E.M. Nicolay: Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension / Understanding the difference between Ascension and Enlightenment.


E.M Nicolay

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Understanding Enlightenment and Ascension – V. Susan Ferguson 8/14/17

Enlightenment is the Realization that for all eternity we have been and are portions of the ubiquitous ONE God Force that dwells within each of us and within every manifested form. We are the imperishable immutable immeasurable ONE — we are That. TAT TVAM ASI. God Consciousness.

Ascension pertains to our evolution through the dimensional realms that God ‘plays’ in. In the sacred Sanskrit tradition, this is called the Divine LILA, the Divine Play. God Veils Itself as us, every individual being in the universe, to move through these dimensional realms that are created for the purpose of the unending explorations of the ever expanding and contracting, centrifugal and centripetal, God potential, the Adventure of Consciousness. The universe is the ‘mirror’ for God to reflect Its vast superb magnificence within.


Why Ascension and JIVAN MUKTI Enlightenment are not the same Experience / V. Susan Ferguson

VSF: As Nicolay & Jang say, the period we are quickly moving into is comprised not “only of loss, turmoil and despair, but rather of final [within this current cycle of time] opportunities for growth to be participated in by all Souls, particularly those cycling off the timeline forever.” Thus we clearly see here that Nicolay & Jang understand the difference between Ascension and Enlightenment. Those who are “cycling off the timeline forever” are not hoping to move into a higher dimensional realm, like Fifth Dimensional Gaia or a higher dimension. They are not wanting further lifetimes in endless dimensions. They are ready to go Home, to Return to their Source, the One God that we all are.

Now there is nothing wrong in wanting to Ascend. Many portions of the One are eager and happy to continue to experience and express through the various layers of frequency waveform realms that can accommodate their desires. Fulfilling the desires of the Veiled pieces of the One — meaning us! — is what the universe is for!  There are many who want to create in the more subtle realms, directly into the substratum Aether, who want to return to being light bodies, and desire to live in a state of love, family happiness, and service to others.

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