MR. ELECTROMAGNETICS / Part One: Energy as Gravity from the Galactic Core to us on Earth / Western science must recombine with the God presence, so that science and God coexists together to explain God’s creation, design and engineering. There is an infinite chain of energies that extend from the cosmic core to the end user and back to the cosmic core. By linking our own God’s Consciousness to the Earth, we provide a workaround or bypass mechanism around the Space Fence that would enable the cosmic energy to penetrate any ill effects of the Space Fence, to enable ourselves and our fellow mankind to ascend to a higher dimension to include the Fifth and/or higher dimensions.

VSF:  Mr. Electromagnetics will be writing many more articles. This is the first of a series of four that will be posted. The intention is to weave the primordial Cosmogonic Forces, which are the instruments of the Creator, back into science through an understanding of the ancient Sanskrit text the Rig Veda. Mr. Electromagnetics understands that physics and metaphysics are inseparable. This first article was inspired by the book:

Energy Science in Vedas: A Treatise on Vedic Thermodynamics and Free Energy (Exploring Lost Science and Technology in Vedas) /
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Menaria & Veda Priya; 2016,
Publisher: Parimal Publication Pvt. Ltd.



Mr. Electromagnetics:
Energy as Gravity from the Galactic Core to us on Earth

Western science must recombine with the God presence, so that science and God coexists together to explain God’s creation, design and engineering.  There is an infinite chain of energies that extend from the cosmic core to the end user and back to the cosmic core.  By linking our own God’s Consciousness to the Earth, we provide a workaround or bypass mechanism around the Space Fence that would enable the cosmic energy to penetrate any ill effects of the Space Fence, to enable ourselves and our fellow mankind to ascend to a higher dimension to include the Fifth and/or higher dimensions.

It is my hope and intent to contemplate an intense focus upon God’s Consciousness.  We now have the opportunity of these sacred frequencies being established in each and every human mankind on our planet.  A sense of well-being and goodwill should be extended to each and every human mankind on planet Earth to accomplish this mission.


“Energy Science in Vedas” Chapter 13, The Sun in Vedas

The source of all energy on our planet Earth comes through our Sun.  As previously discussed in the electromagnetics of the solar system and the galaxy and the cosmos, a series of stepping stones or transformers or cups can be visualized.  Western engineering looks at pieces of the puzzle rather than the entire puzzle.  Western engineering has been limited to the five sense perception.  Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch as the primary senses are used in all of the engineering sciences.  When I see it, smell it, hear it, taste it and/or touch it, it exists as verified by the sensory organs.  The Sanskrit texts, specifically the Rig Veda and others that are discussed in the book “Energy Science in Vedas” indicate that there are 15 total sense perception methods for perceiving the world around us.  The early Catholic Church allowed scientists to investigate worldly phenomena perceiving as long as they did not bring up spiritual issues and God.  Western scientists were thus separated from the God presence.  As long as Western scientists did not intrude upon spiritual issues, the Western scientist was left alone and free to explore the world as he desired.  God and science would not be allowed to be joined together.

My formal education was in science with its required mathematical language for expression of science, specifically in electrical engineering, majoring in electromagnetics, and magnetic bottles, with the minor in microelectronics.  I was richly blessed by having a professor who first got his doctorate in mathematics, before receiving a doctorate in electromagnetics.  By having a doctorate in mathematics, he was able to describe mathematically, in the language of mathematics, all types of the material/physical and theoretical — all sorts of practical and theoretical concepts.  I received a thorough foundation in all engineering disciplines that allowed me to interrelate and interconnect the physical sciences.  I was able to realize and understand that everything is connected to everything, either very directly or in subtle manners.  Whatever could be done one way could be performed in another way.  To be able to accomplish a task, one could do something that was physical by chemical means — or a physical result could also be achieved by electrical methods, and more specifically by using electromagnetics.


God as The Engineer and Designer

Fortunately for me, at an early age I also received spiritual training.  I understood that the Creator of the Universe was God.  God created, designed and engineered the universe.  God was able to manifest multiple solutions in this creation by and through an infinite possibility of solutions.  All one has to do to marvel in the mystery of God is to acquire a telescope and/or a microscope.  By learning about the macroscopic and/or microscopic realms, one sees very similar and familiar patterns in God’s Creation.  By learning how this creation functions, one has to consider that wherever there is a design of creation, there is a designer of creation.  Wherever a solution is engineered, the data points to the fact that there was some engineer/designer who engineered, designed and built it.

The specific science of electromagnetics in electrical engineering is very closely related to atomic physics and high-energy physics.  Theoretical physicists will theorize about a certain phenomena — and then turn to an electromagnetic engineer, who is more of a practical physicist — to actually build it and make it work.  An electromagnetic engineer must be solidly based in physics, chemistry, math and other sciences.


Outside the Box

Math is a language expressing form, fit and function.  Mathematics consists of the letters A through Z, zero through nine, mathematical operators and mathematical concepts and theories.  Math allows the construction of a device, to bring it all together.  Electromagnetic engineers in dealing with high-energy physics cannot only be limited to the five senses.  Over time as electromagnetic engineers work in electromagnetics, they confront and uncover situations and events that very often are not explained in any book on physics, chemistry, atomic physics, mathematics and/or electromagnetic theory.  There are many times, especially the longer you work in the field, that phenomena(s) occur quite simply “outside the box”.  Having been “outside the box” for some time, one must be always on alert for solutions provided by the spiritual guidance that phenomenon exists in an area that is quite new and unexpected.  May God exceed my expectations and prayers.



In particle physics it has been firmly established that the observer into a quantum physics event plays a major role and can significantly influence the outcome of a high-energy physics experiment.  By taking physical attributes alone, this should not prevail.  However knowing the physiology of the human body, specifically the knowledge that the human brain consists of the left and right hemispheres, one can be aware that the proper exercising of the left and the right hemispheres of the brain can exert influence upon a/any physical experiment and event.  The power of prayer can often overcome the limitations and boundaries of five sense perception in extraordinary events.  It is just a matter of perception, focus and attitude.  The clearer the focus of that attention the more significant the events can be altered into a more desirous outcome.

For example, historical spiritual events have been documented that Jesus Christ and his disciple Peter walked on liquid water.  This example demonstrates “out-of-the-box” thinking and the power of faith, belief and focus.  The power of prayer was also exhibited in the flight during World War II of the aircraft by the name of “All American”.  The aircraft was severely damaged in flight by a German aircraft, which almost severed the American bomber in half.  Yet the “All American” completed his bombing run and successfully flew back to land in England.  This deft and skillful event from WWII is an example of “out-of-the-box” thinking, focus and prayer.  Anyone who has been in the military has realized that there are no atheists in a smoke-filled aircraft that is losing altitude, just as there are no atheists in a live-fire foxhole, or a sinking ship or leaky submarine.  Survivors of these life and death events are a testament of the power of prayer — or “outside the box” thinking.

Boeing B-17F-5-BO (S/N 41-24406) “All American III” of the 97th Bomb Group, 414th Bomb Squadron, in flight after a collision with an Me-109. The aircraft was able to land safely. (U.S. Air Force photo)

These opening thoughts have been provided as a transition from the Western thinking process — to the spiritual possibilities that are so indicated in the Sanskrit text of the Rig Veda and specifically the book “Energy Science in Vedas” by Parimal Publication.  In the Sanskrit Devanagari alphabet, there are 25 consonants and 14 vowels.  According to the Indian scholar Shyam Ghosh, each of these consonants and vowels represents various concepts of motion, action, and energy.

Surya as the Sun & Indra as Gravity

Rig Veda VIII.98.2
Indra [Gravity] is the conqueror that gives splendor to the Sun [Surya]; Indra [Gravity] is the universal doer, the mighty creator and Lord of divine powers.

“RV VIII.89.6 mentions that after ‘many YAJNA’ were performed, Indra [Gravity] gave rise to Sun, the maker of days.  Here the text ‘many yajna’ signifies a large number of cosmological processes that occurred and underwent in the formation of the Sun by the force of gravity.”  — Energy Science in Vedas

The Sanskrit word Surya represents the Sun.  The authors of “Energy Science in Vedas” consider that Sanskrit word Indra to mean Gravity.  All of the energy in our solar system was once thought to have come solely through, by and from our Sun.  As previously discussed [the link to previous Mr. EM Article] energy of the cosmos in fact originates from the Galactic Core, to our galaxy, to our Sun, and then to our planet and to us.  This is transferred from the Galactic Core, through a series of what I call electromagnetic ‘cups’ — these ‘cups’ are transformers for the end user, our planet and for us.  The universe is in perpetual motion [PM].  It consists of un-manifested and manifested energies and forces.  These are unseen and seen forces and energies.

The visible ‘seen’ forces are realized and perceived by our five senses, while the unseen forces are not typically measurable by our five senses.  Science and engineering has created engineered devices and tools to extend our five physical senses to uncover and measure these un-manifested and unseen forces.

“Energy Science in Vedas” quotes verses from the Rig Veda to support the idea that Indra as Gravity causes our Sun to illuminate and provide energy in multiple specific phenomena.  It is said that Indra established and illuminated the Sun to shine and provided the radiant vibrations of energy to benefit the Earth and mankind.  The rays of the Sun are the life giver of the world’s animate life.  Gravity upholds the Sun and the Earth and has a major role to play in its existence and maintenance of the Sun, Earth and the planets as they move through space in a regulated consistent manner.

Rig. Veda VIII.98.3
“Indra [Gravity], burning bright with your lustre, you go to the Sun world [SVAR]
and you go to the luminous world of heaven …”

The Source of Heat in the Sun is a vibration and oscillation of the cosmic energy.  This vibrating energy, consciousness and matter are intimately connected to heat, electricity, magnetism and gravitation [H,E,M,G].  Many physical phenomena such as the Sun, planets and black holes all appear to be the special phenomena of Indra as Gravity.  The authors of “Energy Science in Vedas” state that these forces have no real existence other than the certain effects of the swirling fields of gravity [toroidal fields] that create special conditions in dynamic space.

This information was provided in the Sanskrit texts greater than 10,000 years ago and it is only recently that science is now scratching the surface of the interactions of these forces and energies.  Newton’s Law of Force equals mass times acceleration [F=MA], gives a mathematical relationship as to how the force of gravity relates to the mass and acceleration involved.  Heat, electricity, magnetism and gravity are very intricately interrelated.  Science can describe how gravity works, how to measure it and how it interacts with masses.  Does science really know what gravity is?

End of Part One

VSF:  Mr. Electromagnetics describes himself as an electrical engineer, however his knowledge base goes so very far beyond that.  The only comparison I can think of is the character Data on Star Trek — ask Mr. Electromagnetics a question about anything and he will proceed to tell you in great depth and detail how it works from the core.  Over this past year, he has taught me so much and I remain very grateful for his time and friendship. Many years ago, he was privately mentored by a German mathematician at university and he possesses an excellent facility in Maxwell’s equations. His life has brought him into real experience with semiconductor and circuit board technology, spectrometry, particle physics, molecular electronics, aviation, acoustics, and of course electromagnetics. He can build anything and has. He has been helping me to analyze the NASA Worldview images I am collecting.

Mr. Electromagnetics constantly seeks what he terms the ‘core’ of everything, moving from one layer of the metaphorical onion to the next until he reaches the heart of the matter, the ‘core’ truth.

When I first began to speak with him, asking my endless questions about plasma physics and more, based on my own studies of the Rig Veda and the years of effort I have spent endeavoring to translate these brilliant riddle-like hymns — I realized and understood that Mr. Electromagnetics thinks like the Rishis that composed the Rig Veda. What I mean by this is that his mind works in a completely non-linear manner, conceiving and visualizing multiple layers simultaneously. This unusual wiring of his brain gives him the unique ability to coalesce, weave together, and fuse the many areas of his hands-on experiential knowledge into a comprehensive whole.

Mr. Electromagnetics understands that ultimately it will be the return of a deeply metaphysical approach to science that will release us from our current delusional prison of illusory five-sense perception duality, the duality we have entrapped our consciousness within — cooked by the time frequencies of this Kali Yuga.

Mr. Electromagnetics: The energetic pathway between the primary galactic core and the galaxies is bidirectional. It is interactive. Everything is connected to everything.

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