MR. ELECTROMAGNETICS: Part III – The Energy that Feeds our Sun / There is an infinite chain of energies that extend from the cosmic core to the end user and back to the cosmic core. / When one conceives that there is no God or Supreme Being or Creator, I would propose the question to you, “Who Beats your heart?”


MR. ELECTROMAGNETICS: PART III — The Energy that Feeds our Sun

A mechanism must occur to bring energy into our Sun to feed the engines of heat, electricity, magnetism and/or gravitation [HEMG].  This falls within the fundamental Law of Action, Karma — the ‘give-and-take’ that dictates everything in the cosmos for its existence and survival.  As previously stated, everything is connected to everything.  In other words, everything is inter-related and dependent on something else within the cosmos.

There is an infinite chain of energies that extend from the cosmic core to the end user and back to the cosmic core.

The universe is a closed cycle mechanism.  There is no-thing and nothing that is wasted or not utilized.  Everything is put into place by God, which is the mechanism of action of this give-and-take law.

When one conceives that there is no God or Supreme Being or Creator, I would propose the question to you.  The question is “Who Beats your heart?”

Re-Gauging Equations

There is no visible logistic supply train that provides fuel to power our Sun.  There is no visible attenuation of that input energy that powers and fuels our Sun.  When we are unable to perceive phenomena through the five senses, we really do not know that phenomenon even exists.  Zero can be added mathematically to any quantity — however that does not change the quantity’s value or the numerical value of the substance.  Zero can be added to any quantity in the equation.  A number zero or number can be simultaneously added to both sides of the equation without changing the overall balancing of the equation.  As long as the same thing happens to both sides of the equation, there is no net effect on the equation.  This is termed re-gauging the equation.  The equation or relation has just been re-gauged.  Re-gauging requires additional thought and exploration.

When neutrinos come into the Sun at the same rate that neutrinos leave the Sun, there is no net change.  When photons come into the Sun and exit the Sun as photons, there is no net change.  When an energy source in one form enters the Sun and leaves in another form such as heat, electricity, magnetism and/or gravity, the five senses perceive that there is an output from the Sun not knowing what the input is/was.

In order to properly perceive an energy equation, one must be sensitive and receptive of the entirety of the total inputs and the total outputs of a controlled system.  The program logic control mechanism intakes inputs, processes these inputs in some manner determined by the algorithmic program and function of the device — and then leaves and provides the output of the mechanism to perform the function of that mechanism.  In order to fully understand and comprehend the enormity of the mechanism entirely, everything must be determined and identified.  Leaving something out distorts the picture and the understanding that one has regarding the mechanism.  Questions remain and persist.  A full understanding is/has not been realized.

The Creator designed the mechanism of the universe, providing for all the inputs and all the outputs that are desired and needed to generate the perpetual motion of the entire universe in a stable coherent form.  As discussed in “Energy Science in Vedas,” particles and/or energy must come into the Sun like a rain shower to trigger various solar processes of our Sun.  This ‘shower’ of energy provides the stability of the orbits and the planets around our Sun, which is dependent upon the stability of the Galactic Core.  The Galactic Core is continually being reinforced and refueled by ‘brahma-tattva’ — the Sanskrit term that describes inclusively various elements.  By providing fundamental particles, the center of the galaxy in space is a give-hold-take process [rajas-sattva-tamas/centrifugal-equilibrium-centripetal].

This process can be likened physically to a weight on a string being spun around a center axis.  This is exhibited by centripetal, stable/in equilibrium, and centrifugal forces.  It is an example of perfect balance in dynamic motion.  This can be also likened to a bicycle wheel, being stable, when the bicycle is moving by gyroscopic mechanisms.  A bicycle or a wheeled object becomes more stable the faster it spins.  Stop the spinning and typically the bicycle will not stand by itself.  The stability issue is exhibited as our solar system revolves around the universe and galaxy, with the planets revolving around the sun in a stable environment.  Stop the spinning and the universe returns to chaos and instability.

These input energies vary over time to provide the stability of the universe.  Just as our seasons are governed by the tilt of the Earth, enabling us to have growing seasons in both the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere.  Our solar system is stabilized by the subtle energies coming from the Galactic Core.  Our seasons may vary in the short-term and also in the long-term.  Cosmic Cycles may regulate the periodic processes of the Ascension of dimensional realms from one cycle of time to another.  There is a galactic rhythm and balance of the seasons that controls the input-holding-output of the perpetual motion mechanism.  The time for Ascension may be just one aspect of a longer cycle of energy flow from the Galactic Core to the universe.

Closed Systems

Scientists are taught about open systems.  An open system does not include or consider all the elements required for perpetual motion.  Nature is a closed system mechanism.  In order to understand the workings of a closed system, one must be cognitive and aware of all the inputs, holdings and outputs of the system.  Inputs that are committed to the system may be changed into various holding mechanisms that are used to convert the energy input into an energy output.

The German chemists are/were excellent at catalysts.  A catalyst basically is a mechanism that accelerates the transference of inputs into outputs in a chemical process.  The catalysts once put in place, do not leave the chemical process and only assist in the flow of the chemical process to enhance the reaction speeds of the chemical process.  Certain materials act as catalysts.  Catalysts may be gold, silver, platinum, titanium and many more elements and/or compounds.  The catalyst(s) does not enter into the mathematical equations.  A catalyst only facilitates the reaction.  This may be an example of re-gauging the phenomena that was utilized by Maxwell-Heaviside-Tesla processes.

Often times in a reaction or phenomena, the symmetry must be broken or viewed in a different light to provide insights of greater aspects of the unseen.

As quoted in the book “Energy Science in Vedas,” Newton’s third law is generalized when the radiation of a photon is paired with an anti-photon.  A photon has a specific energy-mass that is countered by the energy mass of the anti-photon.  This is equivalent of adding the number ‘one’ to the equation and then subtracting the number ‘one’ from the equation.  The net effect is zero in the long-term.  It is proposed that this re-gauging theory can be manipulated on a short-term basis to acquire additional phenomena to accomplish a desired result.  As we have discussed, the internal space-time-matter structure of electric potential field is formed by two contrary flows of energy.  As also discussed, the photon flows or spreads from the charge-mass source as the anti-photons ‘inflow’ into the charge-mass.  One is be aware that this concept defines the relationship of charge and mass [charge-mass] as charge without mass does not have any sense to it or meaning.

A positive charged photon particle flowing into space-time-matter is counteracted by a negatively charged anti-photon flowing into the same space-time-matter location.  The energy equation can be balanced by a positive charge flowing into, and a positive charge flowing out of the location.  The energy equation can be balanced by a positively charged particle flowing into the location at the same time a negatively charged particle flows into the location.  There are multiple ways of accomplishing the same neutral effect on an energy balance equation.

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The Gayatri Mantra – Rig Veda III.62.10
That eternal flux of Vast Intelligence, which comes as a distributed radiance of light, is indeed worthy of adoration.
May that ever impel our own thinking forward.

2 related Sanskrit words from the GAYATRI mantra defined –
SAVITUH: The continuous flux of Intelligence, Time and Space
SAVITR: Visualized as the eternal expansion of Universal Intelligence in the dimensions of Space and Time

‘RGVEDA for the Layman’
Translated with Commentary by Shyam Ghosh
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; 2002, New Delhi

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