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ANTARCTICA (above) / Nov.14, 2017                                                        

VSF: A sincere reader sent me an email, to which I am replying to in this manner, for I feel it addresses some of the questions a few of you may have also. For nearly 20 years, I have kept my course on the sacred Sanskrit texts – and avoided the ET presence confusion. In fact, I intentionally stopped my research on the ET question after writing my two books on Inanna and the colonization of planet Earth.

However while I was reading various translations of the Rig Veda, which is said to be the source of all the Sanskrit texts that followed — and found how confusing the various conflicting translations were, I decided to make my own translations and have been doing so every day since for the last five years.

It was then that in this ancient text, the Rig Veda, I found Ionospheric heaters, aka HAARP technology,

space craft,

and scalar weaponry with the power to destroy entire cities.

With all my efforts to avoid the existence of an off-planet influence, I found myself right back in the cross-hairs.

ANTARCTICA (above) / Nov.14, 2017                                                        

Question: Respectfully Susan, I’m trying to give you every opportunity to make me a believer with some form of logical sense.

Truly, I am not trying to make anyone a ‘believer’ and that can only come from within each of you. I am sincerely offering you what I have learned over many years as an experiencer, with over 30+ sightings of UFOs, the paintings of the Greys I did in Texas high school that were stolen at Princeton University, my six months of visions of the colonization of this planet through the eyes of Inanna, and too many off-world other-world visions to recount.

ANTARCTICA (above) / Nov.14, 2017

Question: Please help me understand those two very fair questions please.
1.) How do you think we fight such an alien ET agenda to overtake our species?

We cannot fight them directly. They are serving the purpose of bring this Cycle of Time to a close. However, we can and we must raise our own consciousness. Our Refuge is a higher consciousness. Enlightenment, God Consciousness. And we can help those who are still marginal, who are not aware, and who may be ‘on the fence’ to understand what is actually occurring – to Remember who they are.  Awareness of the metaphysical implications of this ‘foothold’ Invasion will focus into clarity, the lens on so many otherwise completely insanely incomprehensible events. The metaphysical truth behind these events is what E.M. Nicolay makes so clear in his four books.

ANTARCTICA (above) / Nov.14, 2017

For example regarding geoengineering, why would our own governments do this? Yes, it makes no sense from the human view – but from the viewpoint of an Invasion, it makes perfect strategic sense. When we admit that there are millions of galaxies and planetary systems, we may also consider that planets do get taken over. Just as the American Empire is constantly warring to gain resources, so these extraterrestrial races have been at the conquest of space since time immemorial.

In the Pacific Ocean, south of the Gulf of Alaska (above) / Nov.14, 2017. Slight sepia enhancement.                                                                                                   

The shift to AI artificial intelligence, the release of radiation from nuclear power stations and the needless testing of 1000s of nuke-bombs; the vast array of chemicals that are now inundating saturating our bodies, the toxic-to-humans chemicals that have been added to our food-water-soil that are destroying our immune system and our minds; the police state enforcement of vaccinations that have been shown to harm our children — and so much more that really does seem both stupid and suicidal, until you add the ET Invasion factor.

All of these covert projects are working to the Invader’s advantage – while most of the humans on this planet, don’t even know this Invasion is happening to them. People do wonder in bewilderment, but the draconian levels of secrecy prevent exposure of the truth. Why would the Dracos and the Zetas ever want any of this to be revealed? Secrecy and the mandatory Non-Disclosure Agreements people are now forced to sign, work very well for them.

In the Pacific Ocean, south of the Gulf of Alaska (above) / Nov.14, 2017. A larger view.

2.) If there is an ET presence behind all this, why would Dane Wigington refrain from allowing you to post [about the ET presence] and not be broadcasting it himself?

I have the utmost respect for Dane Wigington. No one will ever really know the enormous sacrifices this man has made. I know many attack him, but they are wrong. Dane is very innocent, he has a pure heart and endless courage. In fact, the way I found Dane was through my revered Kashmir Shaivite teacher, Swami Lakshmanjoo. One of Laskmanjoo’s disciples, who had lived for many years with this great man and saint in Srinagar Kashmir, told me about Dane.

French Southern & Antarctic Lands (above) / Nov.14, 2917                   

Dane has drawn a proverbial “Line in the Sand.” He only accepts what he considers to be credible data. His strategy is working. He is attracting the more sane readers, and professionals who in turn are helping Dane to expose these heinous omnicidal crimes. There are so many theories about the aerosol spraying, and because of the secrecy involved in the technology, many if not most are wild speculation, or worse made up by professionals who seek to intentionally confuse the issues — just as the ET presence has been vehemently intentionally confused for all of my life, 72 years.

Dane has never seen a UFO or had any experiences or any contact with ETs or UFOs. So why would he even discuss them? He sticks to what he knows, and he knows a great deal.  Rather than turn his comment section into a wild confusing speculative discussion of ETs, he limits the comments to what will support his “Line in the Sand” — meaning credible data. He knows what I have concluded, because I am very honest with him. I continue to post what I feel will help him to gather more who are ready to even begin to realize that geoengineering is in fact occurring now!

New Zealand, South Island west coast (above) / Nov.14, 2017               

I sincerely hope this has cleared some of your confusion. Do make up your own mind. Regardless of my conclusions, moving towards your own Enlightenment is the best choice and way in these perilous times.

Our Refuge is a higher Consciousness.

V. Susan Ferguson

Swami Lakshmanjoo, the Kashmir Shaivite Saint & Scholar







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