MR. ELECTROMAGNETICS / Part Two: Aether & Electromagnetics / Western science must recombine with God presence, so that science and God coexists together to explain God’s creation, design and engineering.









Mr. Electromagnetics: PART II — Aether & Electromagnetics

There are phenomenal time-lapse photographs of volcanoes demonstrating the interrelationships between magma flow, heat [weather] and lightning strikes.  Lightning strikes are an example of the flow of a charge from one position to another position.  That flow of charge can be in the form of electrons [negative charges], neutrons [neutral charges] and/or protons [positive charges].  Electrical phenomena has the ability to be of attractive, non-responsive [neutral] and/or repulsive forces.  Gravitational forces have an attractive force — the counterpart to gravity would be a repulsive force.  The universe gives an attractive force to provide stability for life forms and planets and solar systems in our galaxies and cosmos.  Without an attractive force of gravity the solar system would be in a higher level of chaos and disorder.

Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz (August 31, 1821 – September 8, 1894) was a German physician and physicist who believed that gravitation is said to be the source of the energy to provide stability and uniformity to the universe.  Helmholtz propounded that the contraction of the matter itself is forming the Sun, releasing gravitational energy, and is the source of the Sun’s heat.  This would be realized in the concept of a gravitational collapse [centripetal force — tamas in Sanskrit] and leads to a formation of the law of cosmic structure in space, including black holes and a multitude of other phenomena.  This gravitational collapse of matter is theorized to provide the source of the energy for star formation and for the ignition of hydrogen fusion.


These concepts were alluded to and expressed within the ancient Sanskrit text, the Rig Veda long before Western science ever conceived of these phenomena.  That these concepts were so well-known to the Seers, as described in the text of the Sanskrit, is truly amazing.  One has to wonder by what manner the Seers were able to perceive and realize this truth.  The contraction of matter [tamas] forms the Sun’s release of energy-attraction-compression.  This compression could account for the ignition of the sun’s process.  It is most likely to be intimately connected to heat, electricity, magnetism, gravity and/or light [HEMGL].

Western science must recombine with God presence, so that science and God coexists together to explain God’s creation, design and engineering.

The ancient Rishis conceived that the solar system is a perpetual motion machine drawing its power from the sea [of infinity] and electromagnetic aether.  Many people throughout history have pursued the quest for perpetual motion.  Tales, lores and myths provide ample suggestions that perpetual motion is not only possible, it is highly probable.  Could this understanding be inherent in our DNA memory?  It is believed that human mankind was originally a 12 strand DNA life being.  It is theorized that years ago 10 of the strands were removed from our human DNA structure.  The two strands that remain provide minimum functioning levels for the humans to be beneficial workers for a higher level overseer.  The remaining parts of the DNA are referred to by the biology researchers as” junk DNA”.  Could it be that this so-called ‘junk DNA’ is actually the discards from when our 12 DNA strands were cut up and removed from the original structure?  This RNA-DNA is comprised of enzymes, proteins and RNA-DNA structure.  These are building blocks of our genome.


The medical company Beckman developed a machine that was referred to as the “gene splicing machine” and that division was originally based out of Palo Alto in California.  When SmithKline of Philadelphia purchased Beckman and the deal was finalized, within a very short period of time this machine, its lead Doctor and staff were transferred to corporate headquarters of SmithKline in the Philadelphia area where it has remained.  Enzymes, proteins and RNA-DNA are like puzzle pieces that fit together in a chemically-electrical-electromagnetically encoded structure.  Only the correct mating pairs with the proper chemical-charged encoding can be connected in the proper sequence.  Unless this encoding is in proper sequence, these RNA/DNA pieces will not combine to form a helix strand.  These RNA-DNA are receiving centers for energy from the Galactic Core and there may be core antennae upon these puzzle pieces that receive energy and information from the Galactic Core, the Sun and our own Earth, which is comprised of the Earth’s elements.  This RNA or DNA is encoded to only receive energy that it is compatible with the energies of the Earth environment.

Anything that is not encoded with the proper signals and energy just will not combine.

The five senses provide a model of sight, sound, smell, taste and/or touch to explain how the energies combine and relate to one another.  The ancient Sanskrit texts identify 15 sensory organs, providing an expanded totality of how the subtle energies of the universe combine and interact. 

Electromagnetics combines electricity and magnetism.  Electromagnetics is a field of study that very often is outside of the five senses perception — is often considered as woo-woo.  How electromagnetics works is often outside of the mechanism of five-sense perception.

Suspend a pith ball [one or more] upon a silk thread and then charge the pith ball with either a positive or a negative charge.   A pith ball is a dielectric [insulator] material in the shape of a sphere.  These pith balls will separate according to the laws and relationships of physics.  There is no visible physical mechanism to explain how these pith balls separate from one another.

Under the theory of electromagnetics a relationship can be developed that says opposite charges attract and like charges repel.  Neutral charges do not normally interact.  Electromagnetic charge-force provides a sufficient force to cause the mass of the pith balls to separate from one another or to attract one another.  The pith balls are an insulating dielectric material.  This experiment can be conducted with Styrofoam cups instead of pith balls.  The same mechanism prevails.  Any physics text will help explain this.


Action at a Distance

Much of electromagnetics is of the unseen world.  There is no physical evidence that is visible by the five senses that will account for the phenomena.  Physicists and electromagnetic engineers must develop tools to extend ordinary five-sense perceptions into realms of that were previously unseen.  In physics this is referred to as action at a distance.  When a charge, whether it be positive or negative, moves through a conducting material, it creates a magnetic field of a particular type around the conducting charge.  When passing a direct current through a copper wire a magnetic field is created according to the laws of physics.  These magnetic fields look like a big slinky around the copper wire.  These magnetic fields act upon one another at a distance.  When the charge transfer is of significant intensity these wires will attract and/or repulse one another depending upon the magnetic fields.  When this transfer of charge is of a pulsed nature, these conductors can move quite violently toward or away from each other and most often just twist up like a snake or a pretzel.

This discussion is conducted to increase the awareness that there are many, many unseen phenomena outside of the five sense perception normally perceived by the human body.  In order to see and perceive the subtle energies, one must avail themselves of the remaining 10 sensory perception modes that are discussed in the Rig Veda and Sanskrit texts.  The mental constructs that are available through the brain are the most powerful tool that we humans have.  The extraordinary sensory perceptions of the brain supersede the five-sense perception of the body.


Returning to the concept of how our Sun functions, the output of the Sun as heat, electricity, magnetism, gravity and light provides energy to the Earth and its inhabitants.  What occurs to provide the source of the energy for this heat, electricity, magnetism and/or gravitation that we experience from the Sun?  There must be some form of energy input to balance out the energy output of our Sun.  The question begs to be asked as to where does this energy come from?  And how is this energy transferred from there to here?

Five-sense perception does not provide any/many answers to these sticky questions.

To be continued…

MR. ELECTROMAGNETICS / Part One: Energy as Gravity from the Galactic Core to us on Earth / Western science must recombine with the God presence, so that science and God coexists together to explain God’s creation, design and engineering. There is an infinite chain of energies that extend from the cosmic core to the end user and back to the cosmic core. By linking our own God’s Consciousness to the Earth, we provide a workaround or bypass mechanism around the Space Fence that would enable the cosmic energy to penetrate any ill effects of the Space Fence, to enable ourselves and our fellow mankind to ascend to a higher dimension to include the Fifth and/or higher dimensions.

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