CALIFORNIA FIREs Smoke on NASA Worldview / 1PacificRedwood: 12-8-2017; Terrorists Controling Weather Block All Pacific Moisture With Blockade! Fires Burn in CA

1Pacific Redwood / 12-8-2017; Terrorists Controlling Weather Block All Pacific Moisture With Blockade! Fires Burn in CA

North America (ab0ve) / Dec.6, 2017. CA fire smoke pouring out into the Pacific Ocean.

The California Fires smoke. Notice the ‘rippled’ effects in the interior smoke and also the right-angle further to the left. Smoke does not behave geometrically. Thus we can assume that they are using the transmitters to “play” with what they have created.

Here is a closer view of the same effects, ripples and angular patterns – plus this weird ‘blob’ which appears to be a scalar effect, shaped like a cylinder, a joint in a lobster leg.

I wonder what this isolated ‘blob’ is? There are many scalar wave radiation ripples in the smoke. I have enhanced the contrast to show the structural properties of the smoke, which is loaded with particulate matter they can use their transmitters to ‘play’ with. Testing more military uses in a metalized and weaponized atmosphere.         

Invasion: Weaponizing and ‘Metalizing’ Earth’s Atmosphere / “By the mid to late 2010s, hardly any region on Earth was free of the newly ionized and metalized atmosphere, or by virtue of particle fallout, the ionization of the electromagnetic grid system of the planet.”

The ‘blob’ appears to be a scalar effect, shaped like a cylinder, cylindrical equations, like a a joint in a lobster leg. The screenshot is very contrast & saturation enhanced.

North America (above) on Dec.7, 2017. The black squares are most likely a satellite issue, not hiding anything intentionally. I don’t think they give a damn anymore what we think or see or how we react. They appear to consider us irrelevant and sedated. You can see how the smoke trails are blending in, perhaps increasing altering the jet stream?  Do they want to experiment with a ‘useful’ to them fire?

California Firestorms: Geoengineered Catastrophe
December 6, 2017  
Dane Wigington

A closer view on the same day.                                                                                                    

Still in the ‘tail’ of the CA fires. The ‘square’ (below) is in the upper right quarter (above).  Water vapor clouds do not form squares naturally. This is evidence if transmitter radiation and the metalizing of our planet’s atmosphere.

This is the second one I have found similar to this. A box. In CA fire ‘tail’. I have greatly increased the contrast and saturation to bring out the structure beneath. My friend, Mr. EM suggests that we are looking at two transmitters which are radiating energies into two distinct altitudes – thus the square effect.                                                     

Still a closer view and further contrast enhancement. Angular geometric patterns are not natural to clouds, unless they have been metalized and zapped with radiation.

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