Terraforming Earth by Altering Her Resonant Frequencies – by Mr. ElectroMagnetics / The Mechanics of Reptilian Hybrid Incarnates / NASA Worldview images ofAntarctica

ANTARCTICA (above) / Jan.20, 2018. In the Australian Mawson Base area. There are some very strange configurations and prismatic colors showing up when I push the contrast & saturation levels. Whatever is going on in the Antarctic with regard to these geoengineering operations is more extreme in Earth’s South Pole.                  https://go.nasa.gov/2FZcu53

Terraforming Earth by Altering Her Resonant Frequencies

by Mr. ElectroMagnetics

A human being is comparable to a resonant circuit or a resonant cavity — an energy cup. A resonant cavity consists of capacitive reactance and inductive reactance. The combination of capacitive reactance and inductive reactance is matched to the frequency of the energy moving through them. The combination of capacitive reactance and inductive reactance also determines the velocity of the energy in the medium.

The physical body of the human soul group is a unique DNA-RNA combination designed to resonate with the specific energy in its environment – in particular with our Sun and the other planets in our Solar System — and especially with the Earth’s energy grids.

Energy that is emitted from the central Galactic Core is supported by the numerous resonant cavities that are stretching, extending from the Galactic Core, which is sending its energies to our galaxy, the core of the Milky Way, through our Sun, onto Earth’s magnetosphere, and into our planet’s energy grid to be absorbed by the beings that inhabit Earth.

The energies that are coming from the central Galactic Core represent the entire spectrum of frequencies — as it is said “from D.C. to daylight.” This vast spectrum will not be usable equally to all forms of life, to all beings unless the specific energy matches the beings’ resonant frequency. There must be some downshift in frequency, or in the terms of electromagnetics, attenuation and or frequency shift. The intensity of the entire spectrum of frequency waveforms is simply too great for all to absorb. These energies must be transformed or reduced by a series of transformations step-by-step, so that the frequency waveforms are usable by the end-user. Thus all beings have their unique filtering systems.

As an example, when we want to drink water and we foolishly attempt to drink from Niagra Falls or a massive swiftly flowing river — in order to drink from such a large volume of water, one must reduce the flow (or the energy) in a series of downward steps. Just as we cannot easily drink from a large source of rushing water, our bodies cannot absorb the great intensity of the full spectrum of frequencies coming from the Galactic Core. These energies must be attenuated, restrained, transformed and reduced by a series of conversions.

By such transformations the intensity of energies can be reduced and adjusted. The energy emitted from the Galactic Core has the element of intensity, as well as the spectrum of frequencies. The energies in the Galactic Core must be reduced in intensity of form in order to be harmoniously received and usable by the Human Angelic Soul group. Without a reduction in intensity, the body receiving such energy would fry and burn out like a toaster connected to an ultra high voltage source.

ANTARCTICA (above) / Jan.20, 2018.  Note the many scalar wave patterns generated by interferomtry transmitters either from nearby islands or satellites.          https://go.nasa.gov/2F0WgHB

The central Galactic Core will naturally contain the entire spectrum of frequencies in this universe. The frequency aspect of the energies coming from the our Milky Way Galactic Core also must contain the entire spectrum. Yet only certain frequencies are suitable for human life forms. Other lifeforms, such as various extraterrestrial races, must have compatible energies for their own best use. Every life form requires energy in a specific harmonic relationship. Because our planet Earth contains an iron core, we respond best to frequencies of a multiple of 60 cycles (approximately). The Earth’s Schumann frequencies are approximately 7.5 cycles, 15 cycles, 30 cycles, and 60 cycles — and multiples thereof.

Considering the ongoing efforts of the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Greys to terraform and alter our planet earth, we may assume that our natural resonance with a 60 cycle frequency is not compatible with these alien races who are invading. It seems logical that they are attempting to change Earth’s frequencies to make it more compatible to their body’s requirements. Perhaps they are transforming our planet to be more compatible with their bodies, their blood. They are in effect ‘downshifting’ the resonant frequencies that have assured our survival, our living requirements — into their energy needs.

The success of the alteration, ‘metalization’, and weaponization of our Earth’s atmosphere is intended to permit the invading aliens to incarnate in their hybrids in mass — and push the Human Angelic Soul group off our Home planet. Fortunately our Mother Earth is not designed to accept such a permanent alteration and terraforming. The aliens ultimately will not succeed. According to E.M. Nicolay, our planet will be returned to be supporting its rightfully designated Soul group.

Mr. ElectroMagnetics

Electromagnetics: The Draco Reptilian Race as Attenuation and the “foothold” Invasion of Earth

ANTARCTICA (above) / Jan.20, 2018. In the Amery Ice Shelf area. There are some very strange configurations and prismatic colors showing up when I push the contrast & saturation levels.                                                                                                        https://go.nasa.gov/2FZaKZz



VSF: I have over the years occasionally followed the work of David Icke. I first met David in the late 1990s at a Whole Life Expo, where we were both giving lectures. At that time he seemed very sincere and friendly to me. I felt that this recent information from him about the mechanics of Reptilian hybrid incarnates to be technically, metaphysically clear and worth understanding. So I have posted my notes for you.

David Icke
non-human entities in the unseen.
many in Reptilian form

These entities operate in the unseen
overwhelmingly in the unseen
We [human beings in physicality] live in a specific band of frequency, that we cannot see beyond.
Realities are sharing the same space without interfering with each other.
These Reptilians (and other non-human entities) are operating just outside the human ‘sight’ [meaning the frequency band that is perceivable by five sense perception].

The Reptilians have to have vehicles within our frequency band within our world that represent their interests, that are basically vehicles for them to manipulate our society.

Therefore particular bloodlines were created that are hybrids — part Reptilian (not always Reptilian) and part human, which is the origin of the Royal aristocratic whole bloodline order of the ages.
The Chinese Emperors claimed to be descendants from the Serpent gods.

The reason that these “royal” bloodlines and aristocratic bloodlines have incessantly obsessively interbred, is because they are holding this hybrid genetic program.

As the power of the royals became questioned, these hybrid Reptilians moved into the ‘dark suit’ professions — bankers, politicians, government administration, etc. And they have gone on running the show ever since.
These bloodlines went all over the world and imposed themselves …
Deep in the shadows [the invisible to human five sense perception] these entities are connected [because they are Reptilian hybrids in human form].

ANTARCTICA (above) / Jan.20, 2018. In the Amery Ice Shelf area. With slight sepia enhancement. Note multiple parallel lines indicating scalar wave transmissions. https://go.nasa.gov/2EWVs6r

ANTARCTICA (above) / Jan.20, 2018. The Ross Ice Shelf area – with contrast and slight sepia enhancement revealing multiple Scalar wave radiation ripples.                https://go.nasa.gov/2FTvulA

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