The Grey Alien Races / E.M. Nicolay: “Those who believe this is coincidental or who laugh off the Zetas’ efforts to keep Earth as second and third density have no understanding of the betrayal they are serving on the human Soul matrix.”

ANTARCTICA, Magnetic South Pole (above) / Feb.5, 2018. Spiral-coiled ‘worm’ cloud shapes energized by transmitter generated scalar waves. From satellites, or right through the planet core. Contrast & saturation enhanced to reveal structure.            

The Cosmogonic Overview of the Alien Invasion

VSF:  E.M. Nicolay has provided the very important understanding of not only an expanded metaphysics of our universe, but also the unique characteristics of the alien races that have invaded our planet. Please understand that I am quoting and repeating his work, his material — which I entirely agree with based on my own life experiences, my visions of the colonization of our planet through the eyes of Inanna, and many sightings and visionary experiences, including Kundalini.

I am deeply indebted to E.M. Nicolay and highly respectful of his courage to bring these uncomfortable dire facts to light. We need to know the Truth. I doubt that there are many who happen to have avidly studied both Sanskrit metaphysics and geoengineering. Surely my life has been directed to pass on this information.

ANTARCTICA, the Amundsen Sea (above) / Feb.5, 2018. Contrast & saturation maxed to show the ‘spiral-coil’ worms and prismatic colors.                                   

Moving up onto Higher Ground

This universe is vast and filled with multiple races, perhaps alien to us as humans, races that are all part of Creation from Source, the imperishable, immutable, immeasurable, eternal ONE. We are That. TAT TVAM ASI. As are all the other races. There is no such thing as good races or evil races. There are only different expressions of the eternal One playing in contrasting tones, frequency waveforms that are influencing, enhancing, and sometimes even conquering others in order to continue the movement of the Life Force, the Grand Scalar energies that are constantly being emitted from the Galactic Core — especially during an Ascension Period such as we are now experiencing.

Every dimensional realm, every form (RUPA in Sanskrit), every nuance of every temporal appearance is a consequence of the Divine “charge” energy, movements within Resonance, capacitance, resistance, ever being attenuated throughout galaxies and channeled through the sieve-like mechanisms of stars, planets, and chakras.

The most valuable contribution we can make at this time to the Human Angelic Soul group is to seek our own individual God-Consciousness. Your enlightenment will be experienced and expressed in the manner that aligns with your own being. There are no rules, no one way to reach Home and the God-within you. Truly you do not have to turn into some saint in a forest, or seated on a golden throne administering to your followers. This is false.

The simple acceptance that everything and everyone in the universe is God is sufficient — and certainly the beginning of an endless journey that will bring you Joy, ecstasy, bliss, and Wisdom Knowledge.

NEW ZEALAND (above) / Jan.26, 2018.                                                    

Losing all Fear

Grounded in the Truth that the One pervades All — including the Invaders and demonic forces — we find that there is nothing to fear. Liberated from fear, we can face the Truth, embrace the Truth, and become Light Warriors. Part of being a Light Warrior is to understand the Invaders, therefore I am sharing what E.M. Nicolay has said about the Greys in light of my own understanding from a lifetime of seeking answers, now 72 years.

I have complete faith and trust in my own guidance. I am being inundated with the scalar wave frequency waveform energies that are coming into me. I don’t ask you to accept anything I say, but I will continue in the hope that I may encourage and inspire the reader.

While it is imperative to understand the strategies and logistics of the current alien Invasion of our home planet, do continue your own spiritual practices and study of the sacred texts. The Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras are available as free PDFs on my primary website. They are ‘users manuals’ for our data-collecting vehicles and infallible directives for reaching God-Consciousness.

NEW ZEALAND, detail of the Tasman Sea (above) / Jan.26, 2018. Note how the clouds have been cut out into curved shapes by the transmitters. Radiation ripples.

The Greys based on E.M. Nicolay’s Work in “The Systems Lords and the Twelve Dimensions”

The Greys are a humanoid-like species unrelated to Earth humans. The Greys consist of various races that are widely spread, scattered throughout the galaxies and different solar systems. The Greys that have invaded our planet Earth are responsible for the abduction of human beings and also the stories of animal mutilations. The Greys operate from a ‘common centralized mind-consciousness that is programmed and directed telepathically by other members of the species that possess a higher intelligence, awareness and level of consciousness.’

A Silent Invasion

The Grey are ‘comprised of several races of beings working together at various dimensional levels, including a highly intelligent taller race of humanoid-reptilian beings.’ These taller Greys originate in the Constellation of Reticulum. These are the Zeta Reticuli Greys. Other Greys are found in Cygnus and Orion — and are said to be more militant. However even though slightly less aggressive, the Zeta Greys are far more cunning and devious.

We are dealing with a long term strategy of secrecy, a Silent Invasion. These entities have understood our human weaknesses, our vulnerabilities, and the need for power and control — in order to manipulate and deceive our leaders and take over our planet through the creation of their hybrids and by altering our human DNA.

These Zeta Greys are very technically advanced in genetic manipulation. Nicolay says that they have been highly manipulated genetically and ‘their physical bodies and Soul level are currently in a state of de-evolution.’ They have been radioactively contaminated. This severe radiation contamination was the result of planetary civil wars — wars that caused them to move underground. The radiation damaged severely their DNA, atrophied their digestive systems, and the ability to reproduce naturally. ‘Hence, their proficiency at genetic manipulation and cloning became vital to their survival.’

Consider the recent advances in genetic manipulation and cloning in earth science. How have we come so far so fast? Scientific papers and reports of genetic advances are coming out daily, indoctrinating us, getting us used to the idea that it’s OK to manipulate the human genome — improve on God. Our own genetic data is being collected. We might ask why.

China & Taiwan (above) /Jan.23, 2018. Scalar wave radiation ripples everywhere. With the contrast etc. maxed to reveal ripples and cross hatching.                       

Universal Electromagnetic Sciences

The genetic engineering that was achieved by the Zetas had the consequence of moving their consciousness towards a group mind, away from individual free will. ‘The group mind led them to advances in telepathy, mind control, thought fencing, and electromagnetic blocking techniques that are now unsurpassed…’

Nicolay says that it is a serious mistake to underestimate these beings and their intention to take our planet for their own Soul Group. The Zetas possess technological proficiency in time and space-shaping physics, and the ability to use universal electromagnetic sciences. They are indeed a service-to-self species to be reckoned with.

As a highly intelligent technologically advanced race, the Zeta Greys are said to be ‘extremely aggressive and ambitious.’ Because of their group mind, they have little or no capacity for empathy, for understanding individual emotions, or processing the idea of individual freedoms. In other words, they have complete contempt for the Angelic Human Soul group with its spectrum of emotions and love of individual freedom.

Nicolay says that the Zetas have particular contempt for Earth’s human angelic Souls that are of Lyran decent, which according to him is the ‘origination system of the Earth human Founder and Guardian races.’  This deep contempt inclines the Zetas to justify ‘the use of any and all means at their disposal’ — anything is acceptable to complete their Invasion of our planet and our genome.

CHINA, Hong Kong & Guangdong (above) / Jan.23, 2018                          

Our own leaders sold us out…

Perhaps the most insane aspect of the Invasion in the fact that our own leaders made formal contractual agreements with these deceiving entities to allow them to abduct us and extract our hormones and DNA, in return for technology. These contracts include the enforcement of secrecy on the part of those, especially in the military and corporatocracy, who literally gave us and our planet away to the Invaders. Nicolay says that many of the humans who are complicit in these heinous crimes are in fact either aliens that are incarnated in human bodies, or humans who have soul agreements with the Invading aliens.

The Zeta Greys are said to be technologically based beings — rather than spiritually based. They are not altruistic, as is the case with the Service-to-Others human angelic souls. Nicolay says that the Zetas and other related Greys have long excelled at technologies that manipulate dimensional and time waves. Long ago, they mastered ‘time travel’ — inter-dimensional travel and time line manipulation.

Nicolay has a very precise clear understanding and explanation of why and how the Greys are facing extinction as a race. I encourage you to read his books for further information as I am already borrowing generously from his work. I have discussed the fact that the geoengineering of our atmosphere has a purpose beyond the weaponization and ‘metalizing’ Earth’s atmosphere — and this purpose is metaphysical, which makes it even more difficult for most to comprehend. However, it is this rejection of the supreme importance of the metaphysical, the substratum of Cosmogonic Forces that generate and regulate our electromagnetic universe, that are crucial to the Invasion.

ANTARCTICA, the Weddell Sea area (above) / Jan.20, 2018.  The contrast, saturation, etc. is maxed. The square is more obvious, snd you can see all the radiation in the clouds.

Cutting us off from Divine Frequency Waveforms

The Greys are attempting to cut the Human Angelic Soul group off from the Divine Cosmogonic scalar wave energies being emitted from the Galactic Core in order to ignite and facilitate the current Ascension Process. The intense blocking and manipulation of these energies coming from the Galactic Core at this time is achieved through radiation interference from cell towers, WiFi, satellite systems, and geoengineering. Such malevolent blocking is intended to not only dampen the universal energies — but essentially deaden human DNA and block our chakras from receiving the vital stimulus and messages.

The chemical assault that is everywhere in our environment is designed to attack our chromosomes. Make no mistake — our genome is being altered to suit the requirements of the Zeta soul group that will eventually take over all the bodies on this planet, as the Human Angelic Soul group will no longer resonate with these genetically altered bodies. The subdued photon communication and response of our DNA has the potential to stop Earth’s Ascension and the Ascension of Earth’s human angelic Souls incarnated here in its tracks.

Nicolay: “Those who believe this is coincidental or who laugh off the Zetas’ efforts to keep Earth as second and third density have no understanding of the betrayal they are serving on the human Soul matrix.”


ANTARCTICA, Marie Byrd Land & Amundsen Sea (above) / Jan.7, 2018. Here is a vast display of the ‘spiral-coil’ worms. So much going on down here… Massive radiation going on for many miles… contrast etc. maxed.                                             

Think of the massive assault we have been under with endless chemicals being increasingly added to our food, the land that grows what we may eat, the water we drink, the inoculations (now forced on babies), the criminal business of prescription drugs — and geoengineered toxic metal chemtrails that cover the planet, so that literally every breath we breathe may include aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, and who knows what else, all based in fungi – as dust-like nanoparticles of metals that are inundating our skies, our homes, our children.

Nicolay says that this blatant alien Invasion would be unseen by most human Beings and would occur via a bio invasion of alien souls incarnating on Earth into hybrid physical human bodies. The alien conquest of Earth is being waged now and will not come from outer space, but rather from within human form.

Our Refuge is a Higher Consciousness. Nothing can keep you from the God-within you. Recognize God as all pervading and come Home. The God-within you is waiting patiently to Love and embrace you.

My deepest gratitude to E.M. Nicolay.


V. Susan Ferguson

“This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.”   – Swami Lakshmanjoo, The Shiva Sutras

ANTARCTICA, Marie Byrd Land & Amundsen Sea (above) / Jan.7, 2018. Here is a vast display of the ‘spiral-coil’ worms.                                                               

The System Lords and the Twelve Dimensions: New Revelations Concerning the Dimensional Shift of 2012-2250 and the Evolution of Human Angelics by E. M. Nicolay (Author),‎ H. L. Jang (Contributor); CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; June 6, 2012.

Timeline Collapse & Universal Ascension: The Future of Third Dimensional Earth and Fifth Dimensional by E. M. Nicolay (Author),‎ H. L. Jang (Contributor); Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition, October 8, 2015.

SOUTH AMERICA, off the west coast (above) / Dec.30, 2017. The contrast, etc is maxed enhanced – and I have no idea what this means.                                      

CALIFORNIA, the Bay Area (above) / Dec.29, 2017. With slight enhancements.

ANTARCTICA, the Amery Ice Shelf (above) / Dec.29, 2017.  This one is hilarious…so many scalar wave radiation ripples…  I would like the see the “official” explanation for these parallel ripples.                                                                                                  

For the Emissaries: Become a Light Warrior! / E.M. Nicolay: “…changing Earth’s geophysical environment would require the slow process of creating a chemically altered, physically denser, warmer, drier and slightly more radioactive and methane-rich world.”

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