Become An Instrument for the God-within, a Light Warrior / E.M. Nicolay: “The entire DNA structure is electromagnetic in nature … [our DNA] contains much of the esoteric, spiritual and mental body knowledge that is related to your Soul … the level of light absorption of which you are capable … your level of awareness and consciousness. … your level of consciousness directly correlates to your ability to carry greater (or higher if you prefer) vibrational frequencies of light energy … the increased light energy being introduced through the body’s Chakras, dormant DNA (dormant only as it applies to your current awareness and dimension) is becoming activated and relevant.”

The Pacific Ocean (above) / March 29, 2018.  I continue to post these images from NASA Worldview of the insanely unnatural and abnormal cloud forms that are being generated around our planet with scalar wave energies – in order to ionize, weaponize, and ‘metalize’ our Earth’s atmosphere and create an electromagnetic ‘frequency prison’ web.  Surely bizarre forms like these have never before been seen in the sky above by those of us who have enjoyed contemplative walks and picnics on our beloved planet. What energy could possibly create these various creepy malevolent forms, which are all so different, and yet resemble worms, larvae, even intestines. I have maxed both the contrast & sepia to reveal in a focused detail what looks to me like heavily ‘metalized’ cloud vapors. The forms in the upper-right are comparable to bundled-energies, helical resonators.                                                                                                     

ANTARCTICA, the WEDDELL Sea area (above) March 29, 2018. The contrast & saturation etc. are maxed. I have no idea what sometimes turns these images lavender-blue when I adjust the contrast. Note the spiral-coil forms that are evidence of scalar wave induced energies.                                                                                                     


Become An Instrument for the God-within, a Light Warrior

V. Susan Ferguson

In “The Systems Lords and the Twelve Dimensions” E.M. Nicolay reveals the crucial importance of understanding the Chakras, both in our human bodies [non-hybrid] and the Chakra system in our planet Earth. We need to learn the mechanics of how energy is transmitted to and through us, and our planet. During this Ascension period this knowledge is essential to our ability to anchor our planetary consciousness and assist in elevating the Third Dimensional Realm of planet Earth – into the Fifth Dimensional Realm Terra.

All things will be revealed…

This knowledge of our own and planetary mechanics has been intentionally kept from us. I have informed E.M. Nicolay that I am sharing his teachings and quoting him profusely. Sincerely I hope that he continues to approve of my endeavors. As I have stated previously, I have found his metaphysics in harmony with the ancient Sanskrit primordial traditions. Nicolay also expands the Sanskrit Wisdom Knowledge beyond planet Earth, out into other dimensions and planetary systems. His revelations are exactly what is now needed and what has been prophesied to occur at the close of this Cycle of Time, our current Kali Yuga, as all things are to be revealed.

A Dimensional Dark Age

E.M. Nicolay says that it is possible that the Draco Reptilian and Zeta Reticuli Grey Invasion Agenda may succeed and that once again — as happened in the previous Ascension period 26,000 years ago — Earth may remain in the third dimensional vibrational frequency. While this would please our service-to-self invaders, who have become accustomed to controlling us on planet Earth through Reptilian incarnates and now the Zeta hybrids — such a tragic outcome would according to Nicolay be “tantamount to the creation of a dimensional dark age.”

Even though this would be seen as a matter of free will choice, “it would sadden those among us from the higher dimensions for it would have enormous consequences with respect to the evolution of every dimension and of that which we shall term the All-ness of all universes.”  This is the reason why the guides who are speaking through Nicolay have chosen to do so at this time.

How Energy Works

E.M. Nicolay: “The existence of energy is a constant that reaches throughout all dimensions.  What is different in that constant is that as energy passes through the various dimensions it changes the nature of its vibration and the quality of its frequency. … The common components or units of energy are constantly descending or ascending, as the case may be, from dimension to dimension.”

While the above statement may at first read appear very simple and logical, consider how profoundly deep this information is – and how it has been completely unknown to most of us. Each dimension is composed of a specific spectrum of frequency waveforms that vibrate and pulsate within that dimension.

E.M. Nicolay: “As the units of energy move, since energy remains constantly moving and changing, that energy takes on form and unifies with other units of energy in whatever dimension it finds itself. The process is spontaneous…”

“Photon energy is the actual component of what actually forms the various dimensions and various realities…”

This is what constitutes the uniqueness of each dimension – and it is their common source of energy that interconnects them as the Woven Universe — or universes.  “…the constant and common element of photon energy is the reason there is such interconnectedness between the dimensions as well as within the universe.”

We understand that the dimensions are indeed interconnected and thus there are consequences as what occurs in one dimension can and does seep into another. The possibility of Earth not making this Ascension period is proposed by Nicolay’s guides — and yet they assure us that those of us who want to move on and have prepared ourselves, our consciousness will do so. Nothing can stop the Soul that is connected to the God-within and thus the higher realms.

Those who are so anchored in God Consciousness are also responsible for assisting the planet and others who may be ready and need assurance. Our thoughts and acts do matter, and now more so than ever.

Our planet Earth’s Chakras are Energy Portals

The energy vortexes that are located around our planet Earth are “areas of focused energy and portals of dimensional energetic bleed-through and they could be compared to Chakras, or portals of energy found in your own energetic body with the difference being that these are the Earth’s Chakras connecting to the Earth’s electromagnetic grid.  Your planet is connected to the universe and to its Higher Self through this grid and it is through your personal connection with this grid that you give and receive various types of information and communication inter dimensionally.”         [E.M. Nicolay]

Nicolay says that the primary reason for the massive increase in electromagnetic pollution [wifi, cell towers, the space fence, etc.] which we are being confined within is to attempt to “dampen or sever you or the Earth’s link with All That Is, the Source.”

We are under attack and are being maliciously energetically tampered with.  “…the EMF noise pollution that is created by the unregulated usage of the Earth’s invisible electromagnetic does in fact contribute to the veil of duality” — which is symptomatic of the closing of our current cycle of time. However, Nicolay assures us that the increased photon energies coming to us from the Galactic Core through our Sun insure that those who are in alignment will receive higher dimensional energetic frequency no matter what. We are antennas, our DNA operates like antennas. The more we tune our consciousness to the God-within, our Spirit and Higher Self, the greater will be our ability to receive the Wisdom Knowledge from the higher frequency realms.




The Chakras and Your DNA

We are not the body. We are Light, beings of Light, electromagnetics. The body is a reflection, a result of our light body, our spirit body, the sharira in Sanskrit. The Chakras “provide the information that enters into the cellular aspects of the physical body.” Nicolay confirms what many others have said — the reality is that there are twelve strands of DNA.

E.M. Nicolay: “The entire DNA structure is electromagnetic in nature … [our DNA] contains much of the esoteric, spiritual and mental body knowledge that is related to your Soul … the level of light absorption of which you are capable … your level of awareness and consciousness. … your level of consciousness directly correlates to your ability to carry greater (or higher if you prefer) vibrational frequencies of light energy … the increased light energy being introduced through the body’s Chakras, dormant DNA (dormant only as it applies to your current awareness and dimension) is becoming activated and relevant.”


According to Nicolay, the Chakras are placed in the energetic body to provide the energetic spin and provides a portal through which energetic polarity may enter and exit.

This use of the word ‘spin’ is very interesting because ‘spin’ has become an important part of physics and what is termed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

WIKI: In physics, mainly quantum mechanics and particle physics, a spin magnetic moment is the magnetic moment caused by the spin of elementary particles. For example, the electron is an elementary spin-1/2 fermion. Quantum electrodynamics gives the most accurate prediction of the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron.

“Spin” is a non-classical property of elementary particles, since classically the “spin angular momentum” of a material object is really just the total orbital angular momenta of the object’s constituents about the rotation axis. Elementary particles are conceived as concepts which have no axis to “spin” around (see wave–particle duality).

In general, a magnetic moment can be defined in terms of an electric current and the area enclosed by the current loop. Since angular momentum corresponds to rotational motion, the magnetic moment can be related to the orbital angular momentum of the charge carriers in the constituting the current. However, in magnetic materials, the atomic and molecular dipoles have magnetic moments not just because of their quantized orbital angular momentum, but the spin of elementary particles constituting them (electrons, and the quarks in the protons and neutrons of the atomic nuclei). A particle may have a spin magnetic moment without having an electric charge; the neutron is electrically neutral but has a non-zero magnetic moment, because of its internal quark structure.



Constant polarity is the result of ‘spin’ and the dynamic animation we call physical being. The Chakras act as portal through which information is transmitted to our physical structure through our DNA.

E.M. Nicolay: “It is through this essential electromagnetic frequency process that information passing through or residing in the Chkras is communicated to the DNA and in turn to the physical body, creating the structure you desired to have for the current incarnation.”

We need to be aware of how this works, meaning the mechanics of our own Chakra system so that we can facilitate, enhance and nurture the changes that are taking place within us as a result of our being receptive to the photonic energies coming to us through our Sun from the Galactic Core, the Heart of our Milky Way galaxy.

In addition to the seven Chakras we know about, Nicolay says there are more that are located outside our physical body.  Two are above the Crown Chakra and are related to spiritual, energetic, and mental energy.  Another is found in front of us and “could be said to relate to a unified heart and throat Chakra.”  We are told that this additional Chakra is developing and this is another reason why unconditional love, compassion, and service to others is increasingly important to all of us.

Nicolay also talks about the “physical symptoms that are the by-products of the physical and biological changes happening within the body that accompany the structural and informational changes to your DNA.”  These symptoms include feeling warn out, fatigued, feeling unexplained surges of electrical impulses and energy coursing through the body, anxiety or even panic — understand that our body is attempting to balance the increased energetic waves of photonic light we are absorbing. We are counseled to gently work with our body and treat it as the temple of the God-within.


Our Greater Responsibility

It has long been said in the ancient Sanskrit traditions that an incarnation here in this our Earth Plane is a gift, a blessing, even something we worked to achieve.  The Chakra system within our Spirit body gives us the ability to access all the dimensional realms and thus our capacity for total Enlightenment is rare and not available to many other extraterrestrial racial groups.

As you may imagine, the fact that the Dracos and the Greys are trying to imprison us in a Third Dimensional frequency that they are comfortable in, implies that they themselves do not have to necessary ‘equipment’ to reach total God-consciousness. They are limited to a service-to-self consciousness — which is neither wrong or right and does have its own purposes in Creation.

Nicolay confirms the ancient teaching: “You are a wondrous species … a miraculous being, one that has been pre-programmed genetically to carry higher vibrational frequencies, even the 12th dimensional frequencies that originate from the universal origins, better known to you as God.  This is a special attribute of your connection to All That Is.  And in fact the ability to carry 12th dimensional light energy inherent in both you and your Earth is what allows you to be termed angelic beings. It is what makes your world and yourselves somewhat unique since this is not necessarily an attribute of all beings or sentiment life in the universe.”


Become a Light in the World

Again, we must understand and accept the fact that with a higher consciousness, Enlightenment, and an expanded Being-ness — we are required to step up to greater responsibility. We are guardians of our realm. Nicolay says that those of us who have come here at this time are to be honored for choosing to do this work. It is our responsibility to be a beacon to others.

We are reminded to remember that our “lifetime cannot be measured by the standards you see around you. Your current lifetime is not coincidental and it should not be underestimated or measured against mass cultural measures and desires, standards promoted to distract you from your true nature, eliminate expression of your free will, and deceive you.”

My sincere and humble gratitude to E.M. Nicolay for bringing this expanded metaphysical Truth to us in the current time, the closing of this Kali Yuga cycle, as we face a most important threshold in our planetary consciousness.




We meet in the Heart,

V. Susan Ferguson

For the Emissaries: 2025 / As Light Warriors, the Emissaries have now around eight years until 2025 to provide the critical mass, which as Nicolay says “must be achieved to anchor the energy in this realm [our third dimensional Earth] in order for it to graduate under the mechanics of Ascension to a higher dimensional level. …”


Pacific Ocean off Baja CA (above) / March 29, 2018. This image is sepia enhanced to show the ‘coils’ – helical resonators. What is making these bizarre formations?  And why?

North America, The Carolinas, Albemarle Sound & Pamlico Sound (above) / March 29, 2018.                                                                                                               

North America, The Carolinas, Albemarle Sound & Pamlico Sound (above) / March 29, 2018.

The Gulf of St. Lawrence (above) / March 29, 2018. Primary scalar radiation is coming from Cape Breton Island (upper-center). Note parallel lines and cross-hatch patterns.

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