The Silent “foothold” Alien Invasion & Plan to Replace the Human Angelic Soul Group: / E.M. Nicolay: “A planet’s energetic transfer is a closed loop system whereby energy coming from Source passes through the system’s Sun — and is focused and disseminated by the electromagnetic grid of planets to the physical Beings present on the system via their energetic body (chakra system).”

ANTARCTICA, the Amery Ice Shelf area (above) / Jan.15, 2018. These are more like the other cylindrical ‘hive’ clouds, dripping worm-like forms. With a slight sepia & contrast enhancement.                                                                                                 

The Silent Alien ‘foothold’ Invasion of Planet Earth

E.M. Nicolay: “As transformation of the planet’s environment by this alien group occurs and the world’s energies are curtailed, it becomes more and more difficult for Human Angelics to incarnate into suitable physical bodies that can be energetically sustained. … the speed with which environmental alterations are being manipulated and accomplished by this alien race [the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Greys] … [is] the precursor to the planetary ‘RESET’ … in the 26th Century, the degree of success this alien race has in commandeering the planet will be paralleled by the severity of the event when it occurs.”

VSF: As the native Americans and others who were spiritually connected to this earth well understood, our planet Earth is a Soul entity, a conscious being. Our physical bodies are made of that earth soil, which is transformed by digestion into our cellular structure and processes from the moment we are conceived in the womb of our mothers. Without the food that grows in fields of soil, there would be no physical existence. We are made of that soil, the black and red dirt, the good earth transformed into the miraculous mechanisms that create, nurture and regenerate our physical bodies.

On every level, we are intrinsically interconnected with, by and of our home planet Earth. “Planets and solar systems are not separate from the Beings that inhabit them…” The universe is a vast interconnected electromagnetic system and we are a part of that integral order.

ANTARCTICA, the Amery Ice Shelf area (above) / Jan.15, 2018. Here I have pushed the contrast and saturation to the max to reveal what is inside these bizarre forms. I am not sure what contributes to the prism-like colors, but I believe that the chemical content in the clouds cannot be ruled out. These kinds of color effects rarely show up at higher latitudes, so the angle of the Sun may contribute.

A Planet’s Energetic Transfer is a Closed Loop System

E.M. Nicolay: “A planet’s energetic transfer is a closed loop system whereby energy coming from Source passes through the system’s Sun — and is focused and disseminated by the electromagnetic grid of planets to the physical Beings present on the system via their energetic body (chakra system).”

We are part of a vast universal integrated circuitry that conducts ‘charge’ meaning energies, Light, Wisdom-Knowledge, and Life itself from our Source — God the eternal, imperishable, immeasurable, immutable One — through our star, the Sun, into our Earth’s magnetosphere and the planets in this solar system. Our chakras are meant to be aligned with, and in harmony with the planetary chakras, and both are in resonance with these ‘charged’ energies, the photonic Light that comes from the Galactic Core. Source is the Initiator.

E.M Nicolay: “When this closed loop system is overly compromised or weakened by whatever means, it becomes difficult for the system to sustain itself. Energy flowing through the system is no longer readily accepted and regenerated by the Soul group or other Beings inhabiting it. In rare cases this causes closure…”

Nicolay says that such ‘closure’ is a failure of flow. Energy must flow. When a system can no longer accept, absorb or dispel energy, it moves into ‘free fall status’ and becomes a runaway system that is no longer connected to its Source. In an effort to restore itself, the star Sun within such a solar system that had become disconnected from Source, will go into Nova. When that fails, it will “choose death” and explode or implode in a Supernova.

“Souls incarnated within that dimensional planetary system are lost.”

Nicolay is not saying that our Sun is about to choose death. He is simply telling us what can and does happen as he continues to expand our knowledge of primordial metaphysics beyond our dimension into a greater universal realm. He is teaching us the vital importance in understanding the mechanics of our interconnected relationship with our own planet. We are electromagnetic antennas that serve to connect the flow between our planet and Source.

ANTARCTICA, the Ross Ice Shelf area (above) / Jan.16, 2018. The contrast and sepia are enhanced to show spiral-coil curls charged with scalar energy.              

The Earth is meant for the Human Angelic Soul group. While the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Greys do serve their purpose in this polarity universe, neither of the alien Soul groups have the genetic coding necessary to properly anchor our planet’s energetic grid or to organically interface with the dimension’s energetic portals and openings. Therefore such a massive infiltration of their Soul race will force our planetary system to exterminate almost all life forms on Third Dimensional planet Earth in the mid 26th Century.

We are in an Ascension phase. The universe is ever in motion, renewing itself energetically. Thus there is an intensification of photonic Light energies coming from the Galactic Core to facilitate an increase in consciousness that will allow new expressions within all dimensional realms. The Creator is never motionless, stagnant, there is an eternal flow — the Mystery of the Vibrationless-Vibration.

Even a dormant period is only a phase of the Eternal Flow. Energy is perpetually existing, flowing, surging, emerging, streaming out and available to all that are aligned with Source, the Eternal Spring, the juice, the electrical frequency waveform consciousness that dwells in the Heart.

Resonance is the essence of electromagnetics.
The word matrix simply means womb.
A womb is a cup, a cavity.

Mr. Electromagnetics:  In electromagnetics every cavity has the characteristics of resistance, capacitance, and inductance. The capacitance and inductance determines the resonant frequency — the wave length. The product of capacitance multiplied by the inductance determines the resonant frequency and consequently the physical wavelength. To make the strongest magnitude of the energy, the attenuation, meaning the resistance, must be kept to a minimum. The attenuation is a measurement of the quality of the resonant circuit. The frequency is the reciprocal of the wavelength. The lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength. The product of inductance and capacitance is equal to the velocity of the energy in the medium.

ANTARCTICA, the Ross Ice Shelf area (above) / Jan.16, 2018. The contrast and saturation are maxed to show spiral-coil curls charged with scalar energy and prism colors.

Their Silent “foothold” Invasion

Nicolay says that both the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Grey are increasingly incarnating in order to compromise and stem the tide of rising consciousness occurring for the Ascension of Human Angelic Souls during this current Ascension period 1900-2250. The Greys made alliances with the “higher dimensional Draconians with whom they already have indirect genetic links as a humanoid-reptilian species.”

The technologies that have been given to our earthling governments and military are in fact intended to alter the environment and make it more amenable to the their alien preferences — and to assist us, the Human Angelics to destroy ourselves. The recent push to increase not only armaments, but also nuclear weaponry does seem completely insane, bewildering to any rational reasoning being. Because of the contractual legal agreements made with our leaders, the Zetas have “continually and ‘willingly’ provided new technologies to your defense and secret government organizations.”

A close-up detail off Baja California (above) / Nov.2, 2017. With a slight sepia enhancement. These clouds appear more like rocks, sandstone, than water vapor.

The ‘Metalization’ of Earth’s Atmosphere

The heavy toxic metals that are put into chemtrails are causing the ‘metallization’ of our atmosphere. The covert secret geoengineering operations that are in play around the planet are in fact being used “to minimize and counter the stream of essential photon energy coming from the Sun, and being sent to you during this cycle. … you are being blocked from receiving essential energies required to stimulate and activate the evolution of your DNA…” These operations have little to do with mitigating sunlight and global warming.

The Pacific Ocean off the coast of California (above) / Jan.14, 2018. Note the hundreds of miles of “electrified” erect tufts spread out over the ocean. What can generate such forms? Transmitter generated electromagnetic charge.                                        

When one considers who, or more accurately ‘what’ is in command of these operations and the Deep State, the need for the draconian level of enforced secrecy is obvious. When will the majority finally realize that what has been done to us by our own governments is in fact the Zeta’s plan to take over our planet. The real intentions of the ongoing geoengineering operations are actually genocide, and the collapse of the biosphere conducive to Human Angelic Souls.

We have for years been subjected to biological efforts to sicken and sterilize the Human Angelic populations. When the majority does realize the fact that we have been exposed, without our awareness, through “a combined systemic electromagnetic assault and mounting exposure to an ever-increasing list of environmental toxins” — there will be a complete breakdown not only in trust, but also planetary emotional shock.

Electromagnetics: The Draco Reptilian Race as Attenuation and the “foothold” Invasion of Earth

The Pacific Ocean off the coast of California (above) / Jan.14, 2018. This is a detail of the hundreds of miles of “electrified” erect cloud tufts spread out over the ocean. Pushing the contrast, saturation, etc. to the max, shows the spiral coils within these tufts. It is unusual to reveal the prism colors in this latitude.                                              

The Time for the Light Warriors is Now!

This is yet another crucial reason why you came here. Many are needed to ground and balance the planetary consciousness. Even if you never leave the protection of your own home, your higher frequency waveform consciousness will provide a balancing and somewhat alleviate the energies that are destabilizing the planet, altering our individual DNA, and unhinging the electromagnetic grid. Those of you who are ready, who have prepared yourself all these years, or who are still in the process, you are needed. The time is now.


Love God!

Should you feel confused by conflicting spiritual teachings and doctrines, simply let them go. Love God. The various delineations of metaphysical truth are expressions of individual states of consciousness that perceive truth through their own distinct lens, their unique gunas.  Even the great Masters have their own lens, relative to their consciousness, their own style of perception, expression, and understanding throughout time.

God is unconditional LOVE. God is the frequency waveform Love. If God was not unconditional Love, this planet Earth plane dimensional realm would not be allowed to wander in darkness and confusion for the purpose of inevitably revealing our true Self, our Home. We are That. We are Veiled expressions of the One. Our Refuge is a higher consciousness. Enlightenment and God Consciousness is our Right. For those who have the ears to hear…

V. Susan Ferguson

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

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