocodiles and sharks.
 And, O king, the clouds that gather in the sky on the occasion are terrible to behold and wreathed with lightnings, roar frightfully.
 And those vapoury masses, charged with rain, soon cover the entire welkin.
And, O king, those masses of vapour then flood with water the whole earth with her mountains and forests and mines.
… urged by the Supreme Lord those clouds roaring frightfully, soon flood over the entire surface of the earth.
And pouring in a great quantity of water and filling the whole earth, they quench that terrible inauspicious fire (of which I have already spoken to thee).
And urged by the illustrious Lord those clouds filling the earth with their downpour shower incessantly for twelve years.
And then… the Ocean oversteps his continents, the mountains sunder in fragments, and the Earth sinks under the increasing flood.
And then moved on a sudden by the impetus of the wind, those clouds wander along the entire expanse of the firmament and disappear from the view.
And then, O ruler of men, the Self-create Lord–the first Cause of everything–having his abode in the lotus, drinketh those terrible winds and goeth to sleep!

Internet Sacred text Archive:
The Mahabharata of Krishna-Swaipayana Vyasa
translated by Kisari Mohan Ganguli [published between 1883 and 1896]
The Ganguli English translation of the Mahabharata is the only complete one in the public domain.


Guadalupe Island off Baja California (above) / June 10, 2017               

North Africa west coast (above) / June 12, 2017                                        


North Africa west coast (above) / June 12, 2017                                         

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