ET Technologies developed in secret by the Corporatocracy in collaboration with the ETs. / Emery Smith, the whistleblower on the Secret Space Program / NASA Worldview / Facebook: Where Countries Are Tinderboxes & Facebook Is a Match

The Sea of Okhotsk, Russia (above) / April 22, 2018.  Sepia & contrast enhanced.


VSF:  In this video, Emery Smith does not seem have a deep understanding of primordial metaphysics, or the Ascension period we are in, or the fact that we have been bio-Invaded, or geoengineering, or many other important pieces that are constructing the timescape we are currently living within.  However, he does appear to have a good ‘boots-on-the ground’ experience of the technologies that are being developed by the secret corporations in collaboration with the ETs.  These secret programs are devouring our tax dollars and destroying the planet in their insatiable greed and desire for power.

Understand that I do not recommend David Wilcock or Stephen Greer.  All ETs are not friendly.  Just look up at the sky (like the cloud forms in the NASA Worldview image above…) and ask yourself what are they doing to the atmosphere? Why is Earth’s atmosphere being weaponized, ‘metalized’ and ionized?  This video is technically interesting and worth your time.


Emery Smith, the whistleblower formerly known as “Paul”, has finally come forward to reveal his work inside secret biological facilities deep under the New Mexico desert. You may have seen him in the film Sirius, as he was dissecting the Atacama Humanoid body which you can see images of below.

During his time at this facility – located under Kirtland Airforce base, he and other members were tracked through a specialized “bracelet” that they were required to wear whenever on site. There were rigid rules that he and his co-workers were bound to due to certain contractual agreements – this “bracelet”, along with 24 hour surveillance of their lives ensured that this contract would not be breached.

This was obviously a highly specialized lab with connections to numerous dark projects and one that also has ties to significant amounts of funds. This enabled them to utilize the most cutting edge equipment. In his daily work routine, Emery used a very interesting array of advanced technologies, such as flexible glass type “ipads” and other medical tools that assisted in his unusual work.


The KURIL Islands (above) / April 22, 2018.  Miles of scalar radiation patterns coming off these islands. The Kurils are a disputed territory by Russia and Japan.

North America: Maryland, Chesapeake Bay, New Jersey (above) / April 21, 2018.  Massive chemical spray operations over these eastern seaboard states. Why?  Who benefits?                                                                                                            

The Pacific Ocean (above) / April 21, 2018.  Sepia & contrast enhanced.  Note the parallel lines evidence of scalar wave transmissions.  Also straight line cut-offs are very un-natural in water vapor cloud forms. How many square or rectangular clouds have you seen in the sky in you life?  This is transmitter generated radiation technology.      

The Pacific Ocean (above) / April 21, 2018.  This is off the coast of Baja California and Mexico.  Sepia & contrast enhanced.                                                            

The Pacific Ocean (above) / April 21, 2018.  This is off the coast of Baja California and Mexico. Note the larvae and caterpillar shapes.  Sepia & contrast enhanced.  A detail of the previous image.

The Pacific Ocean (above) / April 21, 2018.  This is off the coast of Baja California and Mexico.  Sepia & contrast enhanced.  A close-up detail of the previous image.

New Zealand, North & South Islands (above) April 21, 2018.  Massive scalar wave radiation operations over both islands.                                                                         

THE TASMAN SEA (above) / April 21, 2018. The contrast and saturation are adjusted to reveal the miles of ‘spiral-coils’ generated by scalar wave interferometry transmitter technology.



Where Countries Are Tinderboxes and Facebook Is a Match – The New York Times
False rumors set Buddhist against Muslim in Sri Lanka, the
most recent in a global spate of violence fanned by social media.

… they had shared and could recite the viral Facebook memes constructing an alternate reality of nefarious Muslim plots. Mr. Lal called them “the embers beneath the ashes” of Sinhalese anger.  We came to this house to try to understand the forces of social disruption that have followed Facebook’s rapid expansion in the developing world, whose markets represent the company’s financial future. For months, we had been tracking riots and lynchings around the world linked to misinformation and hate speech on Facebook, which pushes whatever content keeps users on the site longest — a potentially damaging practice in countries with weak institutions.   …

Some users, energized by hate speech and misinformation, plot real-world attacks.

A reconstruction of Sri Lanka’s descent into violence, based on interviews with officials, victims and ordinary users caught up in online anger, found that Facebook’s newsfeed played a central role in nearly every step from rumor to killing. Facebook officials, they say, ignored repeated warnings of the potential for violence, resisting pressure to hire moderators or establish emergency points of contact.

Facebook declined to respond in detail to questions about its role in Sri Lanka’s violence, but a spokeswoman said in an email that “we remove such content as soon as we’re made aware of it.” She said the company was “building up teams that deal with reported content” and investing in “technology and local language expertise to help us swiftly remove hate content.”

Sri Lankans say they see little evidence of change. And in other countries, as Facebook expands, analysts and activists worry they, too, may see violence. …

And where people do not feel they can rely on the police or courts to keep them safe, research shows, panic over a perceived threat can lead some to take matters into their own hands — to lynch.

Last year, in rural Indonesia, rumors spread on Facebook and WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging tool, that gangs were kidnapping local children and selling their organs. Some messages included photos of dismembered bodies or fake police fliers. Almost immediately, locals in nine villages lynched outsiders they suspected of coming for their children.

Near-identical social media rumors have also led to attacks in India and Mexico. Lynchings are increasingly filmed and posted back to Facebook, where they go viral as grisly tutorials.

The BARENTS SEA in the Arctic Circle, Svalbard Islands Norway, Novaya Zemlya Island Russia (above) / April 21, 2018. Note the break-up of very large ice. The contrast etc. is enhanced to more clearly reveal structural properties.                       

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