You are Light by Brendan Ring in Ireland / You are Love: Love is the underlying frequency of everything. Love created this universe.




Brendan Ring

A blog about kundalini awakening, shamanism, Irish music and the mysteries of the universe.

Excerpt:  The vision was of a beautiful rainbow, arcing in front of me with the full spectrum of colours.  I was startled out of hypnosis by it’s clarity and vividness and all at once, information from previous spiritual experiences that I hadn’t fully grasped seem to coalesce in my mind giving me the answer not only to what I was, but also to what I am and to what you are, also.

So, for your information…(smiley face, this is fun!)

You are Light,

diffused by a crystalline mind into rainbow-like illusion,

entranced by the reflections of Itself,

in mirror-like consciousness.


Brendan’s complete article here:

You Are Light


VSF: Always know that your Devotion and Love for God will bring you Home. God is Love, therefore when we generate the frequency waveform of Unconditional Love, we Resonate with that which we are and have always been.


English translation:

this love of yours and mine is Life,
to live in this every moment, is brought by great luck,
O love of my life, that what is called love,
is the Universe hidden in one word..


VSF: Immersed in the Heart: Why Devotion works in the Kali Yuga – Part 1

Remember how you felt when you ‘fell in love’? If you can recreate those feelings in your imagination and direct them to the God-within you, you will be well on your way to understanding Bhakti Yoga. These feelings of love are the most powerful energies in our world. Love is the underlying frequency of everything. Love created this universe.  Love is the source and inspiration of all great works of art, music, and literature. When you are ‘in love’ you think of nothing else but your beloved. Thus your consciousness is totally focused with a fierce intensity perhaps quite impossible in any other experience.

When you are ‘in love’ both reason and practical caution are suspended. You foolishly live in a world of your own, a world of bliss, delight, and sweet imaginings – your consciousness is completely altered.  You shine, you literally glow with love, and others wonder what’s up with you. Your feelings are contagious. ‘All the world loves a lover’ because we all long to be in that state – forever.

This is what Bhakti Yoga is all about. The aspirant uses the feelings of love, adoration, and devotion to achieve higher states of consciousness and ONENESS with the Beloved, meaning the God-within you.

One of the greatest wonders and mysteries of this life is that God has left us all with a secret longing in our hearts that allows us to reconnect with our Source and Home.

Again take a moment and recreate for yourself, those sublime feelings you experienced when you lost yourself to another and happily fell madly, crazed, head over heals in love. You idealized a person to be perfect, their eyes, their hair, that smile, even and especially their fragrance. When you really love someone, they smell so good to you. Unaware of time, you could spend days just looking into their eyes or touching their skin. Who can recall the exact words lovers whisper to one another? Sweet nothings evaporate in the intoxicating fervor of the moment. Everything in your life becomes focused on feeding the flames of your tender feelings, your ardent passions, your unbidden devotion to your ideal, your Beloved.


St. Teresa of Avila & the Piercing of the Heart (below)

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