MR. ELECTROMAGNETICS: Part IV / ‘Radiation’ and ‘Gravitation’ as a complementary pair, dual phenomena / “There is a deadly game a foot. We must wake up and uncover the game in order for us as a society and as a human race to protect our existence within the galaxy.”













Whenever something can be done one way the same phenomena can be accomplished by a different way.  The methods are infinite.

Astrophysics can only see and measure solar flares emanating out of our Sun.  They may not or are not aware of and perceive many of the unknown particles showering into the Sun that provide the energy for the solar space flares emitted from our sun.

Early physicists and experimenters could not understand how fire was accomplished.  It was only when the role of oxygen in combustion was uncovered, that the odorless and colorless gas was understood to have contributed to the perception of fire.

As a humorous antidote, during the California drought(s) a news reporter in a scuba gear when out and interviewed fish to discuss the drought.  The reporter when he asked the question to the fish, the fish responded by asking the question, “What is a drought?”  The fish was perplexed — because the fish was surrounded by water.  The fish then responded to the reporter by saying I have no drought and further explaining that a drought is just a misutilization of resources.  The reporter was rightfully perplexed by not considering the larger picture.

By expanding our attitude and perception also called ‘problems’ can be turned into ‘opportunities.’  These opportunities arise from the concept of close cycle processes in our environment.  A closed cycle process is a process that includes and encompasses all of the inputs and outputs required to explain the process.  An open cycle process is a process that does not include and does not encompass all of the inputs and outputs required to explain the process.  Something is left out.  We must expand our thinking process from open cycle processes to the larger closed cycle processes.  The universe is a closed cycle process.  An automobile engine is an open cycle process.  An automobile does not include all the byproducts that occur in combustion of fuel with air and leaves the emissions to be controlled and dealt with in the larger view point.

Tesla was reciting a Faust poem when walking one morning and looking at the Sun.  The poem described a ball or wheel rotating within a wheel or ball.  This created the gem, the Genesis, the nucleus, the seed core concept of rotating fields that Tesla used to develop alternating current motors.  Rotating fields were/are a radical departure from the direct-current machines there were in operation at the time.  Tesla conformed to the belief that oftentimes a little bit of thought can overcome tremendous perspiration of action.  This is ‘out of box” thinking.

With respect to the Sun — which shows an intimate relationship between heat, electrical, magnetic, gravitational and light phenomena [HDMGL] — there must be some form of inflow of energy to support and sustain the five-sense perception of radiation energy leaving the sun.  There are many verses in the Rig Veda regarding Indra as gravity — and the Sun that exhibits dominion of gravity over the Sun.  The Rig Veda and Sanskrit texts constantly referred to Soma as being drunk in large quantities by Indra.  The flow of energy leaving the Sun forms the basis of all the phenomena of this radiation.

‘Radiation’ and ‘Gravitation’ as a complementary pair, dual phenomena

Incoming energy flow must be responsible for the generation of these phenomena of multiple forms of radiations.  The concepts and notions of ‘radiation’ and ‘gravitation’ can be considered as a ‘complementary pair, dual phenomena’ — just as photon and anti-photon are considered.  This dual phenomena forms the basis upon which re-gauging of the equations must be determined to explain the phenomena of perpetual motion.  Our education is lacking because the phenomena and concepts of perpetual motion are not taught in schools, and are considered as a physical impossibility.  Western educational institutions have suppressed the possibility/probability of perpetual motion.

Is the real ‘opportunity’ to develop perpetual motion determined by a lack of proper thinking and attitude to consider that the galaxy is a closed system based upon perpetual motion?  One might consider expanding our thinking process just as the Rishis did to understand more of the closed system phenomena.  This may help us develop a better understanding of perpetual motion.

The idea of perpetual motion is a nagging reoccurring concept which might be a remnant of information contained in our RNA-DNA chemical-electrical computers and coding of the human genome.  Walter Russell had indicated and provided details of the workings of a device he proposed to take advantage of the vacuum state energy [zero point energy, ZPE] by a zero point module [ZPM] device.  This energy may originate from the two directional movement of energy, gravitation [generation] to radiation [degeneration].  A subtle increase of energy may only be required to provide an over unity device to create a perpetual motion machine.

There are many examples of how a very subtle adjustment in the physical configuration of a mechanical system, can have a major increase in efficiency.  Some examples can be exhibited by counter-rotating propeller blades as in the case of the Howard Hughes racer, the Russians TU-95 Bear, and in United States Navy E2- 3C Hawkeye aircraft.  The utilization of counter-rotating propeller blades approximately increases the efficiency to 15% over what was originally designed.  This has a tremendous impact on flight-time, performance and load carrying capability of the aircraft.  Another example of increase efficiency is when Howard Hughes went from crowned rivets to counter-sunk rivets to join the structural members of an airframe.  The use of counter-sunk rivets reduced the turbulent airflow significantly over the airframe to achieve higher aircraft performance.

Just a subtle concept of implementation can yield tremendous benefits in performance.  This concept must be considered in all aspects of our physical and spiritual walk on the earth.

Returning to our own solar system, paying subtle awareness to how the true function of our Sun operates, can yield tremendous insight in how the perpetual motion of the universe is exhibited.  In any thermonuclear reaction there are always particles generated as a byproduct of the reaction.  These are telltale indicators that a nuclear reaction is occurring.  Absence of these telltale indicators would support the fact that perhaps what we thought of as a thermal nuclear reaction of our Sun may not actually be a thermonuclear reaction process.  The evidence of a nuclear reaction is in the form of neutrinos.

In any relationship there are inputs, processes and outputs.  From the program logic control concept, all the inputs [INS] and outputs [OUTS] must be accounted for.  The inputs may consist of physical quantities such as physical elements and material as well as quantitative quantities such as voltage, current, temperature, pressure etc.  The program logic is basically the program that takes the inputs and combines them to create the various outputs.  This is likened to baking a pie or cake.  Take all of the ingredients, mix them together and then cook them to perfection.  Cooking is a perfect example of the process of manufacturing and creating.

Western science perceives the Sun as a nuclear reactor.  As stated in the book “Energy Science in Vedas” there is not an energy balance for the Sun, specifically a lack of nuclear radiation in the form of neutrinos.  An important question is asked: “When the Sun’s photons do not principally come from hot fusion, then where do the photons come from?”  The equation is missing the solar neutrinos and possibly other particles and fundamental elements.  These missing particles and energy could be coming from zero point energy [ZPE] source(s) of the universe.

The Sun may be considered as a zero point module [ZPM] that is capable of taking unseen and previously unrealized energy forms and transferring them into physical quantities perceived by the five senses.  The Sanskrit texts indicate and propose that there are really 15 methods of perceiving our reality.  This implies there are 10 additional methods over and above our five physical sensory modalities.  One must consider what these additional 10 modalities are and how to uncover them and how to utilize them to the best of human’s ability and purpose.

I sometimes muse that God does not send a refueling truck or a mechanic to adjust the solar output of our Sun.  This implies that when the Creator created the universe, the design was so perfected that that design is functioning without intervention over the eons of time that it has existed.  This implies that the designer in that instant of creation knew how to implement that design so that he could take a holiday and not be concerned that his creation will fall apart.

The energy required to power the Sun must be continually replenished from the Galactic Core on an ongoing continuous basis.  A reasonable alternative is that human mankind does not fully comprehend the full functioning of our Sun as a closed physical and chemical and mechanical and electrical and magnetic and gravitational system to provide the heat and energy required to sustain the solar system.

The Sun as a Receiver & Transmitter

There are other ancient texts that provide food for thinking that the energy required for our Sun is borrowed — or originates from other dimensions, times and/or places.  It seems that the energy to sustain our Sun comes from a mechanism that cracks the door open to another time-space-matter dimension.  The energy equation must balance the inputs and outputs precisely.  It seems that our Sun is not the source of the energy — and is only a conduit and a mechanism to bring that energy fourth from another dimension-time-space.  One may consider in lieu of the Sun being a nuclear reaction, it may indeed be a consequence of electrical charge and magnetism created by intense gravitation, accessing energy from another time space continuum.  It may be said that sunspots are really a means of peering into the electrical process that controls our sun.

One must consider that a galaxy is in motion, moving.  Our solar system is also moving within our galaxy.  The planets and satellites of our Sun are also moving within our solar system and our galaxy.  All of this motion is precisely regulated by perfect balance within our solar system by the appearances of electromagnetic and gravitational forces.

Our Sun upholds our planet Earth and maintains the correct orbital speed and rotation within our Earth’s orbit.  Savitar is said to be the alter ego of our Sun [Surya] that controls and provides all the energy to Earth by itself remaining relatively stationary within our solar system.  One must consider that as the planets are revolving around our Sun, our Sun is revolving around our galaxy and our galaxy is revolving around the universe.

The Woven Universe

There is perpetual motion everywhere.  All things are connected to all things.  The radiation and rays of our Sun provide the cause of lightning and electrical energy from clouds to the earth, in addition to providing the gravitational force on the earth.  The Sun causes and is the source of lightning in our clouds to charge our earth with electrical energy.  The earth and the clouds surrounding the earth, form a spherical capacitor of certain frequency/wavelength waveforms of certain frequencies.  These frequencies are primarily the Schumann Resonance frequencies of the earth.

Geoengineering may be modifying these cloud-earth capacitor characteristics by either changing the frequencies of the Schumann Resonance, and/or preventing the reception of Galactic Core energies and frequencies — by some method, perhaps like a Faraday Cage — to assist and/or prevent the completion of our prophesied Ascension from the Third Dimension to a higher dimension including the Fifth and beyond.  Geoengineering uses the aerosol spraying of nano-particulate aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, fly-ash carbon, viruses, RNA/DNA, and other additives — and this ‘metalizing’ of our planet’s atmosphere may be constructing a computer in the sky that is fully capable of reprogramming the Earth’s natural frequencies and functions.  One must contemplate the form, fit and function, and the purpose of geoengineering that is being currently conducted on our planet, Earth.


There is a deadly game a foot.  We must wake up and uncover the game in order for us as a society and as a human race to protect our existence within the galaxy.

The book “Energy Science in Vedas” provides a metaphor that compares our planet Earth perpetually encircling the Sun as being like a calf following its nurturing milk-giving mother.  A primary function of the Earth as a capacitor is to provide lightning and energy as one of its main manifestations.  This therefore supports the main function of our Sun, which is to provide energy to support the Earth.  “Energy Science in Vedas” indicates that the Sun is referred in the Vedas as a source of light, knowledge, fire, heat energy, the seven colors of light; and a killer of harmful diseases affecting plants, human beings, animals, etc.

The Sun is also a source of knowledge for both physical sciences and metaphysical.  The Sun is a transformer and/or a cup to hold the energy in the form of positive, neutral, and negative charge.  The Lockheed-Martin ‘Space Fence’ acting through the computer in the sky — very possibly would/could interfere with the energy coming from the Galactic Core.

Being aware of this phenomena, it seems to be imperative at this time in the Earth’s history that each and every one of us must focus on the highest God Consciousness that we are able to focus on — and to become an anchor for the cosmic energy coming from the Galactic Core to override and bypass any interference and/or attenuation created by the Space Fence to prevent our individual and collective Ascension.  The story of ‘The Fall’ is said to have been our failure to complete the last Ascension process on Third Dimensional Earth.

Human mankind must strive and focus to maintain our attention in God Consciousness to assist in every manner.  our own individual Ascension process and Enlightenment — and to assist in mankind’s Ascension process in every manner possible by anchoring God consciousness in ourselves, as we are linked to our planet Earth.

By linking our own God’s Consciousness to the Earth, we provide a workaround or bypass mechanism around the Space Fence that would enable the cosmic energy to penetrate any ill effects of the Space Fence and to enable ourselves and our fellow mankind to ascend to a higher dimension to include the Fifth and/or higher dimensions.

It is my hope and intent to contemplate an intense focus upon God’s Consciousness.  We now have the opportunity of these sacred frequencies being established in each and every human mankind on our planet.  A sense of well-being and goodwill should be extended to each and every human mankind on planet Earth to accomplish this mission.  Thank you for your consideration and contemplation of this mission.

Thank you.

MR. ELECTROMAGNETICS / Part One: Energy as Gravity from the Galactic Core to us on Earth / Western science must recombine with the God presence, so that science and God coexists together to explain God’s creation, design and engineering. There is an infinite chain of energies that extend from the cosmic core to the end user and back to the cosmic core. By linking our own God’s Consciousness to the Earth, we provide a workaround or bypass mechanism around the Space Fence that would enable the cosmic energy to penetrate any ill effects of the Space Fence, to enable ourselves and our fellow mankind to ascend to a higher dimension to include the Fifth and/or higher dimensions.

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