Mr. Electromagnetics: The energetic pathway between the primary galactic core and the galaxies is bidirectional. It is interactive. Everything is connected to everything.

The Laniakea Supercluster (Laniakea; also called Local Supercluster or Local SCl or sometimes Lenakaeia) is the galaxy supercluster that is home to the Milky Way and approximately 100,000 other nearby galaxies. It was defined in September 2014, when a group of astronomers including R. Brent Tully of the University of Hawaii and Hélène Courtois of the University of Lyon published a new way of defining superclusters according to the relative velocities of galaxies. The new definition of the local supercluster subsumes the prior defined local supercluster, the Virgo Supercluster, as an appendage. Follow-up studies suggest that Laniakea is not gravitationally bound; it will disperse rather than continue to maintain itself as an overdensity relative to surrounding areas. The Laniakea Supercluster encompasses approximately 100,000 galaxies stretched out over 160 megaparsecs (520 million light-years). It has the approximate mass of 1017 solar masses, or a hundred thousand times that of our galaxy, which is almost the same as that of the Horologium Supercluster.



VSF: Mr. Electromagnetics describes himself as an electrical engineer, however his knowledge base goes so very far beyond that. The only comparison I can think of is the character Data on Star Trek — ask Mr. Electromagnetics a question about anything and he will proceed to tell you in great depth and detail how it works from the core.  Over this past year, he has taught me so much and I remain very grateful for his time and friendship. Many years ago, he was privately mentored by a German mathematician at university and he possesses an excellent facility in Maxwell’s equations. His life has brought him into real experience with semiconductor and circuit board technology, spectrometry, particle physics, molecular electronics, aviation, acoustics, and of course electromagnetics. He can build anything and has. He has been helping me to analyze the NASA Worldview images I am collecting.

Mr. Electromagnetics constantly seeks what he terms the ‘core’ of everything, moving from one layer of the metaphorical onion to the next until he reaches the heart of the matter, the ‘core’ truth.

When I first began to speak with him, asking my endless questions about plasma physics and more, based on my own studies of the Rig Veda and the years of effort I have spent endeavoring to translate these brilliant riddle-like hymns — I realized and understood that Mr. Electromagnetics thinks like the Rishis that composed the Rig Veda. What I mean by this is that his mind works in a completely non-linear manner, conceiving and visualizing multiple layers simultaneously. This unusual wiring of his brain gives him the unique ability to coalesce, weave together, and fuse the many areas of his hands-on experiential knowledge into a comprehensive whole.

Mr. Electromagnetics understands that ultimately it will be the return of a deeply metaphysical approach to science that will release us from our current delusional prison of illusory five-sense perception duality, the duality we have entrapped our consciousness within — cooked by the time frequencies of this Kali Yuga. I am hoping to encourage him to write more articles like this as I believe his intuitive Wisdom combines beautifully with his knowledge of science and thus can open our minds to the greater Truth and perhaps even Liberation.

The article that follows encompasses his electromagnetic understanding of the propagation and movement of primordial energies — that are here equated with God Consciousness — originating from what he terms the primary Galactic Core out into everything throughout the sentient Being that comprises this our Universe, including us.


Mr. Electromagnetics: The Electromagnetic Flow of God Consciousness from the Primary Galactic Core Throughout our Interconnected Universe

I am going to use a series of mental pictures to create a framework to describe the flow of energy from what I call the primary galactic core. We may understand this primary galactic core as God’s Consciousness. The primary galactic core is the source of all energy within the universe. This energy may be a particular dimension, time, location, and/or sub-energy level.

The energies that emanate from the primary galactic core as God Consciousness are transmitted throughout all the galactic cores in the universe.  It is said that there are more than 500 billion galaxies in the universe. Every galactic core is connected to this primary galactic core to facilitate the movement of energy that is God’s consciousness to flow to each and every one of the galaxies through their galactic cores.  Each one of these galactic cores is connected to the primary galactic core.









The energetic pathway between the primary galactic core and the galaxies is bidirectional.  It is interactive.  Everything is connected to everything. 

It is an n-dimensional [some number] set connected to an n-dimensional set, itself.  The primary galactic core is connected to the 500 billion estimated galaxies.  Each one of the 500 billion+ galaxies is connected to the primary galactic core as well as the other 500 billion+ galactic cores.  This forms a massive giant matrix from an energetic standpoint.  The energy flows from the galactic core to each one of the 500 billion+ estimated galactic cores — and each one of these galactic cores is connected to each of the 500 billion+ galactic cores.  It is like one giant party line with everybody talking to everybody.  This is occurring in a bidirectional manner.  Everyone is listening to everybody.

Each one of these galactic cores is connected to each star within the galaxy that they interact with.  The star is the center of a solar system.  Some stars may have planetary satellites, while other stars may not have any planetary satellites.  It would be logical that most of the stars have at least one satellite traveling around them.  Some of them may be inhabitable.  These would be planetary bodies orbiting a star.

Each planetary body would be capable of processing energy.  The structure in the human body that processes this energy is referred to as the chakra system.  The human body is said to have seven chakras, perhaps more.  Each chakra handles and processes a different frequency of energy.  In our planetary body, the Earth, a rainbow has seven colors.  This corresponds to the seven chakras in the human body — and also correspond to the seven chakras of the earth as the planet that we reside on.


Understanding the physics of rainbows helps us to realize how we process the energies coming into our bodies from the galactic core. A rainbow is created when the rain is falling from a water cloud. Rainbows are reflected or transmitted by the sun.  Rainbows occur when the sun is behind the observer and the sunlight comes over the observer’s shoulders reflecting through the water droplets as they fall.  Our eyes pick up the energy in the form of the color of the rainbow.  It is observed at a very specific angle with respect to the observer, the sun and the rain droplet falling.

When the falling rain is covering a very large area, there may be a double rainbow.  The first rainbow occurs when the sun goes into the water droplets and is reflected back out with one reflection.  A double rainbow occurs when the sunlight goes into the water droplets and is reflected twice.  A double rainbow, when it occurs and is observed is always red to red.  This means that the first rainbow, whatever side the red is on, is matched up to the second rainbow with red.  The single reflection rainbow goes from Violet to red in the color spectrum, and the second rainbow goes from red to violet in its color spectrum.  For further definition one can go to Wikipedia or to a good physics book like Sears and Zemansky’s University Physics.  The physics book will demonstrate the natural phenomena of a single rainbow and also a double rainbow.

The energy coming from the primary galactic core moves through a series of step-down transformers from the galaxy core, to the star, to a planetary body, to the earth and then, to all humans on our earth.  As the energy moves from the galactic core to us on the earth, it goes through multiple transformations.  The high energy of a galactic core must be stepped down via these transformations.  The intensity is stepped down as we move from a higher energy source to a lower energy use as it is received.

The frequency of the galactic core is also stepped down from high frequency to a lower frequency.

This can be envisioned in that the mode of energy is also transformed from the galactic core all the way down to us on earth.  The original primary energy may be in the form of a scalar wave — specifically what Tesla called a Tesla wave.  The other primary mode of energy is called a Transverse ElectroMagnetic [TEM] Wave, which is referred to as a Hertzian wave.

The scalar wave is thought to be moving in the direction of propagation.  The Hertzian wave is said to be moving transverse [perpendicular] to the direction of propagation.  This is why Hertzian waves are referred to as Transverse ElectroMagnetic [TEM] Waves.

Each of the step down bodies may be referred to as cups. 

The high energy comes from the cup of the primary galactic core.  As the energy progresses from cup to cup, as from the primary galactic core cup to the next level of galaxy cup, the energy can be transformed in intensity [high voltage to low-voltage] and also in the frequency [high-frequency to lower-frequency] and/or the reverse.  The energy transferring from cup to cup may also be changed into the mode of energy specifically from the scalar [Tesla] to Transverse ElectroMagnetic Wave [TEM], [Hertzian].

These cups may be visualized as devices or transformations that allow the voltage, frequency, and/or the propagation mode, to be changed from one level to another level, or one characteristic to another characteristic.

When the energy of our solar system comes to us from our sun, that electrical energy is transformed from our sun to our earth — and may come to the form of our planetary grid in the atmosphere and as lay lines, in other word either in the atmosphere and/or on the Earth’s surface.  It may go directly to our planetary core which is primarily made of iron. It may come to the inhabitants that reside on the earth surface or within the Earth’s sphere.  To receive the most energy, both must be closely tuned to the same resonant frequency.

It seems logical that the energy would go from the sun to our earth, then to our atmosphere and to the earth’s surface prior to coming into the inhabitants that are residing in or on the earth.  This is the primarily reason that the Earth can handle the intense power, intense wide-varying frequencies, and modes of the energy.  Thus the inhabitants can draw upon that energy from the various modes and frequencies and intensities.










One can compare this to a series of transformers or transformation stations from the primary galactic core down to the individuals on each and every type of planet or inhabitable realm.

Hertzian waves, i.e. Transverse Electro Magnetic Waves have the characteristic of attenuation and they are typically attenuated as a function of the square of the distance.

A scalar wave may not and probably does not adhere to the same law of attenuation.  The attenuation factor may be very, very low up to a level of a linear transformation.  A linear transformation in this context or intent is most probably less than a factor of one.  The Hertzian waves fall off in attenuation in an exponential characteristic.  Most Hertzian waves fall off at the square of the distance. This can be mathematically viewed as one over X squared, X being the distance.  Mathematics allows the attenuation factor as being a factor of one over X squared, one over X cubed, or one over X to some higher power.  X represents the distance.

The energy coming from the galactic core is presumed, not to be Hertzian, primarily because the energy loss or the attenuation would be so great that no matter how powerful the galactic core energy was by the time it traveled any substantial distance, it would be negligible, attenuated to nothing.  It is presumed that the mode of propagation of the galactic energy cannot vary as an exponent of the distance.  The galactic energy must be presumed to vary as a very low linear function.

As the energy moves from the primary galactic core outward to the galaxy cores, that energy also communicates with each and every other galactic core.  There is a very intense communication going on between each and every galactic core — and with each and every other galactic core.  This energy may add or subtract in intensity with respect to voltage, frequency, and mode of energy.  Mathematically this can be represented by a matrix where each and every one represents one of 500 billion possible galaxies.  This can also be mathematically represented by what is called a star network.  It can also be visualized by a multiple party line from the earlier phone days, or an echo in a canyon or a tunnel.

Another example of this can be visualized as harnessing Niagara Falls in New York.  The water going over the falls comes from the Great Lakes.  Tesla developed the generators for Niagara Falls.  The water from the Great Lakes turns very large turbines, which are the electrical power plant turbines supplying and converting the water flow into electricity flow.  The flow of Niagara Falls powers the electrical grid in New York from the Niagara Falls all way down to New York City and beyond.  The electrical energy is originally generated in the turbines at a particular voltage and current.  The generators are connected to transformers, which step up the electrical current and voltage from the generator to a very high level of voltage and lower current.  The frequency is set by the speed of the turbine shaft.  The power of the energy is the product of the voltage and current.  The multi-phase hydroelectric generator’s electrical power is transformed by the transformers into being very high voltage and low current.  Attenuation specifically resistance, is a factor of the current flowing in the circuit.  The lower the current, the lower the attenuation, specifically the loss of power due to the resistance of the line.  Loss of power is exhibited in the form of heat.  The greater loss of power the greater the heat.  This is why all electrical transmission lines transmit the power at the highest available voltage at the lowest current.  The transmission circuit loss is kept to a minimum when the current is at the lowest possible value.  The loss of energy in the form of heat is a measure of the efficiency of the transmission line.

As the electrical power from Niagara Falls is transmitted down to New York City, it may go through various different transformers and transmission lines.  It is a process of step up and/or step down transformers converting the energy from the multiphase generators at Niagara Falls all way down to the substations in or around New York City.  There may be multiple transmission line voltages that are utilized.  Every time the electrical power goes into and out of a substation the transformers transform the voltage and current so as to be the most efficient for transmission of the electrical energy.

As the energy that was generated gets closer to the point of use, a series of step down voltage transformers are encountered.  There may be voltages of 500,000V for the primary transmission from Niagara Falls to New York City  As the energy gets closer to New York City it may go through various substations that lower the voltage to say 100,000V, 50,000V, 25,000V, 12,000V, 6000V and/or 4000 V.  There may be a secondary transformation when getting closer to the end use, that may be say 2300 V.  In a residential area it may be 12,000 V and it may go from a 12,000 V transformer down to a 480V, 240V or 120V circuit.  Our normal resident power is 120-240V in the United States.  The frequency in the United States is typically 60 cycles/second [Hz].

The use of electrical wires is one method of transferring power from the source to the end user.  This is how the power is primarily transported from the point of source to the point of use.  The use of wires satisfies the commercial constraint of being able to control the use of power for payment.

In the galactic universe there are no wires connecting the point of source to the point of use.  This is what we describe as free energy.  Free energy basically is being able to utilize the energy that is all around us in the universe and is available to anybody with the proper technology to transform the energy from the galactic core to an end user.  It is also known as Zero Point Energy [ZPE].

A careful reading of Nikola Tesla’s work describes devices that can be utilized to access this free energy, energy of the galactic system to increase human energy.  Nikola Tesla wrote a book on “Increasing Human Energy” which is very enlightening, describing how this galactic core energy could be utilized to advance mankind’s growth and progress.  The use of this galactic core energy, sometimes referred to as Zero Point Energy [ZPE], would reduce or eliminate nuclear power and the byproducts of nuclear waste, coal burning and the reduction of the byproducts of coal burning, as well as oil burning and the byproducts of oil burning.

I would think that the environment today would be entirely different when Zero Point Energy had been developed and utilized instead of fossil fuel burning and/or use of nuclear power.  Current nuclear power is an open system and creates a lot of nuclear byproducts that have to be dealt with.  A prime example of these nuclear byproducts would be byproducts from Kiev in Russia, Three Mile Island south of Philadelphia, San-Onofre on the coast of California, Hanford in Washington State, and Fukushima in Japan.  The environmental costs associated with Fukushima will probably go on as long as the half-life of the fuel that was used in the nuclear reactors and beyond.  This half-life contamination is spreading in the area around Fukushima and extending throughout every aspect of the Pacific Ocean.

I would offer how different our world would be had we chosen a different path and specifically the path of Tesla’s free energy system.  I would encourage everyone to consider this option.  Thank you.

Mr. Electromagnetics / Feb.2018


Harvesting Energy from the Atmosphere: The electric field permanently exists in the atmosphere… / These tangled carbon nanotubes can harvest energy directly from breathing and ocean waves… / “Think atmosphere. They are trying to make the atmosphere an electronic integrated circuit using electrostatic, electromagnetic and electrodynamic means.” / NASA Worldview

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