World War III and the Coming Earth Changes: E.M. Nicolay / ‘unnatural scalar and sonic manipulation and exploitation of natural Earth vortexes, interlocking electromagnetic grids, natural geological formations and existing natural phenomena.’

ANTARCTICA, the Weddell Sea (above) / Jan.30, 2018. Note the ‘spiral-coil’ worms energized and charged. The contrast & saturation, etc. is maxed to show scalar wave energies.                                                                                                              

World War III and the Coming Earth Changes: E.M. Nicolay

By V. Susan Ferguson

In this article I will share a few of E.M. Nicolay’s predictions for our 21st Century. Consider how much ‘technical’ information Nicolay has regarding scalar wave physics, electromagnetics, and geoengineering technologies.

I hope that my continued posting of the NASA Worldview screenshots from around our planet have shown the ongoing use of electromagnetic scalar technologies to geoengineeer, weaponize and ‘metalize’ the atmosphere, and alter weather patterns for weather warfare. Nicolay repeatedly speaks of the use of scalar technologies. We are not supposed to know that these scalar technologies exist. They are deemed ‘conspiracy’ and perhaps intentionally confused by the work of Tom Bearden, Dorsey, and countless YouTube videos. However from my screenshots of the aberrated abnormal cloud forms worldwide, my friend Mr. ElectroMagnetics and I have concluded that there has to be a source of energy driving these effects that is greater and more accessible than either electricity or nuclear fusion. Scalar waves can be propagated right through the earth — and with unforeseen and devastating consequences.

ANTARCTICA, the Ross Sea (above) / Jan.30, 2018. Note the parallel scalar wave lines, that are energized and charged. The contrast & saturation, etc. are maxed to show scalar wave energies.                     

E.M. Nicolay says that ‘scalar and electromagnetic psychotropic experimentation’ is being used to increase dementia, nervous system disorders, disturb hormonal balances, and other related physical ailments. We are under assault — a full out Invasion, a silent ‘foothold’ on our planet and our consciousness.

The reports of a constant ‘humming’ are coming from areas where energy resonators are being used. Nicolay describes these energy resonators as equipment transformer stations placed along specific grids and axis used to magnify and propel energetic currents — or where scalar equipment discharges originated or terminated. We know that HAARP was never abandoned and in fact there are alleged to be more than a dozen of these. We have no way of knowing how these HAARP-like facilities may also possibly be the source of scalar wave emissions.


Surely most of you must be aware that we are quickly being pushed into World War III.  Some have suggested that we are already in WWIII. While it is difficult to keep up with all the changes in policy and actual troop movements, good sources are Seemorerocks in New Zealand, Paul Craig Roberts, and Moon of Alabama. You will learn nothing from the mainstream media.

We know that Trump has increased the military budget up to $716 billion USD.  More atomic bombs and nuclear weapons are being built, when there are already enough of these death-demons to blow up the entire planet. Every country is increasingly arming itself. Billions of dollars in expenditures that might have served humanity are being wastefully funneled into military projects that benefit the corporatocracy [see Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine]. The United States is an insatiable military economy.

We can’t in fact have any real idea what technologies are being developed. We only know that the objective is to kill the ‘enemy’. Nicolay has said that the aliens have given these technologies to us with the intention that our treacherous compulsions will save them the trouble of exterminating us — the Human Angelic Soul group, so they may eventually take complete possession of our planet.

Nicolay states that we will be in the midst of WWIII by the late 2020s. However an undeclared, underground war had already raged for years between various world governments — using these highly advanced scalar and sonic technologies not only to manipulate and geoengineer global weather patterns, but also as weapons of global mass destruction. The freak occurrences of drought, typhoons, earthquakes, floods, etc. are being used to intimidate and bring countries to their knees. Our military is completely out of control, a vast insatiable monster devouring money and innocent lives.

ANTARCTICA, the Ross Sea (above) / Jan.30, 2018. Note the ‘spiral-coil’ worms and parallel scalar wave lines, that are energized and charged. The contrast & saturation, etc. are maxed to show scalar wave energies.

The Deceptive Illusion of Political Polarization

Unless you have been seduced and hypnotized by the political carnival act playing out in the USA, you understand that both sides have the same agenda — which is to destroy any remaining cohesive union in the country, turn us against each other, and lead us into complete anarchy. The result of this will be the necessity ‘for our own good’ to impose Martial Law and a military dictatorship with the subsequent and irretrievable loss of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Don’t be fooled by false rhetoric. All these men and women who are wielding power are either incarnates of the Draco Reptilians, or they are in a soul agreement with the strategies of the Invaders. Trump is 100% for geoengineering. Doesn’t that in itself tell us what his primary agenda is? The goal is to rid the planet of the Human Angelic Soul group.

Nicolay says that eventually there will be massive demonstrations and protests against the war, but these will be violently put down by the homeland defense agencies that have been carefully constructed for this specific purpose. They know what is coming and they are prepared.

Remember you are not dealing with human based thinking — you are facing invading alien races that have one goal and that goal is to rid our planet of us! These protests and demonstrations will further break up the union and cause the formation of regional alliances that have the ability to protect themselves.

ANTARCTICA, The Weddell Sea & Ronne Ice Shelf area (above) / Jan.30, 2018. Note the parallel scalar wave lines, that are energized and charged. The contrast & saturation, etc. are maxed to show scalar wave energies. 

Catastrophic effects of pulsing the once harmonic electromagnetics of our Earth’s core.

The consequences of using powerful scalar energies to manipulate the weather and natural phenomena were in fact little understood by the military and the corporatocracy that had made contractual agreements with the Draco Reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli Greys. As Nicolay says, the ‘disintegration of a cloud here, the change of a vortex and direction of the wind there, disbanding or substitution of harmonic frequencies in the ocean, addition of an additive [nano-particle metals, etc.] here and there in the atmosphere, or slight increases in electromagnetic pulsations pushed through the Earth’s grid can have enormous consequences … [and] also has a tremendous effect on the electromagnetic nature of the Earth’s core.’

Mr. ElectroMagnetics repeatedly observes that they are what he calls ‘banging the bell’ — meaning they continue to try new combinations of transmitter generated frequencies and variations of metal and chemical nano-particles. These disruptive effects will have catastrophic consequences on plate tectonics, the earth crust, and thus earthquakes. The melting of the polar regions is enough in itself to alter the weight pressure on the earth’s plates and shift tectonic forces into inconceivable effects.

ANTARCTICA, The Weddell Sea & Ronne Ice Shelf area (above) / Jan.30, 2018.  Sepia enhanced. These ‘tufted’ cloud forms are also signatures of scalar energy.

Geoengineering Planet Earth leads to the downfall of western civilization!

Nicolay says that between 2020 and 2035, the ‘reengineering [geoengineering] of worldwide weather patterns and planetary ecology, the use of sonic weaponry on land and in the oceans, and the wide scale use of scalar technology in the atmosphere will have reached its peak.’  The use of these alien derived scalar and sonic technologies will be the single greatest fact leading to the downfall of western civilization.

Nicolay states that as a result of the use of nuclear weaponry in WWIII and nuclear fallout, there will be a worldwide famine 2025-2050.  Nuclear fallout and droughts caused by the intentional manipulation of drastically altered weather patterns will combine with severe Earth changes — and allow the ruling classes and independent warlords to take complete control of the various territories, using the excuse that such tyrannical totalitarian control will prevent lawless chaos.

Nicolay says that the period of the late 2010’s to the 2030’s will bring the bulk of world catastrophes and ultimately change the face of planet Earth forever. The use of scalar and sonic technologies that were given to our military leaders and developed by the corporatocracy — Lockheed Martin Skunkworks, Raytheon, Boeing, and others — these technologies are said to have generated shifting plates, melting polar regions with the consequences of releasing massive methane-rich deposits and flooding coastal cities, thus releasing unstoppable radiation from damaged nuclear power plants around the world like Fukushima in Japan, San Onofre in California and others.

The Aleutian Islands (above) / Jan.27, 2018. Note the radiation coming off the Aleutian Islands that is directed south. The contrast etc. maxed by me to reveal ‘cross-hatching’
created by multiple interferometry transmitters.                                                            


Nicolay foresees a great earthquake in north central Japan in the very late 2010’s and early 2020’s that would ‘unleash vast tectonic movement’ and sink a great part of the north central territory of Honshu — and generate a powerful tsunami flooding Japan and the west coast of North America from Alaska as far south as the Baja Peninsula. The effects of this catastrophe will be so enormous and intense that it will send shock waves through western populations.

Nicolay makes it clear that this event will have been caused by ‘unnatural scalar and sonic manipulation and exploitation of natural Earth vortexes, interlocking electromagnetic grids, natural geological formations and existing natural phenomena.’

Surely we can see that the technologies given to our foolish leaders, who were greedy for power and control, world domination — these alien technologies were designed to perpetrate our own demise at our own hands and like a Trojan horse, lead to victory and domination of our planet by these ET invaders, the Draco Reptilian and the Zeta Reticuli Grey races.

Sea of Okhotsk and the Kuril Islands (above) / Jan. 27, 2018. Showing scalar wave patterns coming from the Kuril Islands. With slight sepia enhancement. Note spiral patterns on left/middle.                                                                                  

Pole Shift

The devastating earthquake in Japan was the result of China and the United States secretly fighting over Japan using these covertly hidden technologies. The catastrophe also pushed the already wobbly magnetic North Pole further towards Siberia. The magnetic North Pole has been migrating for some time, and recently it appears to be moving more quickly and intensifying.

According to Nicolay, this ‘further exacerbated’ world weather and jet stream patterns — causing a mini-ice age in Northern Europe and Russia, while temperature in the regions of the western and southern hemispheres, particularly in the United States rose considerably. Weather whiplash.

Nicolay emphasizes the fact that the use of scalar and sonic technologies to alter natural events and weather patterns — during an Ascension period where energies are already magnified — caused drastic consequences: “Foremost among these was the enormous and overly swift movement of the magnetic North Pole caused by the great earthquake in Japan, which instigated a terrible and long lasting deficiency in the electromagnetic grid system of Earth making it less efficient than at any time in the past.”

ANTARCTICA, the Ross Sea (above) / Jan.30, 2018. Note the large spiral and parallel scalar wave lines, that are energized and charged. The contrast & saturation, etc. are maxed to show scalar wave energies.                                                         

The Electromagnetic Grid

Our planet’s electromagnetic grid is designed to protect us from various forms of radiation — and according to Nicolay the grid itself also ‘acts like a mesh to hold the magnetic field around the Earth in place, anchors the magnetic poles, and also magnetizes the atmosphere, which were all [will be] diminished greatly by the grid’s lessened force and energy.’

Another consequence of this weakening is to curtail ‘the electromagnetic system through which Earth communicates to all beings’ and by which we use to communicate with our higher dimensional guidance. When as a point of linkage for the chakra system of every incarnated being, the Earth’s electromagnetic grid becomes so greatly lessened — ‘all Human Angelic Beings together with a vast majority of planetary species’ will be in some way affected.

This should be understood ‘as a premeditated attack on the evolution of the entire system and all Human Angelic Beings. Indeed that is exactly what … [is intended].’

ANTARCTICA, the Balleny Islands (above) / Jan.18, 2018. Showing scalar radiation ripples and some cross-hatching in the ripples. Contrast & saturation are enhanced by me to show the structural properties.                                                                    

Our Refuge is a higher consciousness. I will continue to write what I am learning about the Invasion and our immediate future in the hope that there is a chance that even one reader will awaken to the God-within and their own guidance.

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras


V. Susan Ferguson

Above photo taken by me from my home on the Olympic Peninsula Washington State.

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Inanna Speaks to the Emissaries, March 24, 2017: Planetary take-overs happen frequently in a universe with 500 billion galaxies. Earth is no exception.

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