Deconstructing the Physical Properties of the Universe: Particle Accelerators & De-coupling Matter / “the collisions of energetic particles may, in principle, trigger a phase transition of the first kind, whereby a decay of the false vacuum and a complete change in the physical properties of the Universe will take place.”

ANTARCTICA (above) / Nov.24, 2017. The area of South Sandwich Islands with contrast & saturation pushed.                                                                                      

Deconstructing the Physical Properties of the Universe

V. Susan Ferguson

Vladimir Fortov was until very recently head of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In “Extreme States of Matter, High Energy Density Physics” [Springer, 2016], Fortov reveals facts concerning the accelerators that generate the highest energy densities attainable under terrestrial conditions in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. The most well known of these accelerators, and the most powerful are CERN in Switzerland.

However there are others, many such laboratories throughout the world, including Menlo Park California, Brookhaven National Laboratory Long Island, and FermiLab Illinois, the Facility for Antiproton & Ion Research in Darmstadt Germany, Japan, Russia, China. There are said to be around 30,000 particle accelerators, but the majority of these are of much lower power and used for practical material purposes, and not as the principle tool in “nuclear physics, elementary particle physics, quantum chromodynamics, and superdense nuclear matter physics research.” The construction of each of these unrelativistic hadron accelerator complexes amounts to several billion dollars. One wonders where the money comes from to fund such experimental research and why.

The thousands of accelerators of different types are constructed as “giant electrical facilities incorporating cutting-edge engineering ideas” in high-energy-density physics. The CERN Large Hadron Collider LHC is an accelerator complex with plans to collide two proton beams of intense energy (7 x 7 TeV) for the production of particles of dark matter, the Higgs boson, quark-gluon plasma, “perhaps for discovering new dimensions.”


ANTARCTICA (above) / Nov.24, 2017. The area of South Sandwich Islands with contrast & saturation pushed.  Radio-frequency/microwave transmitter generated ripples.

Fortov admits that “during the preparation of these experiments there emerged concerns about their safety, because of the possibility that a black hole would emerge in laboratory conditions with the subsequent absorption of our civilization.”

I sincerely admire Fortov’s literary skills. Surely most will find a sense of wry amusement, if not outright humor in the velvet-like cushioning phrase “the subsequent absorption of our civilization.” In other words, even though you ground-based earthlings have no idea what we — the elite who are playing with high energy density electromagnetics, costing you the tax payer billions of dollars — we might just conjure up a black hole that will suck you and the entire planetary civilization into reset oblivion.

Of course, Fortov assures us that “calculations showed that the state of a mini black hole in the accelerator experiments would exist for a very short time,” which was deemed to be insufficient for catastrophic consequences.

Why am I not convinced?  We humans are often oblivious to the consequences of our actions — and there are endless pieces of evidence that we are in fact on the edge of our own demise, taking the planet with us through the incomprehensible insanity of our own compulsions and impulsions. We often appear more like little boys who in their unbridled enthusiasm to ‘blow stuff up’ learn that firecrackers, albeit powerful wonderfully loud, will also remove fingers.

Australia (above) / Nov.18, 2017. When I move in close, I often find radiation ripples. These elongated elegant rows were very typical in the Sea of Okhotsk, Russia earlier.

Fortov continues to inform us with the chilling fact: “Furthermore, the absence of catastrophic events in the transit of superhighway-energy cosmic particles is supposedly an additional argument for the safety of the acceleration experiments in this energy density range.” Note that Fortov uses the word “supposedly” here. I often feel that this man is not only a brilliant scientist, but he is also a poet of sorts, perhaps with the secret heart of a poet, who now and then in his writing, gives glimpses of what may even now be occurring on our planet that none of us are privileged to know.

According to Fortov, the “possible concerns about increasing the energy of collisional experiments were analyzed. The matter is that the collisions of energetic particles may, in principle, trigger a phase transition of the first kind, whereby a decay of the false vacuum and a complete change in the physical properties of the Universe will take place.”

I read this sentence again and again. “… a decay of the false vacuum and a complete change in the physical properties of the Universe will take place.” Am I to rightly assume that these arrogant particle physicists are playing with energies that may cause “a complete change in the physical properties of the Universe.” Yes, it seems they are playing God. They must be quite mad with a sense of entitlement and an obsession with their own power. They are the chosen ones, the geniuses who are supremely superior to all ordinary human beings and who have been given the right to chance initiating “a decay of the false vacuum and a complete change in the physical properties of the Universe will take place.”

This is beyond Insanity. This is the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, where men who have gained a certain amount of learning, without the virtues necessary for its use, are esteemed as sages.

North America, off Baja California, Guadalupe Island (above) / Nov.10, 2017. Note the spirals coming from Guadalupe Island. This is a regular occurrence. Also ‘bundle’ cloud formations.                                                                                                         

Where did we humans get this kind of high-density particle accelerator technology that would allow us the possibility of implementing a catastrophic “decay of the false vacuum and a complete change in the physical properties of the Universe”?

In “The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions” we learn from E.M. Nicolay how the Zeta Reticula Grey race created their own extinction. In their world which exists within a parallel dimension and “over 10,000 years in the future, the Zetas began experimenting with time-space manipulation” — particle acceleration.

“Without realizing, relentless and dangerous technological experimentation with electromagnetic dimension particle acceleration and resulting time-space folding manipulation they did not understand, actually punched a hole in the fabric of time and space where the Zetas existed.”

The rip in dimensional time-space they had artificially created had all the properties of a black hole. Fortov specifically mentions the concern of creating a black hole. According to Nicolay, “the black hole they created slowly grew at an alarming rate to the point where it began pulling into it the very substance of the Solar System they call home.”

North America (ab0ve) / Nov.2, 2017. A detail of cloud forms off Baja California. Note all the layers of ‘tufted ripples’ in these.                                                            

When we outgrow our childlike tendencies to anthropomorphize God, and consider this vast Universe as a magnificent coalescing of electromagnetic energies and Divine Pulsations [SPANDA in Sanskrit], we can understand how this ‘pulling’ might occur.

Everything is Resonance.

In electromagnetics Resonance is described as the movement of a current of energy through inductance and capacitance. Inductance is the property of an electrical conductor by which a change in current induces an electromotive force. Capacitance is the ability of a body to store an electric charge. In the capacitor the energy is stored in the electric field. In the inductor that energy is stored in the magnetic field. A conductor allows for the transfer of electrons. As the current flows through the conductor, the moving current creates a magnetic field by a flow of electrons.

In a polarity universe, which is the type of universe we are currently enjoying, there are three metaphysical principles that have equivalents in the science of Electromagnetics. These are the three GUNAS in the Sanskrit tradition. These three principles are: RAJAS – Attraction [centrifugal & Brahma], TAMAS – Repulsion [centripetal & Shiva as Dissolution], and SATTVA – Neutral [as in a balance – Vishnu; or the pinch point in plasma physics and toroidal fields].

The three GUNAS are much more subtle than atoms. Gunas are immaterial. ‘Hindu seers insist that the atoms themselves are subject to the subtle gunas.’ This sphere of influence extends to electrons and protons.

The distinguishing features of whatever is produced – the term often used is ‘evolutes’ – through the ‘imbalance of the gunas in the body of electromagnetic atoms’ never follows a given method and is therefore unpredictable. It seems that the Creator is not overly fond of what is predictable and enjoys our freewill universe.

The mutations generated by the ‘subtle balancing of the gunas is a phenomenon, the operations of which are clouded in mystery to material science.’ The protons and electrons are said to be astral ‘bodies’ (bhutas) that take shape into matter. The gunas ‘constitute the subtle aspirations in the [astral/subtle] bodies, and confer on them individual character, potentiality, and personality.’ This is the unmanifest generating, interacting with, and influencing the manifest.

‘The point of cause, and the point of motive, in the cycle of existence, start and end at the same point in a circle. The space within the circumference is the sea of consciousness.’ This circle is in fact a sphere.

ANTARCTICA (ab0ve) / Nov.1, 2017.                                                          

The imbalances of the three gunas … RAJAS, SATTVA, & TAMAS

The endless differences between things, the evolutes produced by the imbalances of the gunas, is based in their relative share of sattva, rajas, and tamas. This imbalance accounts for what is ‘near or far’ from our natural state of bliss consciousness. The spectrum of the gunas extends and expands from the self-luminous transparency of sattva, through the passionate urge to possess and control that is rajas, down into the density and delusion that emerges from the guna tamas.

Rajas is the guna that urges what is into motion. Once motion is invoked, it is perpetual. Tamas is the guna of inertia that slows and stops the urge to perpetual motion invoked by rajas. Thus the creator deity Brahma is the guna rajas, and Shiva as the principle of destruction is the guna tamas. Vishnu is sattva.

‘Mass and energy in this process become manifest to our senses as individual and distinct phenomenon.’ The effects produced in the external holographic matrix are always in a state of emerging or decaying. Our ‘inner senses’ allow us to access an ideal state, a sort of ‘center of the storm’ where we are beyond the confusion of the gunas machinations. This realm of this ‘inner senses’ provides us with the insights that reveal the Truth of the Real ‘beneath the curtain of each atom’ (Mahmud Shabistari).

ANTARCTICA (above) / Nov.13, 2017                                                         

We live in a Woven Universe that is interconnected with electromagnetic frequency waveforms.

Mr. Electromagnetics:  Everything is connected to everything. The energy spectrum of all that is goes from zero to Infinity. There is no limit to rates of vibration. Vibration is frequency. Everything is influenced by vibration/frequency. Energy is vibration. Substances have energies inherently inside or externally imposed upon them. They respond to that energy — whether that energy is consciously benevolent or malevolent, positive or negative, centrifugal or centripetal.

In terms of Fortov’s discussion of the possibility of creating “a decay of the false vacuum and a complete change in the physical properties of the Universe will take place” — we may understand that when a precise Resonance was generated by these experiments using high-density energies in accelerators, that precise Resonance would ‘unlock’ or unhinge, de-couple, and perhaps dissolve the magnetic forces that are holding the “appearances” [AbhAsana in the Sanskrit] of the solidity of matter together for the reception by our five-sense perception. Thus our universe would appear to dissolve — or generate “a complete change in the physical properties of the Universe.”

AFRICA (ab0ve) / Nov.13, 2017                                                                     

According to Nicolay, the manipulation of time-space folding by the Zetas through experimentation with electromagnetic dimension particle acceleration resulted in a black hole, a rip in the fabric of Time and this began to grow at an alarming rate, pulling the very substance of their Solar System into it. Civil Wars resulted as the Zetas who sought solutions to their desperate situation and wished to end the experiments, fought with those who wanted to continue in the hope that further experiments would repair the rift. These wars were the cause of intense radioactive contamination that damaged their DNA and led to the genetic degeneration of their race.

The Zetas realized that the ‘rip’ would lead to the doom of their civilization, and the subsequent deterioration of their physical bodies. On a metaphysical level, once they began “their inevitable descent into the destructive pull of the rip in time and space, it is thought that the Souls themselves may become trapped and unable to extradite the energy chords” that connect them to their physical bodies. Thus Nicolay says that the Zetas are “a race in the process of Soul de-volution.” From this we understand that certain races can destroy themselves. In a polarity universe, wrong decisions leading to catastrophe can be made.

There are many comparisons between what our current physicists are doing with these Large Hadron Colliders and the tragic story of the Zeta Reticuli Greys. Surely we may see their Invasion of our planet as a result in the Law of Magnetism — like attracts like. How similar to the Zetas have we earthlings become and are we on our way to a similar Fate?

ANTARCTICA (above) / Nov.13, 2017. Note evidence of radio-frequency/microwave transmitters generated radiation ripples.                                                    

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

V. Susan Ferguson




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