A Bio Invasion of Alien Souls into Human Form: Our Chakras are portals and our individual DNA serves as antennae. / The crucial importance of geoengineering the planet as the major implementation of the Invasion agenda cannot be over emphasized. / “…crimes against Earth and humankind.”

A Bio Invasion of Alien Souls into Human Form

VSF:  While I have sought to offer other versions of the ET Invasion that I felt were of value because of the differing perspectives, none of these in my view are equal to the work of E.M. Nicolay.  I have found the ‘Allies of Humanity’ to be metaphysically somewhat incomplete. Still we can learn from others and also exercise our own discernment. Nicolay has a comprehensive understanding of the many layers that are contributing to this period, as we approach the close of this current cycle of time. E.M. Nicolay is to me a pure being, who has a high consciousness, and I cannot find any fault in his work.

Our Chakras are in fact portals and our individual DNA serves as antennae.

One important aspect of Nicolay’s teachings is a fresh look at the human Chakras and their relationship with the Earth’s Chakras. Our Chakras are in fact portals and our individual DNA serves as antennae. Fundamentalist religions continue to deny that the Chakras even exist.

Through the current use of worldwide scalar radiation and the dispersion of chemtrails, the Draco Reptilian and Zeta Reticuli Grey races are actively carrying out their ongoing agenda to alter and deform the DNA of our Human Angelic Soul group (Nicolay’s term for non-hybrid humans) as a part of their intentional operations to place their Soul group into human bodies — and essentially replace our natural-to-Earth Soul group with theirs. We are being systematically kicked off and out of our Home Planet as the hybrids continue to proliferate!

E.M. Nicolay:

“What is not fully understood is that what you term ‘Chakra’ is in fact a grid or energy portal system that not only allows energy transfer into your physical realm through you but also, in conjunction with your DNA serving as antennae, allows communication and energetic information to be transferred back and forth between you and your energetic Source.”

Nicolay’s deeper understanding of the metaphysical mechanics of what we are living through is necessary to make sense of the endless lies and confusion. Again I say that the complete denial of the importance of understanding the primordial metaphysical substructure of this Electromagnetic Universe has kept us from the Truth of our current challenge.

Our DNA serves as an antenna.

The intentional deformation of our individual DNA by the endless ongoing infusion into our atmosphere of these toxic nano-particle metals — aluminum, lithium, barium, strontium, bismuth, and others — along with fungi and perhaps now nano-bots, are intentionally being used to cripple our ability to connect with Earth’s Chakras and the higher consciousness of our own guidance.

E.M. Nicolay:

“Energetic messages are received from your Higher Self via your DNA and via the supporting Chakra system of your body and the Earth’s grid, and these messages are then translated into physical instructions by your DNA and cellular structure.”

The crucial importance of geoengineering the planet as the major implementation of the Invasion agenda cannot be over emphasized. This is why I continue to post the images I am finding on NASA Worldview in the hope that the reader will over time develop ‘an eye’ to discern how completely un-natural and obscene these cloud forms are. I realize that it takes some time to recognize the effects of the scalar radiation that is being massively transmitted into these heavily ‘metalized’ cloud forms.

However because these technologies are considered to be military secrets, this is a legitimate way to approach exposing the truth and their real intention — which goes far beyond the military applications and controlling the now ‘whiplash’ weather patterns. It may be that the technicians who are controlling the transmitters believe that what they are doing is purely patriotic, defending their country. But they are dead wrong and soon will understand how they have been used to bring about the destruction of this planet and their own families. May God forgive their ignorance.

E.M. Nicolay says that the Zetas through these military technologies, have given our world the “rope to hang itself.”

The accelerated research effort in DNA and genetic engineering is actually being pushed by the Zeta Reticuli Greys. “This combined with biological efforts to sicken [vaccinations] and ’sterilize’ human angelic populations without their awareness through a combined systemic electromagnetic assault and mounting exposure to an ever-increasing list of environmental toxins, all figure prominently in the Zeta’s plans.” How soon is 5-G coming to your area?

Many of those who are placed in positions of leadership in the military, political power, and the corporatocracies are in fact Draco Reptilian souls incarnated into human bodies.

The Draco Reptilians have been incarnating into human form for millennia and are what has come to be known in conspiracy as the New World Order, the so-called ‘royal blood lineages’ and now the globalists who control through the banks and institutions like Goldman Sachs and the Council of Foreign Relations. They are “true believers” in the hive-mind through the adherence to a reptilian-brain tyranny. They consider our love for individual freedom as a weakness that can be used to their advantage. Remember that it is only because the Draco Reptilians have given the Zeta Grey races permission to take over and inhabit human bodies, that they are allowed to carry out their agenda. The Draco will remain in control.


Our military is essentially providing the Invaders access to our world’s vulnerabilities. The geoengineering operations that continue every day around the planet are now interfering with our own natural connection to the electromagnetic and energetic grid of Earth. Most do not even understand the serious importance of this natural connection.

As Nicolay says, the “overwhelming EMF and related atmospheric, geophysical and planetary systems altering technologies” are being used to weaponize the weather, weaponize natural Earth phenomena, and “weaponize the oceans through sound that blocks the natural sonar, energy grids, and magnetic fields (as seen in the increasing disorientations and death of Cetacean population) — and re-engineer or otherwise alter the troposphere, stratosphere, ozone and magnetic fields in order to ‘weaponize’ the atmosphere of Earth.”

The technologies involved in geoengineering our planet are being used as ‘weapons’ — as Nicolay says a kind of secret terrorism.

E.M. Nicolay:

“Such technology manipulates the Earth’s grids into submission, making the natural and necessary flow of energy to and from Earth and humanity problematic at best. Were the general populace aware that this kind of weaponry existed, had more devastating potential than the deadliest nuclear weapons, was being used for social and political not to mention service-to-self and alien agendas and could ultimately hinder the evolution of all human consciousness … world populations would surely hold the organizers responsible for their actions as crimes against Earth and humankind.”

So we see again and again how viewing metaphysics as fantasy, holding the ancient truths in ridicule, denying what lies beyond five-sense perception, and generating fear around the unknown as ‘occult’ and demonic — all these are tactics that give the advantage to our Invaders, who understand perfectly the mechanics of souls incarnating into form.

Fear Inc.

Fear is another tactic. The fear that results from catastrophic earth changes, that will surely increase as they are in part being generated by the transmitter technology — contributes to the effectiveness of their Invasion because it “works silently to inhibit your own evolutionary ascent” and diminishes the frequency waveform of our consciousness.

Nicolay’s first two books deal with Fear and Faith. Fear blocks our access to higher awareness. Fear stops us from trusting the God within. Faith is a frequency that opens us to higher Wisdom Knowledge. Fear limits our ability to resonate with the higher vibrational frequencies. Fear begets fear. “Fear closes your Chakras and limits the energetic exchange that is available to you from higher realms.”

Nicolay says that it is the work of misguided technicians, scientists, and governments who are in fact, perpetrating abuses within the framework of the planet’s energetic grid system.

Nicolay lists ongoing abuses as:

particle beam experimentation — electromagnetic technologies — indiscriminate microwave use around the globe — geophysical & weather re-engineering (geoengineering) — chemical altering of the environment or the human structure — technologies to entrap and spy on your neighbors — usury financial and political systems that enslave its participants — or simply the intense pressure & efforts of those at lower vibrational frequencies (service-to-self) to exploit Fear through war, profit, power and control.

Nicolay says that what we are facing is a “bio invasion of alien Souls into human form that could ultimately replace Human Angelic incarnates on Earth. If this scenario is manifested fully, Third Dimensional Earth will act to rid itself of these invaders by eliminating all life upon it … between the 26th and 27th Centuries on the current timeline.”

A War in Consciousness

Our individual consciousness matters. One small candle can light the darkness. I urge the Emissaries to consider their missions. We have our ‘directives’ and know our individual tasks. We are what we believe. Seek the God within in every moment. Move to higher ground. Our Refuge is a higher consciousness.

V. Susan Ferguson

Bismuth metal in the Sky: “Think atmosphere. They are trying to make the atmosphere an electronic integrated circuit using electrostatic, electromagnetic and electrodynamic means. The aluminum, barium, strontium, coal ash carbon, virus, the RNA, proteins, enzymes all mimic the elements of a solid state electronic device. This is like having a computer in the sky permitting complete control by the proper programming.”

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