SCALAR WAVES part 1 – The Healing Universe: Scalar Energy & Scalar Waves in Healing John Michael Mallon


The Healing Universe – Scalar Energy and Scalar Waves in Healing
John Michael Mallon

[VSF: This video has helped me to understand Scalar wave technology more that anything I have previously read – including Tom Bearden, who I find highly obtuse perhaps intentionally so. Maxwell is easier! If you have any interest in understanding Scalar physics do watch the entire video, which I realize is long. I have been watching it in segments, breaking it up to absorb the material. He uses excellent terms – such as “locked to Resonance structures” – and wonderful comparative illustrations. Worth your time.

For me personally his verification that the geoengineering ‘chemtrails’ are a Scalar technology – and that what I have been calling radio-frequency/microwave ripples are in fact actually Scalar Waves!  Many others have said that the global aerosol spraying operations are a Scalar technology — and recently my friend Mr. Electromagnetics and I came to the same conclusion. So finding this video was like a confirmation from within — a reward of sorts for all my 3000+ screen shots.

Tesla brought Scalar technologies into Earth, and the FBI confiscated all his works after his death. It is obvious to me that the Secret Space Program is connected to these technologies, which include space travel, scalar weaponry, and free energy. The free energy part is where the secrecy must have become deadly because the oil cartel would never allow oil to be replaced.

I have included my notes and screenshot images to get you into this long video. But there is so much more that will change the way we think forever!]

Energetic based therapies
the importance of conscious intent
the observer influences the outcome
The Body Electric – Robert Becker

wave energy physics
many do not understand + the narrowness of specialization

SCALAR means an amount/quantity that does not possess a direction
like temperature, mass, pressure, static electricity
all exist but are not going anywhere
flowing energy is not the only energy that is.

@9:50  Scalar energy exists everywhere like a tension in the Aether that we are living within and which extends throughout all the universe.
It cannot be directly seen or measured with conventional instruments, which is the reason why most people are not so familiar with it.

Scalar energy is the predominant energy in the universe.
It is the energy of nature – and our bodies – and of healing.

We live in a sea of energy.
Within the visible universe, we are on a boat in the middle of the ocean.
We are surrounded by Scalar energy.
It is mind blowing gigantic.
No comparison to express its enormity.
Even millions of atomic bombs fail to give its magnitude.
The seething energetic ocean within which we live.
Is with us in every sense you can imagine.

@15: 30  Even though we are surrounded by Scalar energy, it is impossible to measure it with present day instruments. We are totally immersed within it. However we can get acquainted with scalar through pattern and phenomena.

Study the waves and their patterns.
@17:03  Stationary Waves. Like the waves you set up on a rope with one fixed end.

@17: 40  Like a violin string. The waves are running up and down a string interfering with each other in such a way that they create a stationary buzzing pattern — a musical note.

This is exactly how a scalar wave looks. It contains energy, but it is going no where.

@18:00  Scalar waves interact with each other to create what we call particles or matter. An atom does not look like the old particle atom. The new wave version has replaced particles.

There are NO Particles — ONLY WAVES. Waves and more waves.

@19:00  Wave structures. When the term particles is used — think the end points of waves where their directions are reversed. We can therefore define particle as being the stationary wave energy structure that results when we get forward and time-reversed waves that become locked in Resonance with each other.

@20:00  You could therefore say that the flapping rope connects two particles. One particle is at your hand and the other particle, the point where the rope ties to the wall. These two particles are locked together in Resonance, between two identical waves that are going in opposite directions — Scalar energy waves.

@20:28   This illustrates the “locked to Resonance structure” that is an electron. The center point oscillates up and down, in other words it oscillates between positive and negative, showing how the creation of an electron must be accompanied by its antiparticle the positron.

When several electrons create phase-locked Resonance with each other, we have a synchronously resonating structure that forms an even bigger particle.

This is the basis of ALL MATTER IN the UNIVERSE!

@22:00  The degree to which our bodies maintain their phase-lock resonance, we are healthy and aware. We extend into the space surrounding our physical body. With resonance locking taking place with other Scalar waves from within the surrounding Aether. This is the nature of our auras.

@23:00  Realize that ALL of space is a resonating mist of phase-locked particles. No where is there emptiness. Not even in the farthest reaches of outer space. It is through this resonance-locked wave structure that all energy flows in the universe.

Very hard materials give us an idea of the energy that locked together the carbon atoms within for example diamonds.

@24:00  Scalar waves appear on computer simulations. Patterns on a vibrating flat plate. Shows stationary scalar waves.

@55:00  Military applications: HAARP are capable of triggering meteorological and geological phenomena anywhere around the world.

Scalar cloud patterns (below), show the Scalar wave disturbances cause by such transmitters.

Clouds are commonly used for the purpose of providing feedback information to the testers of military research devices. Often however, suitable cloud cover does not exist when Scalar tests are scheduled, so clouds are made to order.
















@56:00 This is done by adding metallic crystalline materials to jet fuel, which results in the high persistent trails that we call ‘chemtrails’.

Here is a pattern of a sky prepared for tests.

This shows a chemtrail that is split by wave actions.

Note how the bottom trail ‘feathers’ out in a down direction, but not so much on the top/
Also there is a ripple linear patter on the lower left, quite distinct from the ‘feathery’ action. And if you look carefully, you can see more trails underneath? 

And this shows multiple right-angles pulled in a chemtrail.

@57:00 The missile shield program developed by the United States is a Scalar energy application. Managed by sites such as … PLANAR antennas and Planar magnetic speaker which is capable of projecting high intensity sound as a magnetic Scalar wave to any vector location within a several mile radius without losing intensity.











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