Message to Humanity: Star Elders are patient and they do not impose their will on the destiny of a species. … The Grey Agenda involves … plans for ecocide and mass depopulation to make room on Earth for the ancient hybrids … gradual and continual pollution of the environments and atmosphere … genetic modifications, spraying of chemtrails with toxic cocktails and nanobots affecting Humans and all biological life … The Archons, the lower lords, the Greys, have no power against unconditional Love.

The Pacific Ocean off CA (above) / Feb.4, 2018. Image not enhanced. 



VSF: I have posted excerpts from this book because it resonates with my research (see link below) and the work of E.M. Nicolay.

CHAPTER 10 of Kamooh’s Continued Sasquatch Message to Humanity (Part 2) transcribed by DawaOutah LomaKatsi (SunBôw):

We have explained previously how the ancient hybrids that were implanted on Earth before Humanity have kept living or visiting your earthly environment and influencing it. …

There are dozens of well documented cases in which Human military forces attacked unidentified flying crafts, only to be met with superior weaponry or outpaced in speed. There are also several documented incidents in which space crafts hovered or flew above military bases, nuclear installations or power plants, and took over the commands, or blacked out the power, to show how their technology surpasses all Human known levels.

If the purpose would have been to conquer Humanity, with this technological advance it would have been easily done long ago, without allowing you the opportunity to develop nuclear weapons or space travel. These interventions are rather messages and warnings, to show you the futility of militarization and weaponry, and help you make better choices for your long term evolution, than a violent uncivilization based on an economy of war.

But Star Elders are patient and they do not impose their will on the destiny of a species.

North America (above) / Feb.4, 2018. A closeup detail of scalar-wave ‘spiral-coil’ shapes, with the contrast etc. maxed.                                                                           

Since thousands of years, the hybrid bloodlines of your ruling elite have been put and kept in power by their alien masters, providing them with just enough technology to keep control over this home-planet. After the main body of the Nazi occult elite was repatriated to America to work on top secret programs, there was a wave of flying crafts observed. While some were the same ships that had been flying for ages, others were the first Human-built prototypes of anti-gravity crafts, raising concern among star faring species.

To speed up the development of spaceships, top secret black programs were created. By the end of 1946, the Operation High Jump under Admiral Byrd did not go to Antarctica to attack a secret Nazi base as said, while the Nazi elite was being hired in the United States. Its mission was rather a bold and desperate attempt in conquering an underground base of the so-called Nordic, where some Nazis had been taken and taught. The expedition was of course a complete failure when the two thousand troops found themselves unable to defend against superior weapons and fast flying saucers, as seen on some leaked footage. The whole fleet could have been destroyed easily, but they were just sent back and warned never to return. This is why this whole enterprise has been erased from history. It proved that gaining the knowledge of space flight could not be attained by conquest. In the following years, several countries established bases there.

But the conquest of space flight had just started, it was not yet to come close to an end. In 1947, the year the term ‘flying saucers’ was created and became popular, the famous Roswell incident happened as the result of microwave radar technology being developed with the Nazi scientists at the White Sands military secret base, which caused the crash of a flying disk. The alien beings recovered were described as the well known small greys. New deep underground military bases, like the infamous Area 51 or the Dulce base, started to be built to study the captives, their biology, psychic powers and technology.

The Atlantic Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere (above) / Feb.4, 2018. Note the ‘metalized’ look of the cloud forms. Slightly sepia enhanced.                  

This was only the first one of a series of spaceships that were crashed and recovered in the next few years by the United States, Russia and China, to try to back-engineer their technology; their total number amounts in the dozens. Most of them were of the same type of the small greys, their ships being vulnerable to the gigawave death rays that were being newly developed and tested on alien space crafts. Until then, the small greys had stayed mostly outside of Human affairs, without interfering in earthly realms, apart from flying between their underworld and moon bases. But this wave of crashed ships caused serious and justified concerns among them and their allies, the reptilian tall grey, about Humanity’s attempt at space conquest without even being able to fly off its planet. This explains the massive waves of UFO sightings in the late forties and early fifties all over the world, including above major cities like Washington, as a warning to Humans.

By then, the small greys abducted by Human governments and kept captive in top secret underground bases had proven their psychic superiority and managed to negotiate meetings between their leaders and the Human governments secretly abducting them. This is how, after a series of meetings held in the deepest secrecy, some United States government agencies under Eisenhower, signed in 1954 the top secret Greada Treaty, a code name for ‘Grey Agenda’, in which they agreed to surrender a large part of Human sovereignty on Earth in exchange for some technological advancements and advantages. The deal has promoted the United States and a couple competing powers like Russia and China into a frenetic technological race for the conquest of space flight and time travel.

ANTARCTICA (above) / Feb.4, 2018. Radiation coming off South Orkney Islands, with the contrast etc. maxed.                                                                                          

The Grey Agenda involves, among other things, plans for ecocide and mass depopulation to make room on Earth for the ancient hybrids that have lost their control over this home-planet; mind control of the masses through ignorance and disinformation; gradual and continual pollution of the environments and atmosphere; raising the carbon level in the air as it used to be in aeons past; poisoning of food and water supplies through chemical additions, genetic modifications, spraying of chemtrails with toxic cocktails and nanobots affecting Humans and all biological life, but not ancient hybrids or their cyborgs robots.

The goal is to gain back power over Earth, with the ten percent of Humans serving them.

ANTARCTICA (above) / Feb. 4, 2018. Scalar wave radiation coming off South Orkney Islands. The contrast, etc. maxed.                                                                 

The Greada Treaty also holds responsible the Human governments for preventing any disclosure of information about extraterrestrial or non-Human intelligence, by the creation of fake research commissions producing false reports, such as Project Blue Book, which was meant only to deny, explain away or turn to ridicule accounts of sightings and witnesses. The treaty also stipulates that Human governments must submit to a global dictatorship ruled by the tall reptilian greys, that must be kept in total secrecy until time is deemed ripe to establish openly their tyranny. A global secret psychic police corps, operated by the greys themselves and known as the Men In Black, started appearing in the mid-fifties, to intimidate and threaten witnesses disclosing their UFO experiences.

The name Grey does not apply for a skin color as you are often misled to believe, but rather for the color of their auras, which carry many heavy karmic loads and old wounds. The tall and small greys, whether of insectoid or reputed origins, are not necessarily evil or malevolent; they have their own very long history of karmas and wars to evolve from. The small greys themselves did not bother with Human affairs until they became targeted and abducted in the 1940’s by your unconscious power hungry Human governments, that threw the first stone and engaged in hostilities, forcing the small greys, who had survived several near extinctions before, to require help from their powerful allies the tall greys.

This idiotic, inconsiderate gesture from your governments, was equal to a frog trying to crush down a bull, or a small angry child attacking a veteran warrior. As a result, it brought the submission of Human societies into a harsher slavery than ever, speeding up the coming of a global tyranny, attempting to deprive Humanity of its spiritual sovereignty.

ANTARCTICA (above) / Feb.4, 2018. Above ELEPHANT ISLAND. Scalar wave radiation ripples and spiral-coils. With the contrast, saturation, etc. maxed.       

After surviving many battles and losses in the underworld at the hands of reptilian lords, the Ant-People migrated in mass to the moon of then, which ended up being destroyed. In ulterior ages, they proceeded in rebuilding a replica of the moon: the one we see now. They coated the engineered hollow moon with thick layers of silica, that absorb the Helium 3 from the sun’s radiation, which they mine and use to propel their silvery disks and hat-shaped crafts with nuclear fusion, as they originally used to do on the first moon. Their lunar bases and ships have been noted and photographed by NASA or other observers. Through top secret agreements and programs, Humans are taken there for experiments.

On and in the artificial hollow moon, they devised a slave breed of bio-synthetic cyborgs, silica-based life forms of genderless clones, easily reproducible at a fast rate and in large scale. They have invulnerable immune systems, no restrictive survival needs or instincts, no digestive tracks nor reproductive organs, and resistant to high levels of radioactivity, allowing them to be unharmed around radioactive leaks from their ships and machinery to execute long term colonization, genetic farming programs, conducting abductions, experiments, and tasks such as mining, or building technology and operating devices.

These clones are generally known as the small greys and are the aliens most often encountered. They were devised as an ultimate weapon to survive extermination from any external threat, as they had survived chemical, bacteriological, nuclear and genetic warfare in the underworld. But their artificial intelligence and constitution do not allow them much individuality or compassion; they are programmed like robots with very little free choice. They obey to a hierarchy of diverse Insect-People, with the Mantis type at their head. They are submitted to Draconian reptoid interstellar empires, but are a local species.

Here for sure, we must beware not to fall into speciesism, as these general observations apply only to the overall description of their main uncivilization. The same rule works also for the reptilian hybrids, who later colonized and inhabited this home-planet for aeons. We could not categorize all Humans simply by describing the way your uncivilization is actually building weapons of mass destruction, escalating political tensions or multiplying military interventions while destroying ecosystems and biodiversity at an alarming rate; neither could we describe all of Humanity by examining just a few random individuals. The ethnic and cultural diversity of Humanity, even only at any given time of your history, forbids the description of Humanity just by a few short general statements.

Likewise we can not define all Ant-People or Lizard-People with the same characteristics. Many diverse species throughout the cosmos may look somewhat alike, but have totally different histories, behaviors and karmas; so we must never judge by their appearances. Every species allows souls to incarnate for evolution, regardless of the collective karmas.

In all species there can be highly evolved souls reaching spiritual mastery and ascension.

ANTARCTICA, Heard & McDonald Islands transmitters (above) / Feb.3, 2018.

Many of the fears of the small greys or reptilians are fed by power hungry Human groups wanting to claim this home-planet for their sole benefit, under their own absolute control. But collective karmas of different groups and species influence one another over time. Your Human species is not an exception; it has been intertwined with other forms of intelligent life over the course of its existence and evolution, transforming its destiny.

ANTARCTICA, Heard & McDonald Islands transmitters (above) / Feb.3, 2018. Contrast etc. maxed.

Your scientific elites and governments know very well of these facts, not only in modern times, but since very ancient days, beyond your recorded history. Your ancient spiritual traditions have kept in their sacred scriptures and ancestral memories stories about times when immortal deities lived on Earth and built magnificent temples of knowledge. Their holographic crystal libraries and the singing stones they brought are described in many ancient accounts worldwide. Some elaborate and intricate arrangements of ringing stones extending throughout South Africa, as well as elsewhere, or the cyclopean style and megalithic constructions found worldwide at the oldest levels of civilizations, are indicators of this age of the dawn, preceding the birth of Humanity on this home-planet.

Remnants of the first planetary civilizations on Earth are similar worldwide, but some are of such incredible sizes and amazing ages that they are hidden in plain sight for modern Humans, and ignored or ‘debunked’ systematically by mainstream science or academics. Artifacts found deep in old geological deposits, underground cities and tunnel systems, dozens of underwater cities, newly discovered pyramids constantly emerging from the most unlikely places, provide a growing number of proofs, yet still denied by ‘officials’.

All ancient cultures around the world remember the Star Elders, and that some of your ancestors came from the sky on flying ships, described as shields, islands, boats, baskets, turtles, thunderbirds, winged serpents, dragons, gems, eggs, clouds, stars or other ships. Ancient cultures have also kept in their memories stories of battles opposing demons and gods in aerial chariots or celestial vessels, with high tech weapons of mass destruction. Depictions of space ships can be found in ancient art, since the earliest cave paintings, sculptures or murals of ancient pyramids and temples, and texts from around the world.

ANTARCTICA, Heard & McDonald Islands transmitters (above) / Feb.3, 2018. Contrast etc. maxed. Note the parallel scalar patterns.                                             

With the amount of evidences gathered, this understanding should be part of your public knowledge by now, but the evolution of your collective consciousness is slowed down, because there is still much opposition from the mainstream institutions to disclose truth. Yet, the evidences not only still remain, but they are constantly found in larger numbers. In the last decade alone, still unknown large size pyramids have been discovered across China, Bosnia, Ukraine, Alaska, other parts of North America, Antarctica, new complexes are found in Egypt, while pyramids are found underwater in the Atlantic and the Pacific.

This should be enough to inspire Humanity to rewrite all its history books and reconsider the ancient wisdom of your oldest cultures. But some powers try to prevent your people from awakening to the truth and remembering what has been kept hidden from you. Your ancient traditions recall the intergalactic battles in which your Human ancestors were involved, in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis, that have left consequences to this day. Without having to go this far back in time, we can examine some incidences from your history in which the influence of non-Human beings played a significant, noticeable role.

Off the west coast of Africa (above) / Feb.3, 2018. Contrast etc. maxed. This is around 500 miles across.                                                                                                      

The abduction phenomenon itself, is attested by millions of abductees and witnesses worldwide. It is a very real practice and it is nothing new, but it has largely increased in your recent history for several reasons, including the fast growth of your populations and some secret deals that your Human governments have made with some beings intending to control your planet and species.

There are many alien species in the cosmos that have forgotten the Cosmic Laws, and go around trying to conquer worlds and enslave species. They might compete and fight among themselves, but they will usually end up being submitted to stronger powers in a hierarchic empire, as vassals of the dark lower lords.

The organizational structure of the dark forces is a pyramidal hierarchy, with grades and officers dominating and commanding the inferior levels, under the total control of the commanders in chief, multi-headed soul harvesters vampirizing all their subjected slaves.

As opposed to this militaristic style uncivilization, the Council of Star Elders is a circle of Unity based on the Cosmic Laws, in which all souls are respected and honored as equals. Every soul is considered as a manifestation of consciousness of the Divine Supreme Soul. The collective will is expressed by the commonly recognized wisdom agreed upon by all.

ANTARCTICA, Heard & McDonald Islands transmitters (above) / Feb.3, 2018. Contrast etc. maxed. Note the miles of scalar wave patterns.

These two extreme opposites are in fact the ultimate outcomes of the two different directions souls can take, either serving unscrupulous egotistic self-interests enslaving the soul in a vortex of karmic involution, or serving the greater good of all life in a soul redeeming dharmic process of evolution, ever bringing growth into higher consciousness. Wherever any being or group stands on the evolutionary scale, they will eventually end up following one of those two currents, which differentiate beneficial from detrimental.

Any individual soul, as any collective consciousness of any species, has to make this choice and is confronted at some point, with some crucial decisions affecting its destiny.

The way of spiritual dharma is to always seek peaceful relations through healing of karmas and solving of conflicts, through agreements and alliances benefiting all parties. Rather than pursuing endless conflicts, the Star Elders Council allow opposed groups to exist in their own sphere without interfering, always offering space for healing and peace. The only way to resolve your actual critical planetary crisis is not by fearing, hiding nor fighting, but by working on the greater healing, through reconciliation and forgiveness. You cannot erase the past, even less so what preceded you, but you can learn from it.

The KERGUELEN Islands, French (above) / Feb.1, 2018. Sepia enhanced.

This is why, in order to help you in evolving out of the actual apparent tragic chaos of your Human world, we are looking for spiritual Humans consciously willingly to become ambassadors in peaceful interspecies relations, not only for your own healing, but for all. Only by approaching the species you have had conflicts with, in a peaceful and respectful way, with a purpose of healing karmas and making peace, can you help your own kind. Even species that might have harmed yours should be addressed with respect, in peace. This is the only way for Humanity to free itself from the old karmic entanglements and bondage slowing down its spiritual evolution, by working out peace agreements with all.

Confrontation will not lead to solutions, but only to more problems. Although the spiritual battles will always occur in the material world of duality and 4D temporality, made itself of electric polarity, the dharmic mission and spiritual work of the Star Elders Council consist in maintaining peace and order through the Cosmic Law and Divine Plan, always allowing opportunities to souls and species for changing their ways and behaviors. This is the great spiritual cosmic mission in which you are being asked to take part, to help Humanity evolve into higher consciousness, to grow out of ages-old karmic bonds.

The Archons, the lower lords, the Greys, have no power against unconditional Love.


The KERGUELEN Islands, French (above) / Feb.1, 2018. Detail with slight contrast enhancement, showing spiral-coils and scalar wave radiation.                  

“We lost the planet…”

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